Monday, June 30, 2008

Tomorrow is the day i've been waiting for, since April/May. Then again, in some way, it is also the day that i have been waiting unknowingly for since i even began my undergraduate studies. Tomorrow will seal the activities of the next 2 years of my life. And it will seal the activities of my working life, for at least the first 3 to 5 years. (That is, if i don't throw in the towel and quit earlier than that.)

Hello NTU-NIE.


Seriously, there are times when i really wonder... Just WHO ARE my REAL friends?


A part of me says to give up, while another part says that in my heart, there is no such thing as giving up. A true test of my devotion to the cause, of my love, of my perseverence to pursue.


Rose in Bloom said...

friends are the ones whom u think first to call during an emergency :P Are you're thinking of friends who are connected with you, who will be there for you?

Anonymous said...

hey babe!

i got your msg this morning, i'm still in foreign land! haha. will be back tmrw. will catch up with you.

i walked so much and spent so much.
so dead so dead.
not forgetting i ate so much. hahaha.


ps: i used to struggle with the same issue as you too. i guess no matter how good a fiend is, somehow (s)he will disappoint. yea, sad but true. but cheer up, in this journey, we are still not alone.

jolinw said...

rose in bloom:

yeah, i agree. part of being a friend is being there unconditionally, and pple whom you trust enough to call upon. I am thinking of who those pple are... and i can only think of the pple who are either family, or so close to me, almost like family. And those people only amount to... (undisclosed number)

Yes, i am also thinking of people who are able to connect (mutually) and those who are genuinely concerned about the friendship. Not hi-bye, not friends who are a result of proximity, people who actually want to spend time with me without an agenda, people who accept and love me despite knowing and having experienced my faults, pple who aren't afraid of being honest with me...

Very few.



woah..... *green with envy* i also want to eat a lot a lot.

Yeah, i'm too sensitive for my own good sometimes. Issues of friendship is a BIG thing to me and when i feel that something isn't right, i get really affected. Fragile heart. COME BACK NOW!

van said...


i seriously ATE too much. too much for my own good. but i'm so determine to keep fit now though (i hope). hahaha. so let's go running at the canal soon! aaaannnd, i have no more excuses, the treadmil is sitting in my house now, better do something about it. haha.

sigh. me too girl. haha. sometimes i wonder if i expect too much from my friends (you get what i mean eh?).

HAHAHA. coming home soooonnnnnn!

cheekysalsera said...

Maybe the question to ask isn't about whose friendship is real, but whether God intended you to be blessed by the relationship between you and the friend(s) in question..?

missy dottie said...

true frends are those u think of when u are in trouble, or troubled? haiz. true lor, some frends disappoint us at times. u cant expect some so called true frends not to let us down sometimes.... u only need 3 true frends in life. isnt this wat the old proverb says?

Lala said...

What's your top 2/order of ur love languages?
-Words of affirmation
-Quality Time
-Acts of Service
-Physical Touch

van said...

me me me me first! haha.

1. quality time
2. physical touch

anyone to evaluate? hahaha.

missy dottie said...

can i join?
acts of service
words of affirmation

HEHHEHEH...this is so exciting....!!!!

joline said...


hm..... that adds a whole new dimension. how does it address my concern?

missy dottie:

haha, what if i want 4 good friends, can a not?
and yeah, i cannot expect my friends to be there 24/7. reality bites!


It seems to be....

1. Words of affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Acts of Service
4. Receiving Gifts
5. Physical Tough

i think 1 to 4 is actually a really close fight leh, but i had to prioritise, right.

missydottie said...

of cos u can have 4 good frends. it is just that if one has 3 good frends, it is gd enough. 4 or more? tats even better. u have sth to be happy abt.and i must add that even good frends may nt always have the same view point as one, after all, life experiences change close frends also may not agree on certain issues as time goes by, isnt it so?

Anonymous said...

I can be a good friend! I got "good friend" qualities hands down! =D
-tall lengthly alvin.

joline said...


AH yes! and step one to becoming a good friend has been accomplished: reading my blog! muah haha..
ok, that was thick skinned, but hey, i love it when i get comments from friends. :-D Feels less lonely.

"tall lengthly alvin" teehee, farni lah u. where art thou last week ah?

Rose in Bloom said...

Do you think we need to sign a friendship pact? it sounds like an alliance hehe...

cheekysalsera said...

It depends on the context of your remark, because I did make that comment with the intention of possibly giving you a new angle to look at things. But I didn't have anything in mind for you to think about...

What would you do anw, if you know which friends are "real" and which aren't?

joline said...


i don't have any sort of action plan, but i suppose it's the knowledge of knowing the truth about who really cares and who doesn't really. Kinda like a way for me to understand better how people work and who i can trust and continue to honestly invest in.