Monday, November 17, 2008

I need a break. Some peace and quiet.

Just like what my classmate said, "I need to be alone to recharge." Well, i'm an introvert, that's why. People find this surprising. But it's true. I may be loud, but that's when i'm charged up. Or when i have something to say, a point to make. Otherwise, i'm mostly the laidback individual, listening, speaking my mind when i need/want to. I'm not the life of the party.

Think i've got to go hole myself up at home for at least a week or more. Watch DVDs, think, surf the net, sleep, write, cook, bake. Whatever that satisfies my desire for rest. Need to live in a short term bubble.

I can't decide if i'm happy or lost at the moment.


nt so zenish after all said...

well, perhaps u are neither happy or lost. mixed emotions maybe.i m feeling utterly despaired. as usual, cant decide wat to do with my life.

joline said...


yes, that is hard...
so are you going to study?

zenn said...

i want to! lately my colleagues have been urging me to study for a degree. i yearn to, but i have no courage to, after all, i didnt and still don't know if i can handle the academic work at a degree level.I wish someone can just tell me wat to do. but well, in life, noone can tell me for sure if wat i want to do is 'correct'....oh dear.i m nt sure. but i told my frends i will do a diploma 1st. from there see how. i guess one day i will urgently be compelled to do a degree, i dun think i can stand it when all my frends are earning lots of money lor