Sunday, June 22, 2008

:-) Gem got me...

1) two lovely packets of Caramel Corn:
I've tried this snack before many years ago and i've had fond memories of it. Haha. I don't know if this is the same stuff, but i'll find out soon. I guess a slight difference is that these are the flavored versions. Green tea and peanut, i believe. :-9


2) The whole 3 sets of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks I tell you, i was just stunned. I mentioned about wanting the soundtracks very much, being a Pirates movie fan and also a fan of the music, but i never imagined that he would get them all for me. :-D I've imported them over to itunes and i'm just having a blast listening to them all! YEAY! The various musical themes from the movie are so full of lively character, it's such a joy to listen too. It feels as if you are practically watching the movie! It's powerful, driving, rich and adventurous.


People at church have commented that i look more alive today as compared to about 2 weeks ago. HAHA. Oh gosh. I think the work i've been doing had really sapped my energy overall. While i am glad that it's going to be over in 1 week's time, i've been left with a lot to think about. And for some reason, even though i'm going to get my lovely one month break before school starts in August, which is all well and good, i would still feel that my days are missing out on something meaningful. Ok, but i'll be glad that i don't have to sacrifice any more sleep to get to work on time in the morning!

Being someone who needs 9 hours of sleep to function well for a full day at work, i often feel tired and sleepy because i've been getting a max of 6 to 7 hours of sleep lately. Quite pathetic, i know. Most people can function with 7 or 8 hours or even less, of sleep. I can't. Jia lat, next time how man. Maybe i need to start thinking about alternative ways of earning moolah.


Although i'm so out of it when it comes to my archery club and archery, i'll be heading up to Hougang for the AGM tomorrow. Shucks. I don't really like not having any friends there anymore other then the people who are running the whole show. All my mates have stopped shooting for their various reasons. Apparently, the only compound archer is one of the few adults. The rest are recurve archers. ARGH. About time to get back to shooting... This lag has lasted TOO long. All talk and no action only, so far.

At least i know that my form is still pretty decent since the last time i tried the recurve bow at a short distance. :-)

It's good to be back rambling here again about nothing much in particular without being too emo.


z said...

tat tibit do u know they have one for students in exams? the theme is gambatte! my sis got it for my younger sis who was in exams.hard to describe la.I like ti as well, but dun think i will be eating it anytime soon. cos my sis has quit Japan airlines to join BA. WHATS there in UK? like so boring lor.

joline said...


if u want to eat this, u can get it at Daiso for just $2! :-D

how come she made the switch? and BA is boring meh?

z said...

my sis flys to London and Shanghai at BA. Vs Japn and US for Japan Airlines. How can London be compared to Jpn and US? the shopping is ex and not fun-ner.

joline said...


i see..... ok, isee. i don't know what the shopping is like for either country.

z i wich i can be zen said...

london is boring! can u think of cheap things from london?> at least u have forever 21, victoria secrets, GAP...and wat have u from US. london? top shop? boring! i think london is more of a cultural meltpot. see the musuems etc bridge, buckingham palace...woooooo.ohohohoh, my parents and elder sis are heading off to hoakkaido now. and i just had a big quarrel with my younger sis. over a misearble cup noodle and you tiao? oh pls, next life i gonna be reborn as a only daughter who definitely wont have lousy people quarreling with me

van said...

haha. i wanted to tell you too that you look so ALIVE on saturday! haha. counting down must be fuuuunnnn!

miss you today for a jog! but we'll do that soon ya?

joline said...


oh well. the good things just came to an end. why did your sis make the switch?

i'm pretty sure u won't be reborn leh. once die means die liao.


hey van, i really wanted to go but oh well, duty called. yes, another time! i love jogging with you!!!!

counting down actually not fun leh. it makes the days feel longer... but i can't help but count the days.