Sunday, August 10, 2008

Other than the march in and march past (my regular favourite throughout all these years) during our national day parade, i thought the display by the Singapore Silat Federation was SO COOL. Oh, and i think the song composed for this year is tasteful (did you see the "mtv" for it? it was so heartfelt) and Joi Chua and Hady Mirza sang so beautifully together!


I have a pimple on my jawline that is so mountainous that i think it can caste its own significant shadow.


zenn said...

i didnt think this yr ndp is spectacular. but have to laud them for their new venture into a newer music genre compared to past yrs. i love the groove of the jazzy music. i love! i love SINGAPORE!!!

joline said...


tt's true. they were quite experimental with the music this year! singing familiar tunes in a different language as well. teehee.