Monday, May 28, 2007

Howdy people. Things have been a blur since the exams ended last, last friday. I had envisioned indulging in lazy unhurried days... Must have been quite a daydream because with the flurry of activities, lazy days would most likely remain a vision till about maybe July.

There's so much to say, but it's mostly stuff that i want to say to myself. I guess you could eavesdrop on my thoughts if you want to. Just be prepared to be bored or left wondering what on earth i'm talking about.

Number 1 on my priority list:
Keep the well-being kit up and running, keeping deadlines and meeting content targets. I thought i was free from doing essays, but boy... this project that i'm involved in is like one massive essay! With Pictures. Diagrams. Charts. Illustrations. Stories. Basically anything that will help translate the message of maintaining mental health across to employees from two prominent sectors in Singapore and their families. A project with repercussions, indeed.

Number 2:
Games planning with Gabe. Dude, i'm so busy i haven't had time to even plan when to meet let alone having done any research.

Number 3:
EXERCISE. (going to try out my new running tights to see if its more comfortable than shorts!)

Number 4:
Catch up with people. I have a tendency not to do this despite wanting to. The reason is because i often feel that i need to get myself in order before feeling ready to meet other people. But i take too long to fix myself, especially during the holidays. I need some major planning.

Number 5:
Fry my multiple sunshine quails eggs on one pan. And other assorted oddities.

Number 6:
SHOP. On weekdays ONLY. Beginning in the MORNING. I went to orchard on friday and the crowd in town is CRAZY. Boy, I hate it when holidays and sales coincide. But that's the way it naturally is and will remain.

Number 7:
Plan and work on wedding videos. Gosh, how time flies. (Not my wedding lah.)

Number 8:

Ladeedah, ok, got to go.

Monday, May 21, 2007

angsty post on the physical (updated)

Today, i was just thinking about the woman of today living in a society such as this.
And i think that men who want their girlfriends and wives to be stereotypically slim/pretty/lusciously curvy/blemish free/etc, and to STAY that way in order to be considered beautiful, desirable and/or worthy, display an utterly shallow, media-blinded and insensitive reflection of themselves. Do they need reality checks or what.

Firstly, we women come in all shapes, sizes and builds. And so do men. So they should deal with it.

Secondly, we women bear their children. And what do we sacrifice to get in return, physically, for our effort? Firm skin for flappy excess skin, hormonal changes that affect the way we look, a leaner-in-comparison-body for post pregnancy fats, blemish-free skin for stretch marks, etc. I think we deserve some respect, and don't they dare think that our child birth battle marks are ugly.

Thirdly, women have a higher fat ratio than men. So don't think it's so easy for us to achieve that that super athletic, toned body. We live for more than just how we look, and besides, if we had our way, do they think that our lives revolve around such shallow pursuits? (that's if how good we look on the outside is a measure of how good we feel about ourselves)

Fourthly, metabolic rate decreases as we grow older. Men and women go through this. And so, oh please. Don't get all double standard-ish, and worse still, make demands of us if they cannot even stop that belly from spilling over either.


Quoting from EzyHealth and Beauty, May 2007... This is with regards to women who go for reconstructive surgery to tighten up their nether regions for the sake of saving a marriage and/or to enhance sexual pleasure.

"Some women are going to drastic lengths as a result of negative comments by their spouses. (...) The most common reason we hear is that their husbands are unhappy with the way they look and feel after childbirth" - a visiting Australian gynaecologist.

"Both men and women must come to realize that lasing intimacy does not arise from having the perfect body - and that the responsibility to make a relationship work is not the sole domain of the female."

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hi there people... thought i'd just scribble some virtual nonsense.

I'm a little saturated right now, brain is starting to reel from all the cramming. But there's something, a driving voice of some sort that keeps egging me on, saying: "You'll be ok, you can do it, don't worry. You CAN remember your facts!" And whatever it is, it's working... reassuring and keeping me calmer than most other times.

BuahahaHaha, now that i think of it, this talk about having a voice talking is so "appropriate" because i'm studying for my abnormal psych exam and i'm taking a break from mugging the Schizophrenia chapter. I assure you i am no where near having any episodes of positive symptoms of schizophrenia. Eg. Delusions and Hallucinations

Like this joke i read:
"When we talk to God, we're praying. When God talks to us, we have schizophrenia." JOKING only K!
peace peace~.

Got to go. Or the voice might just start telling me that i'm so doomed.

10 hours to FREEDOM!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Exam's this friday (after which it'll be my holis!).
I'm kind of time strapped (gah...).
Think i'll go into hiding for now. (sigh)
If need be, might peek out here from time to time to preserve my sanity. (yeay!)
Till then!

*buries face in textbook*

*Did you know: While we all know that lions and tigers and cheetahs are cats, do you know what Hyenas are? Dogs?
Nay. In fact, they are more closely related to cats than dogs. (note: they form a different biological family altogether, which is closely to Herpestidae, family of meerkats and mongooses.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

correction: Shape Run will be in September, not July.

and we're not going to Indulgz! The bad reviews have changed me mind. I'll go another day when i'm not hauling 6 other people with me.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Finally! I'm going to try the food at Indulgz, Bugis. I've always liked to venture out to try food that has in some way been featured in blogs and other print media. (i'm already impressed with the well spoken english of the lady who picked up my call and her good phone manners)

muah hahahaha....!


Oh, when i have the time after my exams, i'm going to fry quails eggs sunny side up. Imagine, many many cute little sunnies on my frying pan! I've always wanted to do stupid things like this to satiate my curiousity.

Ok, back to studying.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

1 project + 3 kids + 3 parents + 1 teacher = "begging" + 2 interviews + 2 visits + 1 report writing + 10 brain veins popping + 4 eye bags + someone kena became "slave" (sorry!) + 1 expanded tummy

Yeah, that's a pretty accurate summary of the last week or so, that climaxed and ended at 11:56pm on the 9th of May, wednesday, 2007. (deadline for submission: 9th May 2007, 11:59pm)

But it's over now (in a good way) and i have nothing but grateful thanks to the people i could not have made it through without: God, J, J's mom, the participants and Gem. There's no way that i could've survived it without all of them, and those of you who've prayed and were praying for me.

I've got some worries getting in the way of me feeling totally at ease even after i've submitted my work, like whether my lack of citations in Part B (too rushed to remember to add!) will get me into trouble. Sigh. But it's done and only God has the final say.

And Gem has really demonstrated to me something about love: 24 hours working with me in any way he could (especially with the transcripting!), going home at 12 midnight for two days in a row, which is all the way in the East. With a willing heart and attitude of determination, with his ever supportive encouragement, always uplifting, always smiling, never complaining, without a single peep or expression of displeasure or impatience. I even got dinner and shoulder massages thrown in too! He is my godsent. Thank You.

Now to study for my examination next friday! ROAR!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Hmmm! Did you see the line up of runs for this year?

July: Milk Run
July: Shape Run
July: Mizuno Wave Run
August: New Balance Real Run
August: Army Half Marathon
September: Run For Hope
November: Singapore-Johor 2nd Link Bridge
December: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon



The sky over the dog run field was absolutely beautiful today. (not sure how to process the photo so that the grass doesn't look so black. :-S)

More beautiful sky.

Some person sitting with her back against the sun to provide shade for Jed. (black dog = absorbs heat = very hot) Just look at his face! His tongue is hanging out and his eyes are closed... Gawwsh, he looks so silly. Teehee!

My baby.

Both being comfy on the beanbag.

Weird faces by the both of us.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Clothes from Island Shop do not seem to favour people with some form of anterior assets.


It dawned on me that the answer to why Gem is so quiet (no replies to my smses!) can be found in the Life! section, TV page, ESPN Sports Channel, UEFA Champ...


Pat's Schoolhouse decided to lie low and not respond to me or something, but friend's mom gave me the greenlight to come to her workplace! I am ever soooo grateful to her. TRULY.

While i'm rejoicing that i'm no longer stuck in a rut, I am fully aware that i'm embarking on the inevitable suicide-ish attempt (though i'm confident i will NOT die) at my exam equivalent take home project. Interview on monday afternoon, report due two days later, on the wednesday.


But still, a part of me knows (i believe it's God's peace that resides in my innermost being) that i'll be ok.