Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My dad is right. We need to be awful careful before we share the more intimate things in our lives with others. There are times when we feel tempted to share, but it is an act of will to hold our tongue and keep the honesty to ourselves first.

It's not just being honest about some THING, but it's also about being honest with WHO we are as people with other people in our lives. Something i have to figure out.

Which is to me a rather sad existence to be wary all the time, because i'm a frank person, an open book. But in being one, i'm bound to get burnt and get others burnt at some point in time. It's going to take a lot of control on my part to not speak my mind honestly all the time. Sounds a little disturbing, but well, truth is truth. It ain't a perfect and idealistic world.

Are we ready to be honest? Or are we just content with being surrounded by half baked honesty from the people around us? (For the sake of peace and harmony? To be liked?)

It's a delicate balance and lesson to practice. When to be at the right time, and when to never be.

Which is why God is cool. You can be completely honest with him and he won't rat on you, he loves you despite whatever you say, doesn't find fault although he does scold when necessary, is always understanding and non judgmental. Hanging out with God is the most peaceful way to pass the day.


z said...

this post really do struck a cord with me.i realised i said too much to a person i shud nt have.u are right.i shall nt talk too much to him~tonite he asked for a drink. i said i dun drink. he said nvm u can sing and talk.oh no, i m nt going to any ktv tonight!anyway i think i shall have nth to do with him anymore.i m just nt the sort to party like him.really i rather be bored at home.

joline said...


Woo. How did you get to know him?

zz said...

friendster.i cant be bothered with him le. i just dun like partying like he does.everynite.woah!

joline said...


i wld personally say tt tt is the right choice.

z said...

hahahaha, i cant stand party addicts.