Saturday, May 31, 2008

in short...

It's been a week since i've last updated and this is definitely NOT my style!

I'm mentally exhausted. As for physically... lets say that if i sat still for a while, i would be in lala land soon after.

I've declined the Monash offer. But i've still not decided between NIE or Queensland (that has a really pretty set of modules. i've only been offered an interview, no full offer yet.).

I feel like running away from people. And the thought of running away from them is painful yet i have grown so cynical about things that i wish i could survive alone, though i know i cannot.

When you are with youths, you tend to eat a whole lot of junk food man...

Brain's too stuck with things that i can't unstuck it for now. Toodles.


WR @ David said...

*opens up head to offer you "second-processor"* ^_^

joline said...


free RAM upgrade! (is that the right term?)

WR @ David said...

Can consider it a "CPU(CentralProcessingUnit)"[simply known as "processors"] upgrade;
Upgrade to "Dual-Core" processor.
i.e. "1brain" to "2-in-1 brain"

"RAM(RandomAccessMemory" is what the CPU employs to perform tasks, which require varying amt of RAM depending on software requirements.
i.e. brain employing nuerons to store/work on something. to dial a myb need 8 neurons. to do statistics myb 8mil neurons.