Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey everyone.... :-)

I'm back from camp with a class of students from KSS and dinner with my Library Gang girlies. I'm not feeling as dead as a few days ago because i was like... the only or one of the only people who actually slept early during the chalet. HA. The YGOS staff and volunteers mocked me for sleeping so early and said that they'll make me sleep at 3am next time. ARGH! NO!!! Shucks, i found out that i pretty much lose out even to the older adults at YGOS. Woah seh, how do they do it lor. Weeks of camps, work, family life, late nights, school work... Always smiling, always friendly, always pursuing what is good and noble. I take my hat off to them.

The class of students were as interesting a bunch as students go, though i can't mentioned too much here. I just pray that seeds of life, purpose and hope have been sown into their lives.

Going through all this with YGOS is definitely ripping me out from my comfort zone though i've been blessed with the best colleagues that i can possibly have. Which is a saving grace. I stumble and grab around as i navigate my way through my journey, but i feel like this is really just the process of growth. You know. How you will grow best when you are put through new things, when you experience challenges and tackle opportunities to exercise your skills, and test your limits and make new ones.

I'm still learning to be comfortable with who i am, how i work, how to handle myself under stress (this one is HARD), to show love and not dwell in selfish pride, carrying myself with confidence and sharing the gospel. Amongst other things, i'm sure.

I've got a live-in temporary brother! :-DDD
My cousin from M'sia is here to stay for a while till he can get accomodation near the uni of nanyang. ;-p He's here to do a masters program too and he informed me about the status of the accomodation waiting list for graduate hostel living. 200 names on the waiting list! I have no chance sia.

I'll be off to JB tomorrow. Wedding photoshoot! (ain't mine)


missy z said...

my frends are with me for 5 yrs leh, not easy time we had at training.i cried when i read my best pal's sorta farewell email. it was lunch n I shed tears. i suddenly feel so sad to see my pals leave will nt be easy to meet them since private clinic work on weekends too. haiz...5 yrs is no joke. i m so sad this week.they are the sunshine in my clique, always sound positive in our emails....sob sob...i guess this is it...goodbye. n why are they leaving? cos this job sucks lor

lost at work and at home said...

this yr my frends are telling me to study, but my family is telling me to work. I cant totally ignore my family's view, but i cant stand my job. When can my family realise the nature of my job? If they like my job, why don't they come and replace me? If i don't study further, i will be stuck in a lousy pay no prospects job. I m so so angry with them. I cant help envying some people whose family is all behind them. I m leaving, i m getting married and i will reside in France until i die. PUi...hahaha joke la, if i move to france, sure, i will pack my bag now. in fact, i m this close to moving out and living the life i want to lead now. wats stopping me is i dont want to 'disown' my family. pls comment, say sth.pls do