Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yes, i've been MIA-ing for a bit, catching up with people and such amongst other things.

- Went for a christian counselling conference and who should i bump into and unwittingly sat next to (with 2-3 empty seats between us) during the worship session? The ex's father! OMG. I've not seen him since March 2002. I wouldn't voluntarily say hello to him unless i knew... ... ... Hm, never mind. The break up 6 years ago wasn't pretty. Other than that, i gained some valuable information about counselling and psychology from the speakers and i have my YGOS supervisor to thank for that.

- Been going a bit crazy over chai tea latte recently. I even bought nice drinking glasses from IKEA for the times that i want to indulge in ice chai tea latte.

- There was one day when the train was so full in the morning that i found myself in a very unglam position: stuck like a freaking lizard against the MRT door, palms spread out on the glass and all.

- Had my orientation at NIE today. Goodness. My masters class has only 14-17 students, all of whom are older than me i assume. Except for 3 young men, who look like they are either my age or in their late 20s or early 30s. 1 of them is actually a fellow graduate from UniSIM. :-) After the talk by the programme coordinator, he and i looked at one another and i exclaimed: "HEY! You look REALLY familiar!" and he replied, "Yeah, i was going to ask you that! You're from OU (Open University) right?" Nice to see a familiar face. And i have my NTU STUDENT CARD!!!! Awesome! I also discovered that while bus 199 takes a lot longer to reach Canteen A/Library, it takes a nice quiet looking route when coming in from another entrance of NTU. Lots of greenery, melikes.

- I signed up for the 10km Standard Chartered run. I decided that 4 months was far too late to train and compete safely in a full marathon.

- I love vanilla yoghurt.

- I've been tagged to do something... coming right up!


zenn said...

wah! i m perhaps going to study at where else? tekka mall! wah say, i wish i can go to ur nie instead. too bad, cant get in

joline said...



why tekka mall???

well, truth be told, i am scared out of my wits about starting school, even though i was excited before.

Anonymous said...

babe babe babe! haha. we haven't train for our 10km sinceeeeee! haha. sorry sorry, have been too occupied with personal issues (which of course you will know soon! haha).

anyhoos, welcome to the morning mrt traffic! i think you will lots worse soon! haha.

aaaannnndddd, i forsee myself going to ntu quite regular for particular reason, and to study, soooo we might catch up there too!

i miss you dearie. haha.


joline said...


yeah... was wondering what happened man. but it's ok. :-) (i'm unable to run at the moment because i injured my knee from falling out of the bus while alighting last friday. HAHA.)

oh! come to NIE to study! it's a lot more peaceful there. :-) A bit like SIM in the evening.

let me know when u'll be around ok... and yes, i miss you too. Lets build one another up!