Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm sort of experiencing a low point in my life at the moment. It's not toooo bad. But it's definitely not the usual.

But a home cooked dinner, furry canines, and honest talk made for good therapy. :-)

I'm into my second month at YGOS and boy, has it been quite a ride. Imagine: Half a week in Malacca, a break of 1 or 2 days, and then two more weeks at YGOS and then ADIOS! I'll be off for a month before school starts. But then, i'm always open to coming back for any ad hoc stuff. If they want me around. :-P Which reminds me, J came back today to visit (i guess?) and it was indeed a pleasant surprise! He apparently cycled all the way from home, and it took 2 hours for him to reach our workplace. Was nice to see a fellow (now ex-) project servant back!

I'm going off to Malacca on a community service trip with some youths and i'm really unsure of what's going to happen. Really got to come before God again and submit it all to him. For now, i guess the guys in my team are a great bunch, when given the encouragement and guidance.

Anyway. I made my decision as to where I will be continuing my studies.... I shall make hanging out in NTU-NIE FUN! :-D
Oh, and i really look forward to picking up my archery again, exercising with JL and doing all sorts of campus-sy things! Whoopee!


Anonymous said...

Gd to hear that you have made a decision gal! And now that you have made the decision, remember to make the best out of it, and then you shall have no major regrets! Remember what we were talking abt in that coffeeshop in JB. There's just nothing called "The Best/ Perfect Decision" ^_^

I am looking forward to the gang's trip to Bintan in coming July!

joline said...


thanks gal... you know, i love knowing that u still drop by this space now and then. and yes, i remember our talk at that old JB coffeeshop. *love*
oh you know, i took a look at a photo of us at the suntec sity fountain, all still in our jc uniforms. and my heart did a backflip. those were the days man.