Friday, December 26, 2008

It's kinda sad for me to learn that while i might think that someone is my good friend, the other person may not think i am theirs. It's not because i do bad things... The Reason: Because i don't share much about myself, while they tell me a lot of stuff.

Two people (and maybe more people out there) have told me this recently and it made me think about the way i handle conversations. I tend to be the question asker, the one who listens and never talks much about the self. Most of the time, people open up and pour out stuff and i listen and offer some words or some advice.

I think there are a couple of salient reasons why i don't talk about myself.

Firstly, have you ever been in the presence of people who talk non-stop about themselves? You know those types, like whenever you tell them something you did, or something you thought about, or just anything about yourself, they go something like, "Yeah, yeah... *half interested look* i know what you mean, you know ah, i also.....".

And they launch into this whole long story about themselves and their issues/problems. It's ok when they validate your info and talk about their experiences in relation to what you said. But there are types who never fail to make you feel like they weren't even listening to you, don't care about what you're thinking or feeling, but more interested in talking all about themselves and their woeful/trigger happy life. It's like being totally preoccupied with themselves, in their own little world. When you begin to utter something about yourself, their facial expression suddenly slackens, their eyes wander, and they don't look like they're processing what you say.

I guess having been at the brunt of such experiences often, i learnt to shut up and just listen.

Secondly, i guess it's been a long time since i felt that i've really been listened to. I often feel that perhaps people don't want to listen and that i am not worthy to be listened to. I always feel a sense of guilt when i share something with someone during a conversation. It's as if, by talking about myself, i'm being narcisistic, being a person who talks unnecessarily. I feel like if i am talking about problems, i am a woeful human being. Mostly, i just feel that my issues aren't worth people's attention.

It's only when i am REALLY bothered, do i blurt. When i blurt, i ramble for a long long time. I think JL, V and Joy will know of such times of late. Gem... well, he hears me ramble pretty much ALL the time, because i know he listens.

Ok so now you know.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Bolt in 3D and dinner at Tony Romas with family. Pony ride and feeding (!!!) sponsered by JL, heart to heart talk, lots of sunlight and packed lunch included (!!!). Many, many well wishes through sms and facebook and email. Movie and dinner with R and Is.

Looking forward to date with Gem and high tea with Is!

Sigh. It was/is a happy 24th. :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This post is more for me to remember what and how i cooked some dishes...

Mom has fallen ill with a vicious flu bug. Weird that the doc gave her antibiotics though since it's a virus, which does not respond to AB like bacteria does. So this week i'm the chief cook in the house. Muah haha. My sister is the more trusted cook between herself and i (the food i cook is usually a hit or miss affair... while my sister's usually turns out yummy), while mom is the one who usually takes the initiative to whip up dishes for the family but this time... nasty bug has gotten her down quite a bit.

Yesterday, i made a soupy dish for mom: boiled chicken stock with onions, leeks, potatoes and carrots and chicken chunks. Had to add a bit of that chicken cube thing because the chicken bones being boiled were well, not enough to lend a rich taste. For dad, i made him some pizza bread: bread, tomato paste spread, onions, ham, mushrooms and cheese. Sprinkled a little mixed herbs on the top as it toasted! Delish. He liked it! Mom thought the soup smelt good and tasted good too.

Today, i made mom noodle soup: yesterday's soup leftover with chicken and ikan bilis cubes boiled together in water to make the soup base. Then added in ginger slices and boiled it some more. At the end, threw in egg tofu, and tomatoes as well as enoki mushrooms. Took out some fresh chilled chicken breast and marinated it with a pinch of salt and sesame oil for a few minutes before throwing it into the pot as well. Boiled up the noodles in a separate pan. Once all done, serve everything hot in a bowl. Mom said it was good! :-)

Wednesday. I'm thinking... Either chicken porridge or chicken macaroni soup.

Thursday: One of the above.

Friday: I won't be around for dinner so i'm thinking, maybe i'll make a bit more food on thursday so that it can be warmed up again for dinner.


I've noted that i quite enjoy doing my own grocery shopping and cooking with no one in the kitchen telling me what to do. If i don't have picky eaters, then i would enjoy cooking more because then i would be free to cook anything without having to rule out choices of ingredients or specific dishes. I like the thought processes that lead me to think of what flavours should go together in a dish. I get to savour the flavours in my head! Sort of. :-)

Yet, it can be stressful when i've got a time deadline and when i can't get inspiration to conjure up a meal. Today, i woke up from my afternoon nap at around 5pm and asked God, "What should i cook??!?!!" (cos i was thinking about it for a long time and mom was gonna return home soon) And well, i suddenly got the idea to cook the noodle soup thing. The idea came just in time before mom called from the office asking me if i was prepping dinner tonight. God is cool. :-D

It's just the washing up that irritates me. Too much water being used and the repetitious washing is tiring for my hands and brain!

Think my mom is really appreciative and it's kind of funny that i've been "ordained" as the chef for this week because I've even received a little grocery budget. I guess it's practice for me anyway, to learn to visit the wet market a-la-aunty-style and spend wisely by budgeting the spending on food stuffs.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My dad is right. We need to be awful careful before we share the more intimate things in our lives with others. There are times when we feel tempted to share, but it is an act of will to hold our tongue and keep the honesty to ourselves first.

It's not just being honest about some THING, but it's also about being honest with WHO we are as people with other people in our lives. Something i have to figure out.

Which is to me a rather sad existence to be wary all the time, because i'm a frank person, an open book. But in being one, i'm bound to get burnt and get others burnt at some point in time. It's going to take a lot of control on my part to not speak my mind honestly all the time. Sounds a little disturbing, but well, truth is truth. It ain't a perfect and idealistic world.

Are we ready to be honest? Or are we just content with being surrounded by half baked honesty from the people around us? (For the sake of peace and harmony? To be liked?)

It's a delicate balance and lesson to practice. When to be at the right time, and when to never be.

Which is why God is cool. You can be completely honest with him and he won't rat on you, he loves you despite whatever you say, doesn't find fault although he does scold when necessary, is always understanding and non judgmental. Hanging out with God is the most peaceful way to pass the day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Father has a sense of humour man.

Yesterday i was telling God with some level of anguish in my heart, "God, i've been so busy with my own errands to run, i've been so distracted this week and i don't like it. I want to worship you in every area of my life, how can i worship you even in my daily living? I want to worship you throughout the week, connect with you. Nothing makes me as happy when you are in my heart. Nothing compares to you. I know my heart longs so much for you, cos it's empty without you."

That evening, R (someone who does NOT message me normally) messaged me to ask if i was going to church. I was like, "huh" OH YEAH, there's Soak and Seek tonight!" Although i had known that it was tonight, i was kinda like not too keen on going and had forgotten until R texted me.

Note: Soak and Seek is a time for the musicians, dancers, etc (the "artsy" people) in church to come together for combined worship and bible study.

My attitude in response to that? Get a load of this: " Huh, I don't want. Feeling lazy... don't want to leave my home."

Than i realized, "Hello? Didn't you just tell God that you wanted to worship him?"

It's so sadly amusing, how when the real thing comes along, my human weakness clouds my heart's desires. I thank God for that realization and i decided that i was going to make that choice to worship God with all my will and strength.

God was obviously saying, "You said you wanted to worship me right? Here you go, are you going to come for this (Soak and Seek)?" It was a little admonishment for me from Father God. I know it was certainly divine... R did not message anyone else to ask and he definitely does not message me normally. Guess i had to be reminded to learn to put my will into action. :-D

Oh, and through what God told R (at the end of the session, we prayed and asked the Lord how we can bless our friend), Father wants me to read the book of James. Wokay! How specific! I like. :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I need a break. Some peace and quiet.

Just like what my classmate said, "I need to be alone to recharge." Well, i'm an introvert, that's why. People find this surprising. But it's true. I may be loud, but that's when i'm charged up. Or when i have something to say, a point to make. Otherwise, i'm mostly the laidback individual, listening, speaking my mind when i need/want to. I'm not the life of the party.

Think i've got to go hole myself up at home for at least a week or more. Watch DVDs, think, surf the net, sleep, write, cook, bake. Whatever that satisfies my desire for rest. Need to live in a short term bubble.

I can't decide if i'm happy or lost at the moment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

inducing.... hyperventilation...

Look at its adorable puppeh faaaace! (proportions: big forehead and little mouf) Auuugghh! And its teeny tiny squishy body inna hotdawg bun! Aahhhhh! i can almost smell its musky soft doggy scent from here.

This is just incredulously funny. It's like, "Ok! I'm just testing if jonathan used wax on the stairs!" *done sliding* "Yeah people, floor check done! Smooooooth as a baby's bum!"


Monday, November 10, 2008

Of all the photos, the nicest ones were taken in the toilet when we were trying to remove our make up. HAHA.

Anyway, here's saying HI! after the wedding. :-)

As Jie meis, we had a good excuse to go pay some good money to get our faces and hair fixed.... So we went to a salon and i have never worn so much make up in my life!

Personally, i think i essentially look exactly the same, with or without make-up. Unlike some people who, after slathering on the stuff, look entirely different and unrecognizable.

What made me really grin (and think to myself that "it was all worth it") was when my dad said to me: "I think your hair was really nice... and i thought the make-up was done very well. Made you look really different, it enhanced your face. Very pretty." AWWWWwwwwwwww.... Thanks Dad! :-)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ai yai, the end is nearrr...

Things to do when school is over (which is actually dependent on whether i can finish all my assignments before the 12th. Highly unlikely though.):

1. Meet up with the girls
(i've stuck post-it notes with the names of people on my mental noticeboard, but they've a way of dropping off. So, if i've said i'm going to meet up with you but have not, please come and pinch me, you have my permission...)

2. Do/plan something nice for gem.

3. Go on eating trips.

4. Last minute training for 10km.

5. Go to the beach/park.

6. Catch-up-potluck with the you-know-whos. ;-)

7. Go look for a good pore cleaning mask.

8. Read the counselling (soft skills) book and other articles.

9. Do video editing for the married woman.

10. Go on phototrips with miss D, and miss V and miss C.


I can smell december. The wind that blows through my window at night tells me so.
(darn, now i sound like Rafiki from the Lion King who can read information out of the dust/leaves that he catches straight out from the air)


Senator Barack Obama is the new president of the USA...

I've got mixed feelings about him stepping into the White House...

The world and i am going to wait and see.

Monday, November 03, 2008

for you, miss zen :-)

happy convo to me (16th October, Thursday, 2008)! (taken by Alvin! Thanks bro...)

I really like the colours of the robe, my faculty's (arts and social sciences) colour. It was a silky rich rose red and a lovely purple, unlike some other colour combinations that i've seen that make graduates look like bookmarks. I sure hope my faculty in NIE has decent robe colours!

I took a "Harry Potter" photo of myself. Hur hur. Yeah, riding-on-a-broomstick thing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I think my heart is a lot more partial to animals than to humans. *bites lower lip*

Take a look at this video where pet dog Leo, risked his life to protect 4 kittens when the house caught fire. I don't really know HOW he thought he could protect them, but he was with them in the burning house and even suffered smoke inhalation.

Quite NUTS, but it just blew my mind... And i teared.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sunglasses advertisement... Not.

Me in your Oakleys!
You in my Optic Nerve!

Once the sem is over, golly boy, am i going to go all out to paint the beach red or what!
I don't know whether my fitness level can tahan or not since i haven't been running a whole lot recently but, I really want to go trail running/hiking, biking, beach-ing, just whack man!

I loved going through the east coast park connector network (about 40km), but i didn't really like the urban landscape too much in terms of the interruptions. But i did enjoy the sweat and grunt inducing gruelling moments when we had to carry our bikes up and down overhead bridges. Just be careful not to slip because that could get pretty ugly.

AH! Jia you to me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I want. Can? :-)
i wuv Mythbusters.

Note: ok, i discovered that they don't ship stuff readily to Asia, and will need to make enquiries. Dangwabbit.


1 Group presentation: Teen Sex Education (40% done)
1 Essay: on either Mid Life Crisis or Juvenile Delinquency (not done)
1 Research Critique (not done)
1 Research Proposal (have not thought of a topic yet)
1 Essay: Comparing counselling theories (not done)
1 Intake interview (not done)
1 Set ppt slides: Case Conceptualization (sort of done)
1 Report: Ethics in Group Counselling (sort of done)

The funny thing is, i'm a lot calmer about all this WITH the approaching deadlines than when i first began my course with deadlines that were still far away. Denial, methinks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

This would be my silly dog Jed who conveniently plonked his whole little body onto my IMPORTANT school newspaper cuttings. And he's still all, "Wot? Wot did i do?"

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tomorrow's my convocation day. Got to admit that i wasn't too keen or serious about going for it, since i'll be going for yet another convo in 1 1/2 years time. But i guess... something compelled me to do so. Undergraduate convo is kinda like the first major milestone for the tertiary education folks. Granny (who was looking forward to this) and family (excluding my globetrotting sister) are going for the ceremony and the big makan, but it seems like no one else can come for the after-ceremony photo taking. How sad. Even Gem won't be around because of school.

Neh mind, i'll try asking nicely for everyone to come for my postgraduate convo in 1 1/2 years time. Like, would they still be free? I guess some of them should still be in NTU...

At least there's Grad Night on friday! We were told to come dressed as our favourite movie character. I procrastinated registering for the dinner because of that, but then my friend who's organising the event said that i didn't HAVE to... That's a good thing. Or else, i'd be dressed as a MAN... You know, because my favourite movie character is Neo from The Matrix?! Either that, a Jedi Knight from Star Wars. I don't think i would look very good beside my (male) date then...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love Discovery Channel's Mythbusters!

They are a team of wacky, intelligent, technically adventurous geeks who get wind of myths and use their knowledge of science (physics, mechanics, yada, yada) to prove or disprove it. So, you either get: Busted, Confirmed, Plausible, as conclusions to their tests.

I REALLY hope that they keep the show going. The show is too precious!

Ok, imma geek when i wanna be. :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Father God has a lot of work to do in my heart...

I feel so ugly inside. Though others tell me otherwise, i know my faults better than anyone else and being human, i do what i do to look nice: Hide the faults. Cover it up by doing the exact opposite to repress them.

But the more i hide my faults, the uglier i know i am inside.

There is no point in making sure i look good on the outside week after week, when really, i have little substance to back up what i do on the outside. In that sense, i am nothing but a liar.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The sight of Harry diving in front of Peter (Parker) to take the fatal through-the-chest stab in Spiderman 3 is haunting, heart wrenching and heart warming all at once. I'm sure that Harry considered the risk of what he was about to do, of what might happen to him if he took the chance to save his friend. But clearly, he didn't give two hoots about himself, but gave it all for his friend.

The look that Harry had on his face clearly spelt the profound brotherly love that he had for Peter and his actions spoke so distinctly of the true and honest, all or nothing kind of friendship that he and Peter shared. One life, given up wholeheartedly, willingly and without hesitation for the life of another.



In a loonnnngggg time, since circa 2002, joline is going to wear a dress. For not just 1 day, but over 2 days! Oh. My. Gosh. Ack.

It's not that i hate dresses. I like dresses. It's just that the dresses need to BE ME, and that i am generally intolerant of having to sit and stand in a ladylike manner. Seriously, i like dressing up but i am just TOO lazy to do so. Gimme my jeans and tee any day, baby. Or shorts and a cool tee.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spent 6 hours in front of the computer today doing my ethics project group work. I hope that our lecturer is kind to us because all the other groups have 3 people while my group only has... Er, 2 (1 of our group mates pang seh us and left the module altogether). In a way, it makes things less complicated, but it means a lot more work for the both of us. I never did have to do group projects with much more mature adults back in UniSIM, so to have to work with one one-on-one today was quite a new experience. Thank God that she's great to work with and we come from pretty similar backgrounds.

Then i had the jiemei meeting... Hurhur. ;-)
After we hatched our evil plan, aka Operation Sabotage, i walked away pretty much emotionless except for thoughts about whether the games portion will be pulled off well or not. But now, i'm feeling the combination of anxiety and excitement. Ack, need to get a decent pink thingy to wear! Some dress or something. Shopping is in order on monday, after my convo gown fitting.

Bimbo moment: Kind of wondering which brand of coloured lenses is good and whether people with astigmatism can wear them.

I was at Music Plaza, PS the other day and boy, was it an interesting evening. I encountered:

1. a drummer guy (DG, a customer who was trying out the drums) who told me that he liked my "touch" on the piano (i don't really know what he means by "touch")

J: (tries out a Yamaha playing "Hit the Road Jack" rather softly. Then started softly tinkling the usual bunch of chords)
DG: (Comes up to me from behind) Hi, i like your touch. Do you play a lot of jazz?
J: Er, no, i play mostly by ear.
DG (looks disappointed) Oh. Well, i like your touch.
J: (watches DG walk away) Oh, thanks!

2. guy from buddhist fellowship

He came into the shop wanting to ask the shop assistant about the piano i was playing. I started to move away from it saying that if he wanted to try, please go ahead. But he told me to keep playing so that he could listen. After a few chords, he asked if i played anywhere and i replied that i played for my church band. Then... he asked if i wanted to play for "another faith". I was stunned of course. I didn't decline at first but instead started to quiz him about what this event was about. Turns out he is a buddhist and wants to hold an event where people from different faiths come together to share about their respective faiths.

We had a short conversation about Buddhism and Christianity. I started to put some learnt things (from a recent sermon) into practice but alas, he was too bent on asking me to come to his event. I thought that he went too far with some of his questions, and boy was he insistent! He wasn't going to settle for a "no" so easily. I wonder why. We left the shop with me having his contact and an indefinite answer about me going to his fellowship. Friend tells me that it might be an evangelistic thing. Hm. *nods*

3. 2 young people, a woman and man from a church that believes in God the Mother, the "bride" as a part of God, the end time prophecies, how people today do not observe the passover anymore, saturday as sabbath, not sunday. If you're interested.

They started out innocently enough with a survey which i think was simply a guise to get me into a conversation about what they believe in. They were pushy all right! Refused to have my email address, insisted on my hp number (which i obviously did not give) and gave me pamphlets to read. They basically used verses from the bible to substantiate what they were saying (the woman was nice but sounded like a robot when explaining their beliefs, while the guy was nice but morphed into something monster-ish when asking for my number, insisting that they really wanted to share the truth with me on another set day)

I have mixed feelings about what they were saying. I spoke to my dad about it and i agreed with him that what they were preaching wasn't essential to the simple gospel of Jesus Christ. Although i still have some thoughts about the God the Mother thing, yeah.

Whatever it is, i got a taste of what some Christians do that just scare people away. Coming across as zealots, being too pushy and annoying, using "con" methods. But not all of us are like that!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's our anniversary! Gem and I. :-)

I don't think we're able to go do anything nice or crazy or normal together today since we're occupied with you know, our other partners. Also known as "school" and "homework".

This week has been and is going to continue being rough. Many thanks to the folks who have been on the receiving end of my rambling and whining. You may not know it, but it's a chain reaction. What little that you do, has a big effect on me: Catching me when i am falling/fallen, saying the right words and not saying any at the right time. You've helped me.

Have also been having a sharp pain in my upper back that has been going on for about a week which recently got worse after i accidentally "abused" myself. God, help. *looks up*

I am thinking... When i begin work as a counsellor, this blog will have to become private. Then again, perhaps when i begin my internship, i'll have to start the process of moving i guess.

Ok, i've got to go back to scaring myself into continuing with my work by mentally running through my deadlines.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

If only ethical decision making (in counselling) was as easy as punching in numbers into SPSS that churns out results in seconds, or throwing a coin into an Oracle's watery dwelling place and waiting for an answer to magically appear.



I've spoken to and observed a few people when it comes to the issue of giving money to people who are asking for it, either through selling tissue paper or just plain asking.

So recently i had a conversation with M about it and i found out that she would only give money to the people who seem like they deserve it.

That got me thinking. Some say that the attitude of the heart is what matters most to them. Meaning, they are not concerned with what the person-asking-for-money (PAFM) does with the money or whether they are part of a syndicate or whether they are deserving. To them, what matters is the attitude they have towards the PAFM, and they give unconditionally.

Some others try to do the practical thing, which is to find out what the PAFM needs, and provides that need directly if within their capability. Eg. Food.
Others choose to give only if they deem the PAFM deserving, with the "right" attitude when they approach them for money.

I don't have a fixed opinion for what i would do, because honestly, there are times when i give freely, and there are times when my heart is hardened.

Then i had a sudden thought. What if Jesus decided that only the deserving among us humans could be worth dying for? Then he can forget about dying and sacrificing himself for any one of us because none of us on this Earth is perfect or deserving.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am listening to the band recording of last week's worship at service and i am having GOOSEBUMPS. The GOOD kind of goosebumps. It's like somehow, we've been refreshed by God during our camp such that when we came together to worship as a team, we just really flowed as a band, playing out in music what God was putting into our hearts to play.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

God is crazy.

Crazy good.


NB: My mom came in to give my cluttered room a quick sweep (something i insist she should not do) and she said: "If Jesus were to come into your room, he wouldn't have anywhere to sit! Where are you going to put him?"

I think she said some other things like:
" Where would he put this books?"
"He would say: Jo, where are you going to put me?"


Monday, September 08, 2008

I don't know.

I just feel so... Blah. It's not like my world is falling apart but it somehow feels a little like that. I guess that is not really the case, so I think it would be more accurately phrased as: there are too many nagging and upsetting (which is subjective) things on my mind now.

School's definitely been keeping me busy. Busy and anti social. The busy part is fine, but being anti social is not something that's suppose to be included in the package. I find myself wanting to run home right after church service when usually i find much joy in hanging out with my cell group or cell group girls. But those days are gone.

I can't even go out because i'm busy catching up with work. Going out on weekdays is not an option unless i make up for the time spent by working extra hard before then. Sundays are catch up days. I feel deprived. Chained. Tired. Drowning and struggling. I meddled with the idea of giving up, though i know that i won't.

I am bogged down by my work and priorities and what's worse, i feel like i don't have the capacity to deal with any more people than i need to. On saturdays after service, the predominant feeling is: I just need a quiet night with very close friend(s). Silent and/or meaningful company is all i wish for. I just don't have it in myself to talk more than i need to. This rotten sense of isolation is leeching into my relationship with God, and i hate it. No relationship with God, no receiving of his love (he still pours his love, but...)that gives me strength to love others. When that happens, i get TIRED.

Then there's the issue of my cousin coming to live with us for an indefinite period of time. She's effectively going to be like a new teenage sister. And that... my friends... is something i have no idea how i'm going to handle. I've never had a younger sibling. It's no more just dad, mom, sister and i. Our little home, our private comfort zone. It's us and one more person. I'm still grappling with the idea of how i'm going to relate. Sister? Cousin? Because, it's going to be for the long haul. And it's a big thing. Lots of thoughts about this.
And then there are (for me to know) that i really want to beat up. Yes, you heard me right. Fed up. Frustrated. Angry.

There's more, but...

I don't know.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Wow. I just realized how much i miss The Lion King... I just caught the first one, the 1 1/2 one and The Lion King 2 on YouTube. OK! I know, i ought to be shot for spending my time doing that.

But oh... my gosh. It's so wonderful watching it again. Apart from the kiddy Disney songs (actually, the lyrics are quite funny too), the jokes are still worthy of genuine laughter and the animators and artists REALLY did such a good job depicting the emotions of the characters. Every twitch, every slight movement on the faces and bodies of the characters are so precise and intentional and accurate. Such a work of art in a movie made in the 1990s (but i'm thinking... i believe that the conception of ideas and artwork would've begun somewhere in the 1980s?).

I wanna buy the whole DVD set if possible! It's like treasure to me. :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i never knew

The answer may seem obvious. But i don't know HOW my friends can tell. I mean, i almost always wear a poker straight face when i walk around but when they saw me in church yesterday, they instinctively knew that something was wrong.

I'm sorry to have to put up names here... but i hope you don't mind because otherwise you won't ever know who you are...

Alina, Nat, Joy, Kenny, Jess, Roy, Weirong. I don't know how, but your concern shown really blew me away. To you who noticed and asked, to you who bothered to stay and listen to me and offer counsel, to you who gave me wordless encouraging hugs and pats with a knowing look in your eyes, to you who messaged me even when i was out of sight, listening to me over the phone during the wee hours, to you who despite your own problems offered to pray for me, to the one who even FORCED me to talk, thank you.

You might not know it, but it sure meant something special and felt good for the soul of someone who never thought that she was worth anybody's attention and love.

(I can't shake off the feeling that i might have missed out on someone... I'm pretty sure it's all covered but hey, maybe it's because i felt so well taken care of by so many! :-) )

Saturday, August 23, 2008

no more. :-(

I think i've come to the end of my running days. If my knees don't heal/cartilage too worn out, then it's time to say goodbye to something that i've invested so much in and move on to something else.

I guess i've got to still train for my 10km in dec. If i find that my knees are going nowhere but downhill after that, then it's probably time to admit that this year's standard chartered run could well be my last. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I dreamt that...

I was standing by the side of a lake and on the other side of the same lake, was a lady dressed in the chinese fighting martial arts outfit. She stood about 50 metres away from me, on a grey rock that protruded out from the lake's bank. She seemed to be preparing to fight something, judging from the way she looked poised to take on anything.

Then, i looked up towards the sky and i saw an orange, red and yellow pheonix dive from the clouds and swoop down to attack the woman. She did some really solid kungfu moves and she defeated it.

Next, from the same spot in the sky, i saw a green demon dive down as well with bulging eyes and horns and all, to attack the woman who stood on the rock. With almost little effort, she skillfully fought the demon and chopped off its head.

Now, the context of this dream is that it's like Earth, where spiritual things aren't normally seen by everyone. Somehow, i knew that it was because God allowed me to see what was happening. So as you can imagine, i was utterly thrilled to see something i "wasn't suppose to see" and i felt really privileged.

As i stood on the side of the lake, i quizzically asked God 2 questions: "God, why did you allow me to see what i just saw?"

He said, "You see, in the physical world, we tend to see people who fight the spiritual war in a strange light. We think they believe in weird things and behave in odd ways because we cannot see what they can see and we cannot see what they are fighting against. For example, if i did not allow you to see the appearance of the adversaries, you would have thought that that woman was fighting thin air. You would have thought she was behaving a bit oddly."

Then i asked him, "But i am also your child, i am a Christian too, why did the phoenix and demon not see and attack me? Why did they/you spare me and go to that woman?"

And God said: "It is because she is grounded in the Word (the Bible, which is the word of God) and strong, so therefore she is more equipped to fight."


For the first message, i took this to mean that i should be more open with what God's people are doing today. Some of them claim to be doing something in the supernatural and they most certainly behave strangely! Which i always find disturbing. But i guess, if these people are moving in God's authority and power, than i should support them in spirit and truth.

That being said, i should also always test the spirit behind every deed and claim. It's because nowadays, as the world comes to an end, the devil is coming to deceive God's people and lead them away from God with all the trickery he can muster.

For the second message, it seems pretty clear to me that it's time i should be reading and digesting the bible through and through!

Interestingly, i have just bought a 365 day daily devotional that requires me to just spend a short time with God, with a verse and a short para on God's character and a reflection. It doesn't take much time to spend with God. The reason why i bought it was because i found that other devotionals tended to throw too many things at me in a short time, without allowing me to focus and meditate slowly on the word, God's character or whatever the devotions is focusing on. Admittedly, i don't spend enough time with God than i would like to.

Because of the brief nature of the devotional, it means that i do not delve deeply and cover the bible extensively. Which i guess... seems to be a problem.

Of course being a critical person and a psych student and all, i am led to wonder if the dream is an expression of my guilt or whether it is really God telling me something. I suppose the logic and orderliness of the dream is quite astounding and the messages are biblical. I must say that the 2 issues are issues that i find hard to address in my Christian life: dealing with the supernatural and being familiar with the bible.

So. Yes. Do you find this thought provoking? I hope you do, because to me it might just change my life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ah! Rush rush today. Tomorrow's homework and readings are NOT done yet, today's readings are not done yet (when doing a masters, doing your readings before class is PARAMOUNT, cannot run away from it one!), and i already have to get ready for school NOW when i haven't eaten lunch and, and, and, ARGH!

Ok, then why am i blogging? To preserve my sanity! :-DDDD

Oh, and i signed up for kickboxing classes with Miss R for 5 weeks, on thursdays and i er, couldn't help but sign up for archery too. Hohoho. Despite my schedule being absolutely PACKED. WHO CARES. I NEED TO BE A STUDENT with a LIFE! Even if only for a while.... but if God says to sacrifice... then, to sacrifice it, i will. :-S (but can i only sacrifice being on the school team, can i still join for fun? :-DDD Alternatively, i can go back to shooting for ACS, instead of NTU. Shooting for ACS would allow me to train on Sundays instead of Saturdays.)

(When i saw the archery booth at NTU, my heart started to pump faster, my breathing was like, shorter, my mind was swirling and i just, i just... against all odds, HAD to get myself involved!!!! Somehow!!!)

Ok, ramble done. Back to CHIONGING like mad.

Oh, i have a weird dream (but Miss R says it may be more than that) to share. More on that later.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh nuts. As the NTU ECA Fair rolls around starting tomorrow, my head is filling up with the familiar images surrounding archery and the feeling of drawing, aiming and releasing is making me go dreamy.

Will i ever get back to shooting? Will i ever have time to devote to archery?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Other than the march in and march past (my regular favourite throughout all these years) during our national day parade, i thought the display by the Singapore Silat Federation was SO COOL. Oh, and i think the song composed for this year is tasteful (did you see the "mtv" for it? it was so heartfelt) and Joi Chua and Hady Mirza sang so beautifully together!


I have a pimple on my jawline that is so mountainous that i think it can caste its own significant shadow.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And so it has been...

It hasn't been easy. I've only had 2 days in school and i have been bombed, shell shocked, pick-up-jaw-off-the-floor horrified, by the amount of work (and the quality of work expected, as V and i have agreed on) meted out by the lecturers.

To date (my collection as of monday and tuesday only, ok!):

1. Group work: Journal summary and analysis + group meetings + presentation (due: 18th August 2008)
2. 1 Week study of newspaper articles + Report writing
3. Daily/Weekly textbook readings.
4. Weekly written reflections (due: weekly)
5. Essay (counting...)
6. Interview (to my really agreeable interviewee, THANK YOU. You have really blessed me beyond any word of thanks.)
7. Reading of supplementary journals (got the kind where you need coffee as a companion)
8. Future group work and ROLE PLAY. OH MY *beep beep beep*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I CANNOT ACT! I LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY! AND THAT IS NOT GOOD FOR CLASS PARTICIPATION POINTS!)

Is this what full time undergraduates have to deal with too? Is this normal? (I did my undergraduate studies part time. It was busy, yes, but not THIS loaded!) OR, is this what a masters course is like? It's totally new to me!

So, let me tell you.........

- Because i'm the youngest in the cohort of 14 adult students, i constantly feel like i am the most inexperienced of the lot. Feeling judged and calculated.

- Feel as if i've to prove myself smart enough to be able to match their experience.


- But i have to remind myself that God gave me this place and so i need to be assured that HE HAS prepared the way already, that i have His favour, and that everything will be taken care of. Honestly, my self reminders of God's plan and purpose are so MEEK in comparison to my mental yellings that tell me to do things in my human strength and way. That I am to be the one who has to make things happen. God, help.

- That said. Because of all my mad struggling, i think a result of this is that doing this course is going to pull me closer to God, that we're going to work more closely together hand in hand. And i guess I'll gain a better understanding of His work in my life through our partnership.

- I am having to learn to rely on Him a whole lot more because while doing this course, i am constantly faced with the fact that I am so weak and unable. I'm never going to be able to achieve and complete things all on my own. My ability is limited, but God is strong, able, all knowledgable and INFINITE! That's why for everything that "i am able" to bring to completion, i can only say that i do it because i have God by my side, and that I can do all things (purely) through Christ who strengthens me. Oh my goodness. Just as i typed that out, it's like a rhema effect. The TRUTH of that word from the bible is astounding! Jesus Christ, makes up for the rest of me, that cannot.

- It was hard to type "I can do...". I just wanted to leave it as "I do all things...", because it just says that "ok, in whatever i do... in all that i do...". It doesn't DECLARE the positivity of the fact that I CAN do, that even through challenges, it is still "I CAN". It's hard to include the "can" word. Because in actuality, i feel as if i CAN... NOT! By placing a "can" into that line, i notice a pulling out of myself from a negative mental and attitudinal rut.

- I THANK GOD THAT i am NOT in Australia!!! If i don't have my immediate social support, i think i would really burn out prematurely. Imagine having to live in a whole new environment, new culture, with new people (i'm generally shy), plus having the pressure (and not pleasure) of NEW WORKLOAD in a short span of time. Oh my goodness. I think i would be crying everday.

- When people ask me, "So how's school?", with bright eagerness in their eyes, i just smile a really weird smile, which is quickly followed by a grimace, and then a long whine, and then a groan and then... silence. It basically means that i am at a lost for words. My thoughts and emotions are still reeling from shock and flying around above my head. I've yet to bring them all down to a logical and rational order to cope and make sense of eveything. So... Please bear with me?

- With a busy schedule, i now realize with all seriousness... That EVERY minute in the day counts.

- Because the rest are all adults who have been in the working world for quite a while, i think i sense some level of guardedness about them. I get this sense that it's currently "my own survival is important". Probably stems from their experiences of working with people. Sigh. I want to make good friends. Lets see how it goes.

- And last of all and most interestingly... A quiet voice has been saying to me... (me no have schizophrenia, ok) + (And it took me mildly by surprise):

"Love. Do all that you do with love. Look at your classmates with love, love your classmates through your behaviour, how you treat them, let love show through your actions. Don't be sucked up by the competition, but instead let your behaviour be governed by moving in an opposite spirit. Don't be intimidated. Love is what this is all about. Counselling is about love. So, love."

It can only be my Heavenly Father speaking. God is love, and only His voice would speak out to me to love others, against my own ugly human nature that complains, judges and hates.

(Wow. People say to me that God speaks to them here and there, on the bus, while walking and so forth. I always thought to myself in response that "Nah, God wouldn't speak to me (because i chose to believe that i am not important enough). He never does. Let alone as i go along my daily life". But HAH. Look what happened. Time to change mindset! Hope this is encouraging to you.)

(I guess, it's also about whether we are willing to listen, or, be still and quiet enough to listen.)


Refreshing reflection! Now, back to planning out my work schedule with Jesus. :-)

Monday, August 04, 2008

my first tag (methinks)

#1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

Woah. Eh, I champion doing not-so-nice things to men who do this kind of thing to women you know! I have my stash of torture instruments. So. Now. What do you think MY reaction will be.....? *evil laughter*

#2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

To have my family (dogs included) live forever healthily as my family (in Heaven, as in on Earth).

#3. What will your dream wedding to be like?

OH. It will be by the sea, under the blue/sunset sky and then we'll have the wedding dinner under the star lit sky with a live band playing softly in the background, surrounded by candle lit lamps. Dogs (and other reasonable pets) are allowed (in my dream wedding, animals don't and can't pee or poo).

#4. Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?

A little. No wait, make that a lot... But i'm trusting that God has told me to forge on ahead in confidence. But i am freaking out!

#5. What’s your ideal lover like?

Er. No ideal la, cos can have many permutations.

#6. Which is more blessed? Loving someone or being loved by someone?

Er.... Lets be open and honest. BEING LOVED! :-DDDDDD

#7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?

Hm. Usually, i wait for that person to come to me. Heh.

#8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

Haiya. Try to chuck my feelings aside and move on to like a few other people too. Heh.

#9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?

PMS. And inconsiderate people.

#10. Is being tagged fun?

Sort of! :-D

#11. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Well... This is what i would wish to see for myself: Living decently with hubby with 2 or 3 healthy children. Being content with my job and living a full Christian life.

#12. Who are currently the most important people to you?

Fambly (dog included). Significant Other. My close JC friends. My church mates.

#13. What kind of person do you think the one who tagged you is?

A surprising personality. :-)

#14. Would you rather be rich and single or married but poor?

Married (hopefully to someone who is worth being married to and being poor with!) but poor. I think that relationships with people are what keeps us sane and blessed. Not money.

#15. What’s the first thing you do every morning?

Drinking down my "toilet milo" (the hot milo that makes me wanna run to the loo! :-D)

#16. Would you give all in a relationship?

I haven't discovered what "all" means yet, for me personally at least.

#17. If you fall in love with 2 people simultaneously, who would you pick?

Hm... How to love more than one person ah? Admire can lah, but love? Ok for answers sake, i would pick the one who i feel more comfortable with and the one who truly loves me for better or for worse.

#18. What type of friends do you like?

The kind who share the same frequency with me, those who reciprocate my investment of time and care.

#19. What type of friends do you dislike?

Inconsiderate, ungrateful and insincere people.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yes, i've been MIA-ing for a bit, catching up with people and such amongst other things.

- Went for a christian counselling conference and who should i bump into and unwittingly sat next to (with 2-3 empty seats between us) during the worship session? The ex's father! OMG. I've not seen him since March 2002. I wouldn't voluntarily say hello to him unless i knew... ... ... Hm, never mind. The break up 6 years ago wasn't pretty. Other than that, i gained some valuable information about counselling and psychology from the speakers and i have my YGOS supervisor to thank for that.

- Been going a bit crazy over chai tea latte recently. I even bought nice drinking glasses from IKEA for the times that i want to indulge in ice chai tea latte.

- There was one day when the train was so full in the morning that i found myself in a very unglam position: stuck like a freaking lizard against the MRT door, palms spread out on the glass and all.

- Had my orientation at NIE today. Goodness. My masters class has only 14-17 students, all of whom are older than me i assume. Except for 3 young men, who look like they are either my age or in their late 20s or early 30s. 1 of them is actually a fellow graduate from UniSIM. :-) After the talk by the programme coordinator, he and i looked at one another and i exclaimed: "HEY! You look REALLY familiar!" and he replied, "Yeah, i was going to ask you that! You're from OU (Open University) right?" Nice to see a familiar face. And i have my NTU STUDENT CARD!!!! Awesome! I also discovered that while bus 199 takes a lot longer to reach Canteen A/Library, it takes a nice quiet looking route when coming in from another entrance of NTU. Lots of greenery, melikes.

- I signed up for the 10km Standard Chartered run. I decided that 4 months was far too late to train and compete safely in a full marathon.

- I love vanilla yoghurt.

- I've been tagged to do something... coming right up!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ok, i couldn't resist it, the statue was just egging me on to do it. Really.

(picture taken by miss_D, with her Nikon D80, with whom i went on a photography trip with to the Hort Park)

Woo, i have such muscoolar (and white!) pins!

I must say that i'm actually proud of my old fogey of a Canon Powershot G2. I uploaded my photos and i marvelled at how the pictures turned out. Of course, it's not the best of cameras for ALL events and sure, i would LOVE to have a spanking new DSLR in my paws but well, my G2 did well enough. That said... Lighting! LIGHTING! Is All important in photography too!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God, He did it again. :-D

I wrote this some days a go, but now it's ready to be posted up!

1. God really knows my needs even BEFORE i tell him...

Now, bank accounts are meant to see your savings increase right? Yes. So, having received my allowance from my work last month, i was pretty happy about the digits and i had really just wanted to keep things the way it was. I was exceptionally reluctant to spend on things, though there are lots i really want to buy for myself!

So with the bintan trip, i had to draw out a sizeable amount and i admit that i was feeling disturbed at the sudden drop in finances. My phone bill also came in today and it was HIGHER than usual, because i was in Malaysia last month and the smses chalked up a sum. Also, this is coupled with the fact that i am no longer going to be working and therefore, NO INCOME anymore. Although i will still survive on kind parental support, i have to watch every penny that comes out from my wallet or i may run low.

But as i was packing a while ago, out of the blue, my dad came into the room and he said with a smile: "Need some money to spend?"
I was STUNNED and i couldn't even reach out to take what looked like blue notes in his hand.
He said: "It's just ****** only...."
Jo: But still... I'm really thankful. Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate it...
Dad: Good. Good night! *smiles to himself as he exits my room*

Then, a few minutes later, MOM came in with a smile and i can almost feel her heart beaming with delight as she blessed me financially too!

I'm like, OH MY... I was brooding over the cash flow and i had all my broiling concerns about finances which kept drumming away in my head the last few days. And sadly, I didn't think that it was important enough for God to care. In my mind, i just figured that i would just swallow my circumstances and handle my own problems in my own way. But you know, God cares and he supplied my needs (through my folks)! It's just so amazing... I really should trust God a whole lot more even in the everyday/mundane things.

2. Being assured of my future.

Today at worship ministry bible study, we were asked to pair up and just ask God how we can prophesize, or simply put: bless, the person we were paired up with. J and i sat down to pray and she said that even before she paired up with me, she had a vision of me, for me...

J saw that i was standing in a forest, with trees surrounding me all around. There was no path leading out from the forest and she asked God for light so that she could see. Then, light appeared and it illuminated a dirt path that led out me out from the forest and... When i got out, before me was a beautiful, magnificient view.

J didn't know what it meant, but felt that God was saying that "He would show me, in his time, what he intended for me."

I was so STUNNED (again). Because right now, i am facing both certainty and uncertainty in my life.

My certainty: the road to being a counsellor is right before me; God has clearly opened the door for me.
My uncertainty is: I have such a great fear of people but YET, i know nothing else that i am passionate about. And i am going headlong into a career where i have to deal with all sorts of people EVERY day. Having experienced interaction with difficult people, i have begun to doubt my ability to love and reach out to those in need.

In my heart, i have been constantly asking myself and i have been wondering incessantly: HOW on the WORLD is God going to use me? I just don't see how it is possible. I am weak, fearful, doubtful, inadequate!

My personality is a complete opposite from the other counsellors i have met. I just cannot see how i can be useful, how i can bless others, how God can use me, a person who is choosing to do something so opposite from what i am normally more comfortable doing.

It's such a mismatch, and i am just, like what J said, in a forest. I cannot see where i am going, i cannot see what God has planned. I cannot the picture yet. I cannot see HIS big picture. I'm still far away from the finished product.

But God has now told me that, in time, i will see. I will see the light, and i will be led. I will eventually be led to see the beautiful outcome of what He has planned for me. I will come to see it.

And this gives me the assurance that i have to just keep walking in the direction that i am walking towards. Because God WILL reveal the fruits and reasons in time to come!

Oh, and note: J had no idea of the things that i am going through, so you can see, that it's REALLY God just speaking to me through J! :-D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Then Again...

Maybe i might eat my words... Maybe i'll do the 42km...
(Now that i have a willing female kaki)
Muah hahahahaha...

Ok, but it'll remain STRICTLY a walk-a-jog thing. No "kay-kiang-ing" and attempting to run all the way. Nevertheless, i still have my reservations. Like whether i should go for a full body check up before i sign up, whether 4 months is enough to train up given that i'll be starting school soon and it's going to get busy. Whether i'll pile on that mysterious 3kg again like when i completed the 21km. It took me 3 to 4 months to get rid of something i didn't even have in the first place! And, how do i fit my training schedule in?

I like the idea that i'll have sports facilities in school, but still... Will i be able to cope?

Ah, but the thought of completing a marathon at least once is SUCH a THOUGHT! :-D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello again, Standard Chartered run

Back from Bintan and boy, did i enjoy myself...

Thank you so much to my group of girls from JC that have been able to stick with me through out till this stage of my life! We've known each other since 2001 and it's really special for us to be able to go on a trip together. And might i add, like, finally. HAHA.

Anyway, i have DECIDED to go for the Standard Chartered event again, but this time, back to doing 10km instead of moving forward from the 21km to doing the 42km. Reason being... My knees need a BREAK! Yes, it's very glamorous to be able to finish the 42km but i know that my pride has to take a backseat while my knee condition takes top priority. I'm going to need them well into my old age k! I would rather have working knees than to be able to boast about having completed 42km but with busted knees. No point.

I'm all set to begin on my training program! Yahoo! Plus, it's even better that i now have girl (and guy maybe) kakis who are coming with me. :-) Gem is going to tackle the 42km with another friend... Oh my gawsh. If only i could drive, so that i can pack and bring some iced milo for us all after all our hard work.

The registration will launch from 21st of July onwards. Don't miss it! :-D

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I'm off to Bintan tomorrow, for a REALLY short trip. Better one than none! Yes, my pocket is pretty much a smothering crater now (everything in Bintan is in Sg dollars! The nerve. Rah.), and it does not help that the post GSS is starting soon. Dang.

I've not gone off blogging, just been having too many undeveloped thoughts/private concerns/yada, that flit about too fast to talk about. I'm pretty sure that once school starts, i'll be blogging more often. Or, i need something episodic and nonsequential to talk about.

Ok, i know this post sounds rather bimbotic. A sign for the need to start academia soon.

Need to clean Jed's poop. Ta.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Tomorrow is the day i've been waiting for, since April/May. Then again, in some way, it is also the day that i have been waiting unknowingly for since i even began my undergraduate studies. Tomorrow will seal the activities of the next 2 years of my life. And it will seal the activities of my working life, for at least the first 3 to 5 years. (That is, if i don't throw in the towel and quit earlier than that.)

Hello NTU-NIE.


Seriously, there are times when i really wonder... Just WHO ARE my REAL friends?


A part of me says to give up, while another part says that in my heart, there is no such thing as giving up. A true test of my devotion to the cause, of my love, of my perseverence to pursue.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

:-) Gem got me...

1) two lovely packets of Caramel Corn:
I've tried this snack before many years ago and i've had fond memories of it. Haha. I don't know if this is the same stuff, but i'll find out soon. I guess a slight difference is that these are the flavored versions. Green tea and peanut, i believe. :-9


2) The whole 3 sets of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks I tell you, i was just stunned. I mentioned about wanting the soundtracks very much, being a Pirates movie fan and also a fan of the music, but i never imagined that he would get them all for me. :-D I've imported them over to itunes and i'm just having a blast listening to them all! YEAY! The various musical themes from the movie are so full of lively character, it's such a joy to listen too. It feels as if you are practically watching the movie! It's powerful, driving, rich and adventurous.


People at church have commented that i look more alive today as compared to about 2 weeks ago. HAHA. Oh gosh. I think the work i've been doing had really sapped my energy overall. While i am glad that it's going to be over in 1 week's time, i've been left with a lot to think about. And for some reason, even though i'm going to get my lovely one month break before school starts in August, which is all well and good, i would still feel that my days are missing out on something meaningful. Ok, but i'll be glad that i don't have to sacrifice any more sleep to get to work on time in the morning!

Being someone who needs 9 hours of sleep to function well for a full day at work, i often feel tired and sleepy because i've been getting a max of 6 to 7 hours of sleep lately. Quite pathetic, i know. Most people can function with 7 or 8 hours or even less, of sleep. I can't. Jia lat, next time how man. Maybe i need to start thinking about alternative ways of earning moolah.


Although i'm so out of it when it comes to my archery club and archery, i'll be heading up to Hougang for the AGM tomorrow. Shucks. I don't really like not having any friends there anymore other then the people who are running the whole show. All my mates have stopped shooting for their various reasons. Apparently, the only compound archer is one of the few adults. The rest are recurve archers. ARGH. About time to get back to shooting... This lag has lasted TOO long. All talk and no action only, so far.

At least i know that my form is still pretty decent since the last time i tried the recurve bow at a short distance. :-)

It's good to be back rambling here again about nothing much in particular without being too emo.

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's me! I'm BACK! I SURVIVED!

Interestingly, i feel more refreshed than when i left. Of course, i need a good break in general, but mentally, i am feeling better.

2 weeks more before Joline's out of YGOS. I am looking forward to my 1 month break before school begins in August. But i'll definitely be occupied with a major project, like my friends' wedding video. I hope the NTU people start school only in end july, so that i'll be able to spend some quality time with them before school begins as well. The more i think about even going down to NIE to just register in july, the more brain chills i get! I'm dreaming of the lunch meetings, the rendezvous, the studying together, my counselling course, being on campus, restarting my archery again, jogging with JL (and whoever else that is game) around NTU/track, working out in the gym. Whoo-ooo-ooo. *brain chill*

In all honesty, i doubt that i will be able to fulfill all that i am dreaming of. Ah, but one can hope, right.

My Library Gang Bintan trip has also been CONFIRMED! OH MY GWASH. FINALLY! We've been fantasizing about going for a holiday together since we all graduated and started working... It's been a ripe 3 years or so (or is it more than that?) and now it is HAPPENING. We had plans to travel to somewhere further actually but i guess because some people aren't exactly loaded, *ahem*yourstruly*cough* travelling further was an issue.

Much has been going on in my head regarding my future. I've been asking God: God, what is it you want me to do in my life? I'm totally "at your disposable" you know? All you need to do is just tell me, just say so, and i will do it.
(but i never really hear him clearly about this.)

I'm also questioning and answering myself. I'm thinking:-

Q: If handling, being and dealing with people is so hard for me personally, that it is a struggle, than why in the WORLD am i bothering to train myself to take on a job that requires me to "take care" of people? WHY in the WORLD am i going headlong into something that arouses so much FEAR and STRESS in me?

A: I think it's strange that i'm choosing to do something completely opposite to what i am comfortable with. If i had things my way, i'd just settle for something easier, or less conventional. You know, like maybe be a zookeeper, or an archery coach, or travel the world making documentaries about animals or our planet. But if you were to ask me WHY i choose to do counselling, i'd tell you that i believe the people of our society today, really need something. There is a need for social, mental, emotional well being. Spiritual well being even. And i want to do my part to help. There is so much pain and twisted values these days and it's being passed down to our younger generation and it breaks my heart to hear about what it does to them. So i'm thinking... Is my desire to do what i want to do driven only just by wanting to make the world a better place? Or is it possibly driven by love? And whose love? My love? God's love? Even that can be a struggle to answer at times. But i know that if there is love involved, it is not my own, but Father God's love for his people (which is actually everyone on this planet!). And this is probably it, that i believe this is why i choose what i choose to do... To carry out my duties inspired by His love inspite of all the fears.

So i'm thinking. Is this therefore the "thing" that God wants me to do in my life? I'm going against my human nature for a cause, so.... that's good, right? Right? But of course, there are times when God makes use of our strongest assets to do his work in places where we may be most comfortable in. But i guess there are times when He also wants to teach some of us something, or to stretch some of us that need stretching.

For now, he has so obviously opened the door for me to enter the counselling field. I feel as if his favour is on me to pursue this. First it was when YGOS willingly took me in for just 2 months (which is generally not entertained) and then NIE which offered me the counselling course despite me being a young 'un, a graduate from UniSIM (which some people tend to have certain pre (and mis?) conceptions about), someone with no relevant working experience (at the point of my interview, all the working experience i ever had was of selling Body Shop products back in 2003 while waiting for uni to begin and printing invoices and collecting $ since 2006 at my other workplace), i'm far from scholar material, and i also could only hand in 2 referee reports out of the required 3 (i typed out and clipped a very earnest sounding letter to NIE, together with my application, to apologize for not meeting the requirements). Not forgetting the highly embarrassing fumble i made during my interview when i blabbered something and ended my blabber with "erm, er, never mind. *giggle*"
Oh goodness, so retarded!

My conclusion is: I will continue to pursue this as long as the coast is clear and until God decides to say ENOUGH, closes the doors and places me somewhere else.

So anyway. I've got ONE more day of break at home to do my YGOS reflections and then it'll be back to work on tuesday. Hm, i look forward to my Breadtalk breakfasts almost every morning before hitting the workplace. Teehee. *beam* I'm wondering if i should begin using my lunch hour to go running. I usually feel like a squishy and pudgy pao after lunch and it makes me feel uncomfortable! A surefire way to put on weight sia... I think i've been doing well in keeping my weight in check at the moment, and i don't wanna mess it up!

All righty, good night folks. It's 4 in the morning. A long post after a long time. Talking in long rambly posts often is more my thing!


Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's sunday, midnight. And i'll be leaving for Malacca for a community service trip in the afternoon. I'm not in the best of states to be going really. Tired (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically) and down with the flu, bordering on having a headache/fever.

Like i told Gem, it's one thing to go on a community service trip and it's quite another to do one with youths in tow. Oh GOD, i REALLY NEED YOU. I need your strength to carry me through. I just don't have it in me right now.

Am doing my packing now, and i must say that the barrage of camps previously in May has made me a much quicker packer! Thanks to Gem for letting me loan his good ole deuter bag.

I know this is going to sound so random, but for some reason, i'm struggling with so much pride inside my heart. Everyday, i hear myself telling myself to "shut up!" every time i think of something prideful or judgmental. I tell you... I get so tired of myself, really. It's a good thing people can't read my mind! I'd be thoroughly despised i think. Sometimes, even the act of doing something loving can turn into something prideful. Sheesh.

It's amazing how God can love me for who i am. I'm thinking of all the reasons why God can't possibly love me. But when i look at examples of people God loved and loves, people who show the same "reasons", i know that i cannot explain God's love away from me.



Want to learn jazz and blues piano!
Want to find good orchestral (not classical) music.
Wants it to be july, NOW.
Would love a digital piano.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm sort of experiencing a low point in my life at the moment. It's not toooo bad. But it's definitely not the usual.

But a home cooked dinner, furry canines, and honest talk made for good therapy. :-)

I'm into my second month at YGOS and boy, has it been quite a ride. Imagine: Half a week in Malacca, a break of 1 or 2 days, and then two more weeks at YGOS and then ADIOS! I'll be off for a month before school starts. But then, i'm always open to coming back for any ad hoc stuff. If they want me around. :-P Which reminds me, J came back today to visit (i guess?) and it was indeed a pleasant surprise! He apparently cycled all the way from home, and it took 2 hours for him to reach our workplace. Was nice to see a fellow (now ex-) project servant back!

I'm going off to Malacca on a community service trip with some youths and i'm really unsure of what's going to happen. Really got to come before God again and submit it all to him. For now, i guess the guys in my team are a great bunch, when given the encouragement and guidance.

Anyway. I made my decision as to where I will be continuing my studies.... I shall make hanging out in NTU-NIE FUN! :-D
Oh, and i really look forward to picking up my archery again, exercising with JL and doing all sorts of campus-sy things! Whoopee!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

in short...

It's been a week since i've last updated and this is definitely NOT my style!

I'm mentally exhausted. As for physically... lets say that if i sat still for a while, i would be in lala land soon after.

I've declined the Monash offer. But i've still not decided between NIE or Queensland (that has a really pretty set of modules. i've only been offered an interview, no full offer yet.).

I feel like running away from people. And the thought of running away from them is painful yet i have grown so cynical about things that i wish i could survive alone, though i know i cannot.

When you are with youths, you tend to eat a whole lot of junk food man...

Brain's too stuck with things that i can't unstuck it for now. Toodles.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey everyone.... :-)

I'm back from camp with a class of students from KSS and dinner with my Library Gang girlies. I'm not feeling as dead as a few days ago because i was like... the only or one of the only people who actually slept early during the chalet. HA. The YGOS staff and volunteers mocked me for sleeping so early and said that they'll make me sleep at 3am next time. ARGH! NO!!! Shucks, i found out that i pretty much lose out even to the older adults at YGOS. Woah seh, how do they do it lor. Weeks of camps, work, family life, late nights, school work... Always smiling, always friendly, always pursuing what is good and noble. I take my hat off to them.

The class of students were as interesting a bunch as students go, though i can't mentioned too much here. I just pray that seeds of life, purpose and hope have been sown into their lives.

Going through all this with YGOS is definitely ripping me out from my comfort zone though i've been blessed with the best colleagues that i can possibly have. Which is a saving grace. I stumble and grab around as i navigate my way through my journey, but i feel like this is really just the process of growth. You know. How you will grow best when you are put through new things, when you experience challenges and tackle opportunities to exercise your skills, and test your limits and make new ones.

I'm still learning to be comfortable with who i am, how i work, how to handle myself under stress (this one is HARD), to show love and not dwell in selfish pride, carrying myself with confidence and sharing the gospel. Amongst other things, i'm sure.

I've got a live-in temporary brother! :-DDD
My cousin from M'sia is here to stay for a while till he can get accomodation near the uni of nanyang. ;-p He's here to do a masters program too and he informed me about the status of the accomodation waiting list for graduate hostel living. 200 names on the waiting list! I have no chance sia.

I'll be off to JB tomorrow. Wedding photoshoot! (ain't mine)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Suay Day

Got a lift from my colleague to Dover, got off the van.
Started walking towards bus stop in relief that can finally rest after a 2 day school camp.
Fumbled for phone pouch, realized it was missing.
Retraced steps to see if i dropped it.
Found nothing on the path, so concluded that i left it on van.

Started to panic.

With no phone pouch, i had no: ez-link card, no home access card, no phone, no house keys.
Implies: need coins for bus fare, cannot enter home, cannot call anyone for help, and also cannot remember anyone's handphone number offhand, except for Gem's and Library Gang's.
Went to bus stop, opened wallet.
Not enough coins. Had to pay bus fare with whole $2 note.

Went to holland village and managed to find a payphone. THANK GOD for PAYPHONES.
I ALMOST missed the only person who could help me, Gem, who was just about to step out of the house to gym. THANK GOD!
Managed to get my colleague, through Gem and Joy, who found my phone pouch. PHEW! THANK YOU, YOU GUYS!

Later that night at 4plus AM, i realized that i had only 2 hours to sleep before having to awake at 6:30-7am for a school program, i was already freaking tired for the day, and i was so scared that i would not be able to wake up in time.
Reached for my "phone" which also doubles as my alarm clock and realized that duh, it was not there.
Reached for alarm clock and found it had stopped.
Changed the battery.
Still did not work. -.-"

Hopped around mad for a few moments before kopping my mom's alarm clock.

So, i managed to awake on time and got to my destination on time.
Had to borrow sister's wrist watch to keep track of the time. Being without the phone meant being without a watch as well. ARGH.

But i was really shacked, terrible so, and from the way i was moving around and getting things done, i was fumbling out, missing out plenty of details, careless and generally just really OUT of IT.
Told myself that i better be extra careful, think slowly and carefully or i might end up getting into an accident.

Managed to fit in breakfast, but...
I had the worst mix rice meal i have ever had. Good thing it wasn't too expensive, but it was a waste of good money.

End of Suay Day.
Need to sleep badly.
Why is the phone so much a part of my life?!

Going for family chalet. In the last 2 weeks, i have been to 2 chalets already. This will be the third one, i'll be at another one next week. That's 4 altogether. Privileged! All part of the job for now. :-D

Speaking in point form. Tired. Ha. Ok, joline, out.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey folks!

I've only got a short while to throw in a post. Would just like to say that i'm really thankful for all the comments that you guys drop in, into this vacuum. :-D It really brings me cheer to read something that you have decided to add in and to me, it means a lot that you bothered to come by and contribute to the discussion.

I've just returned from a 2 day camp with a class of youths from Kranji Secondary. I've learnt and experienced so much by being with the staff of YGOS and the students. It would take me a while to reconcile everything that's in my head right now! Argh.

There's going to be another camp next week and i'll be "chairing" the games with another friend. Oh boy.

It's going to be another crazy week starting from tomorrow onwards. Work tomorrow (archery with some youths!!!!), family chalet, cell activity on monday (?), camp on tue and wed, to JB for friend's wedding photoshoot, staying over at friend's place, church. It's no wonder that i am not fucntioning at my optimum. But God's been sustaining me throughout. :-)

Got to go off for now, i'll check back with you guys soon. Have got games to plan!

Friday, May 09, 2008

So much drama has happened over the past one week that i don't even know where to begin and how much i can really share over the internet. Anyway, here goes:

1. Close shave with Death
A few seconds made the difference between life and death in my family on saturday. I could have been made an orphan or i could have lost one parent in an accident. Apparently some totally reckless and selfish driver beat the red light at a junction, and almost CRASHED into the right side of the car that my folks were in. If my dad had not seen the car coming on his right at the corner of his eye and jam braked, a horrible tragedy could have occurred. When i think about what my folks went through, no words can express how angry i am at that inconsiderate driver. I can only say that GOD PROTECTED MY PARENTS and perhaps it was not their time to leave the Earth yet.
This incident REALLY woke me up from my complacent attitude towards loving and caring for my folks and family. I realized that i have not loved them enough and showed enough care and gentleness towards them in their lives so far. I know that i have not given them what they deserve as well meaning, loving and long suffering parents. If they had died, i would feel intense regret at my actions and behaviour towards them.
I now don't take it for granted that they will be home every day. I used to just believe that they will be home everyday as per normal, and it was so mundane that it became unimportant. But now, cold water has been thrown in my face as i am shown that death CAN happen within my family. There's no such thing as, "It will never happen to me." It CAN happen to you. I now thank God every time i see my parents at home. It's a miracle and a blessing to see them alive and healthy everyday. I will never forget that, and neither should you. Take me seriously. Don't EVER take your loved ones for granted.

2. Lovely Friends
Had dinner and ice cream with a small group of cell mates who were still around after service... And then had good, honest girly chats and chill out session (actually, sunday was darn hot!) from saturday to sunday. Enough said. :-)

3. Official "Internship" at YGOS
I have joined Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) as a "intern" on a program called Project Servant. Will be serving there for 2 months. Oh man. I don't know where to begin to tell you guys about it. Got so many thoughts swirling around in my head and sometimes i lose them just when i want to pen them down. Argh. The gist is that i will be coming into contact with youths-at-risk, doing stuff like: befriending, going for camps, counselling, facilitating... I'll tell you guys more about what i've been doing and what my thoughts are.
I had a staff retreat from monday to wednesday, and i thank God that i joined them at such a good time. People had time to see who i was, and i had time to get to know others more. I learnt more about what YGOS does and it was enriching.

But not everything was great, and it's not anyone's fault really. Like i said, i'll talk more about that later, IF i can.

4. YGOS - Day 1
Today i had my first day at work and well... time passes really quickly at YGOS! :-) Can't wait to see how i will be interacting with the youths. I haven't officially met any one of them yet.

5. My application got...
While i was sitting at my dining table downstairs, my dad came back from work and stood at the top of the staircase, clinching a stack of letters in the crook of his arm. I spotted an A4 size brown envelope and wondered if it was for me. He stood there longer than usual and said to me: "I think this is your offer letter" with a smile. So i walked up to him and took the envelope and realized that it was from NIE. I wasn't sure if it was really an offer letter since i could not see anything through the transparent plastic window on the envelope that was vaguely related to being accepted. All i saw was: "FULL TIME MASTER..."
While ripping the letter flap, i told my dad, "Skarly it's just a letter to say that i've been (cleanly and promptly) rejected without even a second round of interview...". He just smiled at me, and we both waited in anticipation to see what the document was about.

LO and BEHOLD. I pulled the sheet out and it said...:
"We are pleased to inform you that your application for admission as a full-time candidate for the degree of Master of Arts (Counselling and Guidance) has been successful."

I read that line several times before it hit me that i WAS OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED. I mean... I've been so accustomed to receiving rejection letters from local universities that i was expecting to see something like: "I am pleased to inform you that while you made the first round, we regret that we cannot offer you...."

The idea blows my mind!

I want to stay in hostel leh, for at least one semester. But i heard that only undergrads get guaranteed a place to stay. I admit that i don't actually need a place to stay at all since i don't stay that far away from NIE. But STILL! I want some campus life!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been CRAVING some kind of authentic campus life since forever.

Then again, i have to think about whether i'm really going to take up the offer. Wouldn't it be great though, to do my practicum at YGOS? Hmm, yeah......... ;-D

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1. i got accepted into monash to do the grad cert in counselling (a prereq to do the masters). while i think that it's good to start off with the grad cert since i don't have any background in counselling, i don't know what are the chances of me progressing on to the masters program which is my ultimate goal. hence, i am not accepting the offer just yet.

2. my fear of people, being alone one on one with people, even GIRL FRIENDS, has robbed me of building close relationships with them. i tend to shut people away. i hate being so fearful. i hate it. i feel as if everyone has at least one close girl friend to spend exclusive time with. i get angry and jealous, because i have no one like that. and i have only myself to blame.

3. might be starting on my voluntary work soon. the whole of may and june will be taken up, working hours even! i will be thrust out, OUTSIDE of my comfort zone. not only mixing with people who lead hard lives, but also sharing with them about God. i am shaking in my shoes, and i am wondering what the $#%$@#% am i doing, my mind is running amok! but somehow... i know that there is a bigger picture to all this. i feel like an ugly catepillar who is struggling very hard to burst out from its cocoon, either as STILL an ugly catepillar (untried, deformed, untested, unsure, not ready for the life outside) or as the butterfly about to test out its wings and taste freedom.

4. i was thinking and i sense something isn't right with you. you know, if you have an issue with me, tell me. don't sulk and expect me to read your mind. if you've got a problem, say so. don't brew in your own poison. if you want to keep silent, then fine. you can brew while i continue to live my life oblivious to your issues. as if being silently angry with someone solves anything.

Friday, April 25, 2008


It's so funny how when i look at running distances in running event ads, i hear my brain saying: "5km, 10km... Easy peasy." But then when i remember the last 5km i did which was last sunday, my body said the complete opposite. And i realize that while i am mentally prepared to do distance (having challenged and conquered 21km), physically, i am not as fit as i would like.

You see. I've noticed that my right knee acts up when i walk/run for distances beyond 4km, and somehow, my breathing is more laboured than usual. And in general, both my knees are a lot more tender these days even when i am just simply moving around. And i worry that they are more tender than they should be for someone my age. I'm ONLY 24! I can't imagine the backlash i *might* get in future at age 50 or 60 or 70. Royal bummer.

I'm thinking of changing my main mode of sport. I've GOT to do something that doesn't tax my knees so, while at the same time, sustaining the kind of intensity that i love to have in my work outs. Shorter runs? Cycling? Brisk walking with short runs? Swimming? Pilates? Kickboxing? (NO AEROBICS FOR ME)

On a different note, i was very tempted to sign up for the Singapore Sprint Series Duathlon. The event consists of a 3km run + 15km bike + 3km run. Sounds ultra do-able! But the event is on the 4th of May, and that's way too soon. Ah well.

All righty. Time for bed, i've got work tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

that odd yet meaningful dream

I had a really strange dream on friday night...

I dreamt that the whole of NTU cell had gossiped behind my back. And to me in the dream, that was TOTALLY UNIMAGINABLE because, other than my family and close JC mates who've seen all sides to me, they are the closest people to me and people whom i have been honest to! In the dream, R was the one who spilled the beans to me. I'm not sure why she told me what the cell had done, but she definitely wasn't sympathetic either. Apparently, they had talked about all my negative points, and pretty much came to a conclusion that i was NOT likeable.

(NTU cell aka Cell Group = group of people who meet up once a week, every week, other than for church service, to study the bible together)

I can only remember a couple of the things they "did not like" about me: I was told that the cell disliked how i sang so loudly during cell worship as if i was some big shot with a splendid voice, and i was told that they did not like me also because i could not lead them well during cell worship. Which explained why they did not ask me to lead worship anymore. Among other things, they said other bad things about my personality.

And throughout the dream when R was telling me about what cell had spoken behind my back, i was supremely indignant. I was so desperate to understand WHY they did not like me even when all i have done was to be the best friend and person that i could be to them. I was all alone, and felt totally misunderstood. In the dream, i could not comprehend why the people who were so close to me, people whom i had sincerely liked, could do such an abhorrent thing to me.

In my dream, i found that i was greatly distressed because i felt as if all that i was worth depended on whether i was accepted positively by people. The NTU cell is a representation of people who are dear to me. But strangely throughout my hurt and indignance, somehow this message was deposited into my mind:

"Who cares about what others think about you? The opinion of man is superficial and changing. What matters is what God thinks about you, and that is steadfast and everlasting. Your worth is not defined by what people say or feel towards you, or whether people like you. See, even the people who are closest to you have turned against you. You now understand the true meaning of what it means to have the world against you. And you now understand the true meaning and weight of what it means to rely completely on the worth that God gave you."

You see. It is easy to disregard what strangers think about you, and it does not hurt so much when they think badly of you. But when your own close ones begin to hate you, suddenly you feel like your worth is being called into question. Suddenly your identity and reputation is in shambles, suddenly you feel as if you have no where to go.

As i thought more about this, this dream is in line with the Christian walk. God is to take top priority in every aspect of my life, and loving God beyond all else and accepting our identity in Christ is what every Christian is suppose to do. But all too often as we jouney through life on Earth, we forget this and get swallowed up by the worldly things that surround us. We lust after material things of this world, and we accept definitions of people and things set by culture and society at large (Eg. beauty, intelligence, self-worth, etc).

We love and obey God and choosing to do His work is/may be unpopular with the masses. For example, speaking out against homosexuality and abortion, or sharing the gospel. There are times when we may have to do this among people who hate God and Christians (which is actually happening today). And in doing so, we have to forsake our own plans, reputation, safety, etc.

To be able to stand up for the things of God, we need to secure in God. To know that we are loved even when the world hates us.

Therefore, i understand that being secure in God, gives us sureness in our lives. It's being on a foundation that does not change.
You may say: What if you die doing God's work? What kind of security is that?
My answer is simple: The safety that God gives is beyond this physical life. It is eternal. By that i mean, you go to the place where God is to be with him forever. Heaven! It can't be more secure than that. :-)

I don't really know why i had this dream or what triggered it. Thought i'd just share it on this space and i hope that anyone reading this will benefit from it. :-D

Monday, April 14, 2008

Eastern Park Connector Bike Trip April 2008

Attempt Number One: 8th April 2008, Tuesday
Weather: We got rained on big time.

We had sought shelter at this void deck at Tampines. We waited for quite a while for the rain to stop and both of us were freezing our follicles off.

Our bikes and barang barang.

The wet, sodden bikers. After considering our options of what to do, we decided to turn back around and go back the same way back to East Coast. It was late and the rain had slowed our plans down. We vowed to come back another day!

We had a really slurpilicious dinner at a turkish food place at East Coast, "Kebab Station". This was the Beef Kebab Roll. Heavenly! Juicy and tasty beef, tangy sauce, veg, wrapped in a warm and crisp skin.
This would be the turkish pizza. It's got tomato based sauce mixed with minced meat and eggplant, fresh tomatoes, topped with cheese, yoghurt/sour cream and herbs with pita bread on the side. Oh, how we savoured every drop!

Ok, i got this scrap on my knee because my bike skidded on the edge of the wet road when i was going up a slope. Gem was behind me and he thought i was doing a stunt! (WOT?!) He said that it looked like i was jumping off my bike. This was what happened: I was going up the slope, the wheels skidded and the bike toppled to the right. For fear of being mashed beneath the bike, i jumped off, landed first on my left knee, then palms, did a small roll and landed on me arse. To my surprise, i felt more like an ant/bouncy ball that got thrown off, and not like a heavy potato that i envisioned myself to be more like. HAHA. I landed quite softly, and not with a hard bonk on the ground. I'm guessing it's because it was a controlled fall. Thank God the injuries were really minor! :-)

So, on tuesday, we completed only route G.

Attempt Number Two: 10th April 2008, Thursday
Weather: Really Cloudy. Experienced only a slight drizzle.

Other than falling over, and scowling and grumbling at Gem whenever i did (how 'charming' of me, sigh. my temper is horrendous.) and having "discussions" on safety while cycling, i had a really good time cycling some 30km-40km last week on thursday. We cycled routes A, B, C, D, E and F and the whole stretch of East Coast.

The weather was really cloudy and on the verge of a major downpour, but i believe God really held the rain cos this was our second attempt in the same week to complete the eastern park connector bike route, and we really prayed for the rain to be held at bay. Gem was also an amazing sport. It's not easy being with a fighter cock/chilli padi and remain composed, and he always took effort to take care of me, even when i wasn't very nice to him sometimes.

Us by the beach while having lunch before renting our bikes.

First stop, Bedok Reservoir.

Second stop. Hmm. Can't remember where this was... :-( We had to carry our bikes up and down the overhead bridge stairs. Some bridges had ramps though. Overall, you need some level of endurance and strength to tackle the urban terrain.

The next stop.

This was taken by Gem at Changi, at one tip of Singapore! I really wanted to make a stop here because i was charmed by the fact that it was literally one of the edges that make the perimeter of Singapore. The NTU Cell passed by this point when we were travelling back by bumboat from Pulau Ubin. Played around with picasa to created the saturated colours.

Ha, ok i admit that i love this photo taken by Gem. Could do with some editing.

Oh. This is the Coastal Park Connector, a notoriously LONG straight road that links Changi to East Coast. It's 8km long.

When we got back, we chowed down on some hong kong cafe food which was tasty and nice, but terribly overpriced. Altogether, we left satisfied. Aching, but satisfied. :-)