Tuesday, September 16, 2008

God is crazy.

Crazy good.


NB: My mom came in to give my cluttered room a quick sweep (something i insist she should not do) and she said: "If Jesus were to come into your room, he wouldn't have anywhere to sit! Where are you going to put him?"

I think she said some other things like:
" Where would he put this books?"
"He would say: Jo, where are you going to put me?"



zen said...

at the first time i read ur last line, i actually thought u meant where would god put u? right here, jo, god will put u right here, where u are.rite now

joline said...


YEAH!!! :-)
You really believe that?

z said...

of cos! god will put u where u are rite now.

Anonymous said...

U wud say "yo, haysuz... you made the world in 7 days, i m sure u can make ur own space in a jiffy."