Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I want. Can? :-)
i wuv Mythbusters.

Note: ok, i discovered that they don't ship stuff readily to Asia, and will need to make enquiries. Dangwabbit.


1 Group presentation: Teen Sex Education (40% done)
1 Essay: on either Mid Life Crisis or Juvenile Delinquency (not done)
1 Research Critique (not done)
1 Research Proposal (have not thought of a topic yet)
1 Essay: Comparing counselling theories (not done)
1 Intake interview (not done)
1 Set ppt slides: Case Conceptualization (sort of done)
1 Report: Ethics in Group Counselling (sort of done)

The funny thing is, i'm a lot calmer about all this WITH the approaching deadlines than when i first began my course with deadlines that were still far away. Denial, methinks.


Ambrose said...

hey jo.
i asked my friend about pseudo-addresses that can act as an intermediary to get stuff like that, and my friend suggest a service called vpost available at singpost. i'm not sure if that's what it's called, but if so, u can purchase it and send it to their address, and collect it when they bring back the goods enbulk, or so he says ;)
u may wanna check it out ^^

joline said...


ah so des.....! ok. Thanks ambrose.... hope it's not *too* troublesome to use vpost. ok, i'll check it out. then i'll be the first person (or first few) in singapore with a mythbusters shirt!!!!! (ok, or maybe one of the few who dare to declare geekdom)

Ambrose said...

=D lemme noe how it works out. if that doesn't work, i'll scout ard again for some other way to bring it back ^_^