Thursday, September 30, 2010

See a cute daschund ("sausage dog") somewhere? :)
This was how the top of my butter cake looked like, having cracked open on the top after being baked. Gem spotted it. The artist he is. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haven't been out recently to explore new things and places, hence the lack of pictures and udpates. Been pretty much preparing for things and events at home and trying to save moolah as well.

But i would love to go look for a nice dress for the wedding dinner performance (most of my blogshop dresses just don't cut it, the lengths are too short. haha, realized that sounded funny. don't cut it. too short. ok, never mind).

Looking forward to the event that has been challenging me to play music out of my usual genre! Hope to have loads of pictures. Hm.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another wedding, another "gig". haha. Did i mention that i really LOVE playing at weddings? Yeah, i did. I think my repertoire of songs will increase with more episodes like this. So shiok. This time round, i'm having a chance to try my hand at jazz. I like jazz. I hear jazz riffs in my head, but i can't seem to produce what i hear in my head on the keys all that well. Ah well.

Been practising and praying that Father God will let the brain and fingers work together quickly and efficiently.

There's just something about being one with your instrument and playing for a cause. For love, for pleasure, in unison with friends.

I'm not a darn good keyboardist, but I'd LOVE to play at more friends' weddings! hurhurhurhur.

Random bits...

I think the KFC egg tarts ROCK.

After making and eating too much good stuff recently, the weighing scale has told me something i really don't like. Bah. Need to get back to exercising regularly.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A simple, outdoor ceremony would be lovely.
With my family, his family... All intact.
White, flowing, light and simple chiffon dress. Maybe i'll be barefoot too.
With a crown of dried flowers tucked into my long hair.

I can dream, right?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

As i mentioned yesterday, i made scones at close to midnight yesterday because my craving was just too strong... My inspiration was of course - Pioneer Woman, who cooks stuff that REALLY appeal to my tastebuds. Maybe i belong on her ranch and should work as a ranch hand just to eat her creations. I'll even volunteer to wash the dishes, which she hates to do. Anyway.

Here's how Pioneer Woman's scones look like (with the delectable vanilla sauce being poured over...):

(Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, her website's link can be found on the right)













And here is mine.

I was laughing half the time i was making these! Firstly, i didn't follow the recipe's ingredient list (i used light cream instead of heavy cream. and i had wondered what went wrong. sheesh.) and since it's my first time trying this, my hands were clueless as to how to lightly and lovingly handle the dough. I more like manhandled it.

And here you have it. Sco-ca-kie! Which is, a cross between a scone (it tasted like one, a delicious one, mind you), and the consistency was like a cake and a cookie (doesn't it look like a giant cookie?)

Looking at the cross section though, i can't decide what it looks more like. A scone? Cake? Muffin? Bread?

When handling the dough to cut into rectangles, it was pretty impossible because it was gloopy and sloppy and resembled puppy rice-patty-vomit (ok, a puppy i used to have that ate rice). So i gave up and simply dropped dollops of dough onto the baking tray. Hence the cookie shapes. But hey! It tastes good! Though my mom says that 5 teaspoons of bicorbonate soda (as per the recipe) is crazy and it burned her tongue. I don't feel the burn though? *shrug*

Haha, i'm wondering who would want to try it this evening at church... Hoho.

Friday, September 03, 2010

some recent yums and places

Gem and i went to try the food at Amirah's Grill at Bussorah Street, on the recommendation of J. :) Thanks J! :D

This was the mushroom soup that came with Gem's set meal. It was a pleasant surprise that the soup wasn't your usual campbell mushroom cream soup. It tasted like there was effort put into it (spices, flavour) and there was chunky mushrooms in it. Not a ton, but enough to please. :)
The garlic toast and wrap.

Gem's mixed kebab. Very tasty, each kebab had a distinct different flavour. Yum. Chicken, lamb and beef. The potatoes were just as tasty!
and THIS... my friends, made my heart SING. The HUMMUS. I'm so going to find out HOW to make it. I think i have an inkling of how to make the yellow one, but not the darker colour one. Hm. But oh boy. My eyes widened and tastebuds went WOOHOO when i tasted both of them. Ultimate delicious.

Jie wanted to bake something and i think the words "Alton Brown", "carrot cake", "Cheryl", and "cake" has been floating around enough to provide a subliminal message to her to look for a carrot cake recipe. Ok, it wasn't that subliminal.
Jie: I think i shall make carrot cake.
Jo: I also think that you should make the carrot cake.
And made it she DID. They were DELICIOUS!

So, these were carrot cake cupcakes to give to the neighbour! I slotted that sheet of paper in between the two rows to indicate which cupcake had which particular frosting. You can see that the lemon frosting looks firmer and has a more defined shape than the frosting made with maple syrup. But both taste heavenly. But you must love your sweet food in order to enjoy this!

I gobbled one down myself after the phototaking. How could i not... Yummy.

This was the beef stew (chocolate beef stew) that i made for my sister. I made it once some time ago, and she liked it. I didn't make a lot so she didn't get her fill of it. So recently she requested for me to make it, and HOW could i possibly refuse? :) I like to feed people (just like me mom, but perhaps not yet as skillful) and she's my sister so i'd gladly do it. Besides, it's awesome to know that someone enjoys your cooking. :DD

Raspberry and chocolate sauce cheesecake at Max Brenner. Shared it with JL. :)

Ok, this was before the syrup was poured all over the cake.

Gem and i were walking to Chinatown under the hot sun and saw this really nice wisp of cloud above.
Couldn't capture the whole long wisp, but yeah. :)

Love the rainbow colours! That paler section of colour you see on the building has nothing to do with paint... It was actually the reflection of light from an opposite building's metal(?) exterior.

Pretty rainbow colour, i love.