Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jed had just misjudged a jump onto a chair which he normally would not have bungled up. He was just a teensy weensy bit banged up and i felt so sorry for him and felt sad that he's growing old and maybe making mistakes now.

Jo: It's so sad that he's growing old...
Sister: At least he's having the chance to grow old, and not like Prints. (my previous dog who died suddenly at the age of 7)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I want to be a positive person. (And the only person who will ever hear me whine extensively will be Gem. What a privilege, my boy! HAHAHA.)

But seriously. Yes. I want to be a positive and optimistic person. Not overly so. Just having a balance of both optimism and realism, but inclining more towards someone who will try to look on the brighter side of things.

That said, i find that being a real optimist is NOT about denying the negative things around me. Being a balanced person is when I can acknowledge the bad, feel it, but after that, relax and let loose a little. To make a way around the problem and always look for the silver lining around every situation. Even if there are NO good things at all to speak of, well... it's better to let things go as soon as possible.

I remember a friend saying something along the lines of, "I choose to be happy because it's the only thing that makes sense!" And i was like, "Heck, YEAH!" Why choose to be sad, right? Having all them sad, whiny, grumpy hormones cycling around the body will only make you go downhill. I'm pretty sure that scientifically, decisively maintaining depressed feelings has never been a pill of health for anyone.

So yes. I always believe that whining for a while IS good. You NEED that outlet to let it go. Then after that, move on. No one likes a whiny person, and i certainly don't want to bring anyone down by being one.

Another thing i'm having to face everyday is learning to be humble, to know when the world doesn't owe me a living. To know when i'm wrong and to know when to just let go. Perspective helps. :) But of couse, there are also times when i get genuinely riled up, usually over injustice or being misunderstood and i allow myself to be angry. Well. That's life!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Quite tired from staring at the computer screen, so here're just some pictures with short captions.

My potato gratin part 1

Cheryl's delicious mushroom risotto that was polished off by the end of the day. Everyone loved it!

My grilled chicken which Hannah jaga-ed and it turned out deliciously cooked and juicy looking and caramelized. Albeit a little burnt on the skin, but the meat was tasty! Maybe it was burnt due to the sugars present (orange juice, honey, etc).

Nat's butter noodles. Yummeh.

My first attempt at beer batter fish. Salah lor. I put the beer into the egg and not into the flour, which is the correct way.
My sister's OUT OF THIS WORLD white wine fruit jelly. It was SO GOOD that i was slurping the jelly juice like a barbarian.

She made another two last night after the party so that she could have some today. Cheryl, sorry, you cannot have my sister but maybe you can borrow her if you like. heehee.
No people photos in case of issues of privacy.
Had an informal house party yesterday, and one dish that i was particularly proud of was the grilled chicken dishes. They weren't my own creations though i did add and change a coupla things here and there. Here're the marinades that i used.

1) The Raptors Favourite BBQ Chicken (from Chef and Home! Asian Food Channel webbie)

Lemon Juice (but i sub-ed it with lime juice)
Worchestershire sauce
Red bell peppers (skipped this)
Red wine vinegar
Brown sugar
Dijon mustard
Hot sauce (i used sweet chilli sauce)
Chilli powder
Ground cumin
Olive oil
Minced garlic (i used some leftover garlic, lime, ginger blend instead that we had from the last chicken rice meal my family cooked)
Chicken thigh meat
Extra ingredient just for fun: Tomato sauce

2) Famous People Players Honey Garlic Chicken (from Chef and Home also)

The same garlic, ginger, etc blend that i mentioned
Orange juice
Chopped onion
Dried thyme
Dried rosemary
Sweet chilli sauce
Chicken thigh meat

I didn't get to eat much of this (was busy cooking the other stuff during the party) but i did manage to grab a small chunk of meat. It was SO TASTY! Even my sister who has a discerning tongue said it was nice. Umm, yum. :)

I apologize for the lack of measurements because i usually go the anyhow tikum way. Before i actually mix the marinade with the raw meat, i mix the stuff in a separate bowl so that i can add and mix stuff till i get the desired flavour. When i'm satisfied, the mixture then goes in with the chicken into a box to leave to marinade... I let it soak for almost 2 days. The result: Pure Delight!

Photos in an upcoming post.

Friday, June 25, 2010

(Older) Sister: Oooo! The peaches are so pretty!
Jo: Cos they are Snow Beauty Peaches...
Jo: (in my best Disney chirpy show host impersonation) Hi! What's your name? *points to a peach*
Sister: (in high pitched child voice) Ariel! (y'know, from The Little Mermaid movie...)
Jo: And what's yours?
Sister: Cinderella!
Jo: Snow White!

We are such retards. In our late 20s. :) I like!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here's what i see on some mornings when i wake up.

He's my excuse for not waking up. Sigh.
What's yours?

:) Contented doggy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yesterday, "church" was so different for me.

I can honestly say that for a while now, things haven't been as "fruitful" as i would want with respect to ministry (worship/music team) and my personal walk with God. But yesterday was different. And it all started with knowing God's mandate of royalty upon me, and the choice to ACCEPT IT.

One thing i've taken away from the school of supernatural worship speakers is the assurance of WHO I AM, my IDENTITY. That as Christians, we are Royalty. We inherit God's identity, y'know what i mean. Like, THE CREATOR, THE MOST INTELLIGENT BEING WHO EVER EXISTED, THE GOD OF ALL HEAVEN AND EARTH, IS MA DADDEH.

And since He is my DADDEH, who does that make ME? Did you get that? Could it sink in? I'm a CHILD of the MOST HIGH KING. YOU, when you believe, ARE ALSO a CHILD of the MOST HIGH KING!

And that has changed me, my perception of myself. And domino-ingly, that changes how i worship Him, receive Him and receive all His promises and good gifts.

During worship jam yesterday afternoon, i was playing the keys and of course, it wasn't perfect but i know something in me was different.

I was playing from a heart that knows that, I am WORTHY to give worship to God. Like, GOD SEES ME AS WORTHY TO GIVE HIM WORSHIP. Sure, i'm a little human bean and actually bluntly speaking, a stinking rat and perhaps unspeakably worse by His standards but because Jesus took my place of sinfulness, I am considered completely clean and worthy to be in God's presence (without being struck down dead like in the olden times before Jesus came). It's MY PLACE to worship God, y'know? It's my RIGHT.

I used to worship and still have part of my mind thinking, "I'm no good a person, God won't accept me or my worship, i'm lousy, i'm not liked, He doesn't love me as much as other people..." And though it was a part of my mind, those thoughts took over my WHOLE being. So "worship" became a chore, something painful, something dreadful.

But yesterday, i worshipped and enjoyed it so much because i was FREE! In knowing that there is full acceptance from God! Wow. What a change it brought!

I realized i was tired of the "routine" because i wasn't getting the fullness of what those activities meant. I wasn't immersed in its reality, when i wasn't worshipping like i could. They were, simply just activities, i.e. meaningless.

And i saw a really cool... i don't know... vision story of myself with God? While J was leading worship, He saw us dancing with God... and here's what I personally saw:

I was dancing in a ballroom with God and He was like this white robed figure and i was like a small child. We were twirling and swinging about. I got tired after a while, and i sat down on what looks like a park bench by the side and instead of sitting beside me, Father God knelt in front of me on bended knee, like how a man would when he is asking for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. And i felt like Father God was "laying down his majesty and his heart" just to romance my heart again, for me to love Him again and follow after Him.

As we continued to worship, I saw Father God and I started to dance again and this time, we were twirling so hard round and round that i literally FLEW UP INTO THE AIR (woah lao eh!) and my hands left His and i was left thrown up into the air and started falling down again... And that's when God caught me in his hands and help me high up, I looked down into his face and there was SO. MUCH. LOVE. Like. There was silence between us, but in His eyes, there was adoration. Like how a mother would look at a baby with loving eyes.

When i saw this, I started to sob in the room and i was so glad that i brought tissue this time. Thank God for the awesome water resistant Bobbi Brown eye liner and almost budge-proof Majorlica Marjorca mascara man...

During worship, amazing words were shared. That God wanted to give us and assure us of His promises (for me, that would be my identity in Him!), that God wanted to GIVE so much to us today and that all we needed to do was to trade in our faith (the currency) for whatever gifts he would give to us. The visions shared were that we were being given a key to unlock His storehouse (WHAO!) and another one that was cute was of Jesus pushing a cart selling different kinds of bottled water. Thanks C and J were releasing those words. They were amazing. Oh, but hold on there's more.

The sermon was on honouring as the key to receiving (Matthew 10:40-42). It's a teaching about how if we receive someone (in this context, it means: to honour/to have a friendship with someone who has certain giftings from God), we can receive the giftings of that person as well. And you know how we ended? Pastor J shared her annointing with all the youth leaders, and after that, all who wanted to receive spiritual gifts could approach the leaders to be prayed for. You know, it was such a continuation from the worship session before our sermon... God was just releasing all His gifts to His children, all those who wanted it, generously! Just like the storehouse/Jesus selling water visions!

After being prayed for by a particular leader and friend, i sat there and i was so amused... At how the scene before me was really us just "shopping" (remember Jesus's cart of bottled water?) for our desired gifts from Father God. It was so amazing. I was so blessed.

Thank You God. And a Happy Father's Day. You probably had it all planned already... You are so cheeky!
I have one important announcement.
You can visit his sort of e-portfolio at:

In other news... Oh dog lovers especially, you have to see this, it's hilarious! He's the Beatboxing Dog!

and this...

Owner: "Are you stoopid?"
Mishka: "NOoooooooooooooooooo"

Isn't she smart?!?!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Band 2

We are zee Wedding Band-ers (J, C, B, T, and yours truly) for another lovely couple. It's really fun playing for weddings. I get to play the piano, enjoy the music and worship (if any), be with a team of friends, get to eat the catered food, witness the couple's significant moment(s), be surrounded by beautiful decor, I get to dress up (all those online blogshop buys put to good use somehow somewhere) and I get a small tok$n of appr$ciat$on! I could do this as a part-time job. Teehee.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So, how'd you like my new blog template? I like it because i seems neater and my photos come with a border, but i'm wondering if this will stick. I do wonder how i can make fuller use of the screen width though.

The orange one has been around ever since this blog began and i decided to try the switch since the new templates are an improvement from the old Blogger ones. I didn't mean for the blog to look this pinkish actually. It just happened that each element agreed individually with me, but when i looked at it as a whole... Alamak, it looked a lil too pink for my liking. But on the whole, i'm okay with the balance between the light green, greys, whites, some red and pink though i was gunning for a more earthy tone vibe.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A friend once said some time ago that i'm a "nu chiang ren". Recently, he concluded that i still look like one on the outside, but i'm actually soft on the inside.

To my other friends who know me personally: am i either or neither?
Apple. iPhone. 4.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

I had the strangest feeling of being ignored in the last week or so... But i think it's partly me as well. I notice that i'm feeling a bit more reclusive than normal these days. Hoping it's just those crazy woman hormones that go seasonally nuts and would be temporary. Speaking of which. Am having a terrible ice cream craving right now. Okay, to the freezer i go.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Now i know one thing that makes me badly bloated for SURE. Soybeans and its related products. I just had a homecooked miso soup with lots of cubed tofu, carrots, leeks, egg and spring onion and bloated up till i looked 2 months pregnant. I've noticed the same trend when i drink soybean milk. Sigh. I've denied it for so long because i like soybean products. Drat.

Take note, IBS-ers.

Ok, am off to go get my library books on Procrastination!

Oh, i must tell you a joke... I was on the phone earlier with this nice service staff chap from Jurong Regional Library, but i couldn't help but crack up quite uncontrollably and was trying my best to stifle the sounds while carrying on with the conversation...

Jo: "Where can i pay for my booking fee and fines...?"
Nice Chap: "There's a big boo (blue) machine... and if you need hell (help), you can approach the counter..."

Hey, i know i have fines to pay but i don't need to be "boo-ed" and i certainly don't want to get hell for it!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jed and I

The above photo cracks me up... His goofy half bared teeth expression he shows me while i'm playing with him.
Him twisting and turning upside down while i tease and poke at him.

Was doing some journal articles readings when i decided to try to... well, resurrect my dormant sketching skills from my more arty farty days which was a good 10+ years ago. Didn't turn out that bad... considering i did it with a pen and couldn't erase to make changes.