Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ah! Rush rush today. Tomorrow's homework and readings are NOT done yet, today's readings are not done yet (when doing a masters, doing your readings before class is PARAMOUNT, cannot run away from it one!), and i already have to get ready for school NOW when i haven't eaten lunch and, and, and, ARGH!

Ok, then why am i blogging? To preserve my sanity! :-DDDD

Oh, and i signed up for kickboxing classes with Miss R for 5 weeks, on thursdays and i er, couldn't help but sign up for archery too. Hohoho. Despite my schedule being absolutely PACKED. WHO CARES. I NEED TO BE A STUDENT with a LIFE! Even if only for a while.... but if God says to sacrifice... then, to sacrifice it, i will. :-S (but can i only sacrifice being on the school team, can i still join for fun? :-DDD Alternatively, i can go back to shooting for ACS, instead of NTU. Shooting for ACS would allow me to train on Sundays instead of Saturdays.)

(When i saw the archery booth at NTU, my heart started to pump faster, my breathing was like, shorter, my mind was swirling and i just, i just... against all odds, HAD to get myself involved!!!! Somehow!!!)

Ok, ramble done. Back to CHIONGING like mad.

Oh, i have a weird dream (but Miss R says it may be more than that) to share. More on that later.


ms nurse educator said...

i m glad u signed up for archery. it is good for u, for fitness and fights stress. u wont regret joining, but u will regret NOT joining lor! right? in ur heart, u just know by watever means, u must do wat u want!

joline said...

ms nurse educator:

true... *pai seh face*

but i did not join the club per se. i just signed up for the introductory one day course which is a prelude to signing up for to join the CCA. So... dunno if joining for sure yet. too many things to consider.

ms sports councillor said...

i bet u my head, after u get the kick again out of archery revisited, u will join lor. wahahaha, addictive ma. but knowing u, i know u will prioritize too la. so save my head. save it for greater things like betting on ur wedding theme.WHAHAHAHAH

joline said...

ms sports councillor:

HAHA, yeah, better save your head...... cos it looks like i may have to skip archery either at NTU or ACS or BOTH!

can't wait for friday's archery try outs anyway!

zen said...

oh no~ why like tat? it is the devil n the deep blu sea.....