Thursday, October 23, 2008

sunglasses advertisement... Not.

Me in your Oakleys!
You in my Optic Nerve!

Once the sem is over, golly boy, am i going to go all out to paint the beach red or what!
I don't know whether my fitness level can tahan or not since i haven't been running a whole lot recently but, I really want to go trail running/hiking, biking, beach-ing, just whack man!

I loved going through the east coast park connector network (about 40km), but i didn't really like the urban landscape too much in terms of the interruptions. But i did enjoy the sweat and grunt inducing gruelling moments when we had to carry our bikes up and down overhead bridges. Just be careful not to slip because that could get pretty ugly.

AH! Jia you to me!


Dominic. said...

hey jo...

oh that's wr...glad that he's able to get out too...heard that work has really been crazy for him as well...

...yeah, after the exams..once again...don't forget about chilling-in-your-place too...haha..cheers!

germie said...

so cool!! think it's a novel idea..the way u capture the sporty moments together....i suppose it's all in sunglasses of the beholder!

joline said...


oh, i won't forget THAT! you can be sure of that. i miss u guys hanging out at my place.

by the way, the two photos were taken a long time ago... so it's not a recent bike trip.


heehee. thanks germ. it was WR's idea. very funneh eh, in the sunglasses of the beholder.