Tuesday, July 31, 2007

this is for you guys!

Just so you know.
I have the BEST cell group and boyflen ever. It's not that they did anything complicated or monstrous. All they did, was visit me on saturday after service when it was Day 3 of being sick. Yes. That's all they did, but you cannot imagine the extent at which the blasting fireworks and the flying hearts were going off in my head and heart.

To this day, i cannot remember a time when anyone ever came to visit me just because i was sick. With a flu (it wasn't even dengue!). Even after i said that i would rather not pass my germs to them.

Dom and Gem apparently went shopping at a supermarket, buying GRAPES (haha, am tickled by how medieval it is, and the mental image of the 2 guys picking little dainty green and red grapes.) and Vitagen (for my digestion, thanks dear. :-D)

And what's more, Jun called and came over too! I tell you....... My heart sang! Saying Thank you is not enough to say how much i appreciated her being there with a sick old grouch.

They didn't have to be there with me... Especially since all of them should have gone back home early to sleep as our Ubin trip was happening the next day. But they chose to.

So this post is for you guys and gal. You truly blessed me last saturday, and i couldn't ask for anything more.

PS: I knew it was your suggestion, Mer. Thank you. :-) *hug!*

Monday, July 30, 2007

So. I DID go to Pulau Ubin despite awaking with a slight fever. I just decided that i would be ok later and i just stepped out of the house in faith, after two days of solid resting. What with all the tissue i brought in preparation for a drippy nose, i didn't use it for that but rather to wipe mud off my feet and sweat off my face. In other words, i felt a whole lot better at Ubin and even after Ubin.

Loads of photos to load and share! Got to kope from everyone first and compile into a folder.

In a nutshell. Super shiong cycling, through road, gravel and mud. Through sunshine and rain (flappy ponchos are very handy). Up and down little hills. Stopping to che(c)k out Chek Jawa and Noordin Beach. Saw lots of cuuuttteeee (big) dogs and puppies. Went home still feeling like i could cycle some more. (A lot of stored energy from all the sleep i'd been having)

My mom came along with us, the bunch of us young guns, but you would've thought my mom was a 16 year old, with all that bounding energy she had going on. Miss Jun was very tickled. ;-p

I'm really glad that i'm not as unfit as i thought. *grin* Speaking of which. This year, i'm going to go for it man. 21km at the Standard Chartered Run! (and if i survive this one reasonably well... and if i'm still around in Sg, maybe 42km next year)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nose is like a hose, throat feels like there's a cactus in there. Feeling altogether lethargic but i am restless. Gah. And my Ubin trip's tomorrow! *roar!* I'm undecided about whether my body can take it tomorrow. Might have to bring one whole box of tissue to tide me through, as well as like, a few boxes of Strepsils that don't exactly work. They only offer temporary relief.

Am sorry for the lack of posts, but i'm more than happy to yak in the comment boxes. Been kinda busy with stuff at work. Writing has also been in short and curt sentences lately. Gargh.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pounding the ground

I just had a lovely 4km run today. Lungs feel like it can handle my deep breaths a bit better, doesn't feel as heavy like a week ago. Body didn't tire as easily. I'm slowly getting back my fitness, but i've still a way to go... Judging by my 100m sprint that i do for fun after my runs. Usually the sprint speed will last the whole way but today i slowed before i hit the finishing 0 meter mark.

I got my mailer from Standard Chartered. To register at a discounted rate, I've got to register soon... So... if any of you girls want to run, we'll do the 10km together. If not, i'll be signing up for the 21km.

Please drop me message when/if you read this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have not lost my love for archery. I know it.

We've got an event coming up from the 24th to 28th of August at Velocity Novena. I guess i'll be shooting (mainly) as well as coaching if they need me to. Whee!!!! But first, to figure out my schedule. Hmm. YES!

My compound bow rises from the ashes!

Or, as my sister would say... "more like rises from the dust"


I have such a supportive family.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Gem looking very sleepy with his TGM acoustic guitar. The day mer, dom and him came over to jam to the wee hours of the morning. No pics of dom and mer in case they don't want to reveal themselves over the net.


THE Bimbo Night at La's place. I don't think i have the liberty to post the girls' photos... so this will have to do. Alternatively, if you girls reading this don't mind being seen on the net, let me know.

Our illegal gathering for a special birthday girl at her void deck. Same rules apply. If you want to be seen/don't mind being seen on my blog, drop me a comment.

The day Miss D and i met up, and boy... did we shop! Bought a lovely Mango jacket with her, thanks to her good taste. Us and our nonsense as usual.

More normal picture.

Ultra Camwhoring at the National Youth Council building at Orchard (after a volunteer briefing)

I'm not ashamed to say that i censored some pictures because i've got tree trunks for arms. As you can already see in the second last photo. These are considered the more acceptable photos. Keehee.

About time to knock out. Boy, am i going to be busy these few weeks before school begins. I know i wasn't suppose to be busy in July. Bah. Night!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The day my sis and i punk'd our dad

What we did, was we took one piece of bean, one piece of bacon, one piece of sausage, one fried sunny side up quail's egg and a couple of leaves of vegetables, and called it "dinner". We did this because our mom was away on a holiday and dad was at our mercy when it came to eating dinner. Teeheehee.

My sister and i waited with bated breath and severely stifled giggles in the kitchen, waiting for the moment my dad sees the food on his plate and reacts.
Ha, his reaction wasn't that big, but it was definitely worth the practical joke. He came down and stared at his plate for a few seconds with the silence of disbelief hanging in the air before declaring, "TAKE PICTURE! TAKE PICTURE!"

HAHAAHAHAHA. Ok, to further the joke, my sis and i brought out "our" plates:
In the end, we just laughed and laughed, took pictures and eventually took out the real food that we to eat for dinner.


Gem and I cooked dinner for my family!

These were the potatoes skins that i was raving about. Yummerlicious.

The bowl on the left contains our garlic mashed potatoes that were also yummy and finally, the disaster fish, on the right. Why disaster? Too boney to eat without worrying that you might skewer your gums and the fish had a naturally fishy taste of sorts.


More photos when i get home. I'm at work now, yes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jed the bandit

My thief of a miniature pinscher stole my burger that i was suppose to bring to work!

I don't know how he managed to get it. I closed my door the whole time i was prepping... So it probably means that the moment i turned my back at one point in time to do something else, he zoomed in for the kill which was lying serenely in my unzipped bag that was on my bed.

He walloped the whole burger except for a few crumbs and tiny bread chunks that i found scattered on my cardigan, plus a lettuce leaf that was found resting on my blanket. I was afraid he ate the cling wrap too, but he's smarter than i give him credit for. Apparently, he took the burger down to the dining table to eat, and left the ripped cling wrap under there.

He goes under the table because it's harder to catch him there. Imagine the chairs around the table that provide him some protection from bulky human bodies that can't move that quickly on knees and palms, and the stem of the table (does not have 4 legs) that gives him a place to hide and dart back and forth behind when we reach out to try to grab him.

Wa lao eh... Stupid dog...

While i was prepping, my mom knocked on my door and told me that Jed was behaving strangely. True enough, when i opened my door, he was walking around in circles, with his tail at half mast, wagging, and his head was lowered and he looked positively sheepish. He does this every time he knows he did something wrong. He behaves like that only until you extend your hand to grab and spank him. He switches immediately to defend mode, meaning he runs off, but if you catch him, he bares his teeth, snaps and bites at your hand while flipping over on his back in seeming submission.

The one good thing? My mom made me TWO burgers. He only managed to kope one! (but bad enough. :-< )

On the way to work, i sent my mom an sms... Thanking her for making me my 2 burgers and that it was a good thing she made two... She sent me another sms back saying: "Mom's wisdom from God.... but half the blessing went to Jed"

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Strangely, i'm having one peaceful morning at work. Clients are turning up, coming in on time, no calls (hope phone does not ring right now) and no one has pissed anybody off yet. The only thing that's vaguely gloomy is the weather, with rain that is pummeling down on Singapore, spanning from the East to the West. Thank God that despite my late night yesterday, i'm yawning now and then... but i'm wide awake otherwise.

Apparently, one night of cooking for the family took quite a toll on me. I really understand but yet i still wonder how my mom copes almost everyday. Being more than twice my age, she works full time in a busy clinic, comes home to cook and do some housework that she thinks is necessary.

Heh, i'll upload the pictures of the food soon. Gem and i (hey, if you say that quickly, it sounds like "Gemini". How "appropriate".) cooked 3 dishes for my family on thursday. Including the other stuff in the fridge, plus the yogurt Gem bought, it was one huge meal.

We're really pleased with the resulting garlic mashed potato and i personally love the potato skins. Yes, I KNOW HOW TO MAKE POTATO SKINS! How AWESOME IS THAT?! And it turned out so yummy. Just the way i envisioned it to taste. And the mashed potato? Even Gem said that ours beat the mashed potato that he bought (it was a side dish that came with a steak) from a food place near his home.

Our fish however, was a disaster. Wrong choice of fish (NO MORE TOMANS! I just don't have the spending power to buy the more expensive fish, and the cheap and good dory fish was nowhere to be found) that was too bony and tasted naturally fishy. And a marinate that didn't sit well with everyone because... it was too salty. A trademark of mine.

I'm already thinking of making another batch of potato skins, since i've got extra sour cream and cheese and spring onions. Just need to get some potatos and bacon (or i could use up the ham in the fridge). And we're all set. Ok, it's weird to hear Jo ramble about cooking because she doesn't cook. She eats. But she realizes that as long as she's set on a recipe she thinks isn't too hard and she thinks she can do, and if she has some help *HINT* she is most happy to cook. Even Miss D thinks that the idea of cooking on Joline is so odd. Ha, she knows me well enough to know that. ;-P

The last time i posted a picture of a dish i made, some joker said it looked like a dinosaur egg. :-(

Anyway, it feels good to have some alone time to space out. I've got no choice but to spend some quiet time alone. But i'm also bored, with no diary to scribble in and no lappie to do my project on. Ah well. I should just quit being busy. So now you have some rambly post to read because i'm so free.

Pics of food and Miss D and i coming up!

jo is stuffed with activities

This weekend will be nothing short of busy. For starters, i'm working tomorrow (9 to 3pm), church for prayer till 7:30pm. Sleepover at La's place. Buy a present on sunday morning, bum around till 5. Training and briefing for volunteer facilitators (me) for a workshop. Ends around 6:30pm. Sunday exercise. SLEEP.... Work the next day. Argh.

Packed. Packed. Packed. What am i doing up at this hour?! *reprimands self*

I had initially had a serious topic to talk about but never mind. I'd spend too much time editing it anyways. Good night. I hope i won't to be too tired tomorow.

PS: ok, that was a super boliao post. but yeah, needed to ramble anyway. bah.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lao hong-ed Famous Amos cookies are nice. Kinda like chewy chocolate chip cookies that don't give you ulcers and sore spots in your mouth like the fresh cookies do. No nut chocolate chip ones are da bomb. Not that i've bothered to try anything else anyway. Teehee.

I have missed the movie run of Pirates, which is REALLY sad. Not even GV Yishun is showing it lor. Bleagh.

I don't think there are any other movies that i REALLY want to watch. But if you're talking about the recent big names that i don't mind catching, but not too important... they'd be "Transformers", " Ocean's 13", "Fantastic 4". Good thing i caught Spiderman 3 though.

Really sleepy, feeling crappy about stuff, want to snuggle up with Jed to sleep but his butt stinks. Yuck.

Blah. Ugh. Gah. Aiya. Meh. Sheesh. Murf. Poo. Beh. Mmf. Raaaarrrr.

Sounds from a cheesed off and very sleepy girl.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Music really changes how one sees things. I was sitting alone on a long wooden bench situated outside the Singapore Tourism Board that is positioned parallel to their glass walls and to the road in front of me. I watched the cars go by and the people who walked briskly on past. If i were staring ahead without my ipod, i'd pretty much just stone, or think about non important stuff, or anything random.

But with music pulsing through my ear drums, (depending on type of music of course. Jazz, Jim Brickman and Gospel music today) i'm seeing mundane life carrying on with a slight smile on my face and a glow in my heart. I feel like i've been transported to somewhere else, that i wasn't in hot and busy Singapore. Suddenly the sky looks bluer, the passing of cars more romantic, and people look lovelier.

Both a dangerous and fascinating quality.