Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've been silent for a long time. All you needed to do was to press that one button.

I have been having thoughts of moving out and living away because I've had enough of all this breathing down my neck. I'm too old for this nonsense.

Where can I run?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Typing out this post from my iPhone! But I wonder if there's a better and more mobile way to blog on the go. Sorry folks tt it's been quiet here. I've been having quite a lot of thoughts. But just havent had the time or patience to sit still and get the thoughts in order.
I should be back when I'm thrown work to do and tts when I'll be stuck in front of my computer. Haha.

As for the macaron business. Received another request to provide macs for a friend's house warming! Am very honoured and really want to give it my best. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

I've published a new blog.. mainly for my macarons. heehee. :) For now, at least.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

1) My god brother's dad gave me his old iphone 3GS which is still in fabulous condition. I feel sooo blessed. Until now, it still hasn't sunk in tt i now own an iphone. It's not something i would rob the bank for, but it's certainly something i did wish i had from time to time when i see how handy it is in remaining accessible, and accessing people and information. My whole family (plus god brother's) all carry around those coveted devices while i was the only one carrying a lookalike: a white Samsung Jet. haha. I don't have a plan with the 12GB data plan though, so i'm still relying on wifi for now. If you told me 2 years ago that i would be receiving an iphone for free, i would tell you, "that's impossible" and say you're nuts. Well, now lookie here. :) Like i said, very blessed. :)

2) Dissertation has been HANDED IN, believe it or not! Even i cannot believe it. I have looked back and wondered... HOW IN THE WORLD did i actually WRITE THAT?! It's practically a book. For all the months of whining, or moving in gear 1, stalling, and starting up and chugging on... It's finally done. It has not been approved for official printing and hard cover binding YET. It's just been handed in to be examined. Supervisor says she does not foresee much amendments to be made. I sure hope so...

3) Though supervisor tells me to take a break, she then proceeds to tell me about a publication opportunity. I thought: Why not? Good for me, good for her as well. And so... i now have to begin a feat of condensing the 22,600 words dissertation into a 8,000 word document. Good luck to me. I was also told that the process of writing and publication can span from a few months to years, and the journal can also REJECT your article even after you've spent precious time and effort to write it to meet their requirements. I need to be prepared for that.

4) Macaron madness is about to ensue... All for the upcoming WEDDING. I CANNOT WAIT. I can now focus ALL MY ATTENTION on making sure that they turn out nice. In the past, having to multitask between macaron baking, dissertation and washing up meant that my macs would mess up because i wasn't able to watch the oven like a hawk. As a result, the temperature goes way beyond and my macs go boomz. hurhur.

5) Many many meetups with friends to be done. :D Finally!

6) I think i might have discovered a way to ARREST the FLU when you know you're starting to get sick! Disclaimer: this has happened to me only ONCE, so i cannot confirm if it is 10% effective. Anyway, recently, i caught the flu bug from a friend and when i felt the sorethroat, i immediately burst into action: breathing in the aromatic pure essential oils that i have. I have quite a nice collection because i like not just the smell, but the other uses and benefits they have.

I used my aroma lamp (novita, that my group of close pals gave me for my b'day. whee! :D) and practically positioned it beneath my nose and mouth while i was working at the computer. I'd inhale with my mouth wide open. Sure, i DID choke and sputter because the intensity of the oils in the vapour can feel quite uncomfortable (stinging feeling) in your air passageways. But, i noticed that my symptoms started to cease at the runny nose stage. I did have some help from salt (gargle at night to stop soreness and 1 clarinase pill to stop the runny nose on one particular day when i needed to be outside). But other than that, all i did was breathe in oils like clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, pine, thyme, peppermint, lavender, when i sleep or when i was doing my work at the computer. And really, to my surprise, the flu development STOPPED. Well, it could have stopped cos Gem said he's pray for me. Haha. But yeah. The next time this happens? I'm going to replicate it and see how it goes.