Friday, April 25, 2008


It's so funny how when i look at running distances in running event ads, i hear my brain saying: "5km, 10km... Easy peasy." But then when i remember the last 5km i did which was last sunday, my body said the complete opposite. And i realize that while i am mentally prepared to do distance (having challenged and conquered 21km), physically, i am not as fit as i would like.

You see. I've noticed that my right knee acts up when i walk/run for distances beyond 4km, and somehow, my breathing is more laboured than usual. And in general, both my knees are a lot more tender these days even when i am just simply moving around. And i worry that they are more tender than they should be for someone my age. I'm ONLY 24! I can't imagine the backlash i *might* get in future at age 50 or 60 or 70. Royal bummer.

I'm thinking of changing my main mode of sport. I've GOT to do something that doesn't tax my knees so, while at the same time, sustaining the kind of intensity that i love to have in my work outs. Shorter runs? Cycling? Brisk walking with short runs? Swimming? Pilates? Kickboxing? (NO AEROBICS FOR ME)

On a different note, i was very tempted to sign up for the Singapore Sprint Series Duathlon. The event consists of a 3km run + 15km bike + 3km run. Sounds ultra do-able! But the event is on the 4th of May, and that's way too soon. Ah well.

All righty. Time for bed, i've got work tomorrow!


Ambrose said...

*Flashback: 2001. ACJC. morning chin-ups. noon runs. afternoon gym workouts. the cream of the crop. canoeists.*
ahh.. there's a sport that won't kill your knee... i hope :) definitely works your stamina/endurance. fun too ^^
BX shd comment. i guess he knows better...
and i keep seeing teng whye in NUS SRC in his running attire and shades... -,-'"

joline said...


hahhah, somehow, the little mention of our classmates brings a grin to me face.

eh, ut canoeing must run a lot to build stamina one right? i remember my sister had to do 10km runs, and that was considered normal. :-(

eh, i thought TY is in NTU, wah happened?

joline said...


ohyeah, i just remembered. i don't have to run 10km if i am not competing. DOH! HAHAHA. Sorry dude. Yeah, maybe canoeing is an option. yupyup!

swimming is out of the question cos no sweat involved one. i was thinking... shall i try rugby? just to see if i like it. i love sprinting! but then, it's a little like soccer, running up and down the field. hm...

Anonymous said...

oh i was abt to suggest swimming...oh my, but swimming is supposedly gd for knees unlike high impact exercise like running? i think u shud try sth u dun need to strain ur knees further. dun challenge ur body to see the limits-my doc just told me.
i have bronchitis brought on by ponstan. i m allergic to it as well. feel like suffocating, like gg to die anytime soon. next time i have fever, i know not to take anything at all. just in case, i m allergic to it and i feel airways constricted breathless. cant talk.cant sleep.

joline said...


Goodness. Do you have a list of the things that you cannot take? It must be terrible to not be able to take any pills even when u r feeling sick. :-(

(sigh, perhaps, i may have to do more swimming after all....)

anon121 said...

a very long list of things i cant take lor. but i feel lucky tat i m not allergic to sum food, like eggs! can u imagine how much goodies u will miss out on if u are allergic to eggs? MSG, not tt is is good, but it is inconvenient to eat outside if allergic to msg. Food coloring? milk? peanuts? oh my, boy i m glad somehow.

Ambrose said...

you could try touch rugby :)
or.. frisbee! that funny game like touch but played with frisbee instead of a rugby ball. looks damn loads of fun ^^
good thing is, u can w yur "BoiFlen!" =p can be a mixed sport.. like touch ^^
think of a cross between netball and rugby with the addition of the randomness of a frisbee. good for ppl bonding too =D
heck.. i'd suggest it as a CG activity! woohoo! XP

joline said...


HAHHAHHA... oh yeah man, frisbee is cheap to play, good bonding game and makes u run (and catch) like a dawg!

graduating soonnnnn....?


teehee. that's nice, to be glad for the things that you CAN eat. :-D

bunny and frends said...

why dun u get tat thingy tat looks like a spring on a sports shoes? think it was featured in newspaper recently, called kangeroo or sth similar. it claims to have no great impact on knees. perfect for u! u can run but ur knees will nt suffer. i dun think it is cheap though. maybe u can consider tat springy shoes. it sure looks fun. like a bunny jumping ard...opps sorry...didnt mean u r a bunny....wahahaha