Saturday, May 17, 2008

Suay Day

Got a lift from my colleague to Dover, got off the van.
Started walking towards bus stop in relief that can finally rest after a 2 day school camp.
Fumbled for phone pouch, realized it was missing.
Retraced steps to see if i dropped it.
Found nothing on the path, so concluded that i left it on van.

Started to panic.

With no phone pouch, i had no: ez-link card, no home access card, no phone, no house keys.
Implies: need coins for bus fare, cannot enter home, cannot call anyone for help, and also cannot remember anyone's handphone number offhand, except for Gem's and Library Gang's.
Went to bus stop, opened wallet.
Not enough coins. Had to pay bus fare with whole $2 note.

Went to holland village and managed to find a payphone. THANK GOD for PAYPHONES.
I ALMOST missed the only person who could help me, Gem, who was just about to step out of the house to gym. THANK GOD!
Managed to get my colleague, through Gem and Joy, who found my phone pouch. PHEW! THANK YOU, YOU GUYS!

Later that night at 4plus AM, i realized that i had only 2 hours to sleep before having to awake at 6:30-7am for a school program, i was already freaking tired for the day, and i was so scared that i would not be able to wake up in time.
Reached for my "phone" which also doubles as my alarm clock and realized that duh, it was not there.
Reached for alarm clock and found it had stopped.
Changed the battery.
Still did not work. -.-"

Hopped around mad for a few moments before kopping my mom's alarm clock.

So, i managed to awake on time and got to my destination on time.
Had to borrow sister's wrist watch to keep track of the time. Being without the phone meant being without a watch as well. ARGH.

But i was really shacked, terrible so, and from the way i was moving around and getting things done, i was fumbling out, missing out plenty of details, careless and generally just really OUT of IT.
Told myself that i better be extra careful, think slowly and carefully or i might end up getting into an accident.

Managed to fit in breakfast, but...
I had the worst mix rice meal i have ever had. Good thing it wasn't too expensive, but it was a waste of good money.

End of Suay Day.
Need to sleep badly.
Why is the phone so much a part of my life?!

Going for family chalet. In the last 2 weeks, i have been to 2 chalets already. This will be the third one, i'll be at another one next week. That's 4 altogether. Privileged! All part of the job for now. :-D

Speaking in point form. Tired. Ha. Ok, joline, out.


Lala said...

I think its spelled "shagged" not "shacked". heh. shagged meaning dammmn tired from having sex. as with "shiok" (also has sexual connotations). heh.
its just that in our culture we use all these words so freely we forget the actual meaning of it. :/
(that just popped into my mind as i read and noticed the spelling error. :P )

anyway, haha! take care dearie. rest well. I am really tired from HIP too, the last three days i've had too little sleep. so took chance to rest today. you take care of your body and health yeah?? :) love.

joline said...


i've heard both versions and yeah, i avoid using "shag" due to those connotations. As for "shiok", i believe the word has been around for ages and ages ages, like even the generation before ours use it. It has sexual connotations too? I've never heard of that one.

yeah, working all has us up to our necks. press on, and yeah, prioritize!

wohooo said...

the word whohoo in sims means sth else too. but i still like to say whohooo leh, sounds better than yahoooo

joline said...


you can hear them say wohoo?!?!

woh** said...

when the sims characters have s*x, the dialog box says "wohoo"...sharks, i better stop saying this word, sharks is better.sharks come from tintin wich dun really mean anything more than oh dear.

Rose in Bloom said...

I think sharks is actually shucks?

Anonymous said...

no la, tin tin says sharks because there are really sharks in the comic...isnt it? oh mayb i shud say geez then, safer