Saturday, August 23, 2008

no more. :-(

I think i've come to the end of my running days. If my knees don't heal/cartilage too worn out, then it's time to say goodbye to something that i've invested so much in and move on to something else.

I guess i've got to still train for my 10km in dec. If i find that my knees are going nowhere but downhill after that, then it's probably time to admit that this year's standard chartered run could well be my last. Sigh.


Rose in Bloom said...

Take care of your knees!

zen said...

the body is a amazing thing. if u give up running for a few years, maybe u can get back to it after that few yrs rested ur knees enough. unless ur PT or doc said otherwise? i think it is time to look for alternatives though. there are many other exciting sports u can try la.tink of it as a chance to try other sports and find sth else tat u like.

joline said...


I don't know if the body can really regenerate cartilage? I read that it cannot. :-( But yes, i'll let my body rest from serious running for a few years. I'll be seeing a PhysioT friend! So exciting.... Heehee.

And yes, thanks for your logical encouragement. It shall be a time to try out new things! (kickboxing class was fun)

Hippiho said...

I found this on the web,the exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles makes sense.

Yup, switching to low-impact sports is advisable.

Keep up with the nutritional supplements (The G and the C pills helps in some extent but do be careful to keep out the MLM ppl).

With yr condition, better not do the marathon also... =(

Take care!

joline said...

rose in bloom:

thanks gal. :-) i appreciate your concern. :-) I am wondering if i should take up kai loon's advice on this glucosamine cream thingy. it seems absurd to me that a cream can work on something so deeply embedded but oh well...


Hey! Thanks so much for the concern and tips! It's quite painful to say goodbye to running but it looks like i'll have to slow down on that or turn it into a no-go, for the long term. Do you run often as well?

Long time no see you here too... How have you been? :-)

joline said...


i can't access the webpage. :-( Oh well. But thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey, some prescribed creams do work leh. cos they are designed to reach the cartilage or tendons or ligaments mah. i have seen doc many times for my hands, so i can tell u they work. no harm give it a try ma. oh, i got 3 frends in this mlm far they have not approached me. tink they know i m older n dun fall into such traps

joline said...


which creams? O.O

ms zen said...

u need to see a doc for him to prescribe some creams bah. i have alot, but all very small repackaging. names i cant really recall. fastum gel i knw, the rest i m not sure.fastum gel is for alot of purposes though. not bad for me.

joline said...

ms zen:

oh. i see. ok... a friend just recommended one to me tt i can get some a pharmacy. Something like, TGC or something.

z said...

u shud get a prescribed one lor. prescribed brands sound more effective to me

Hippihohoho said...

Well, try this instead and click on the first site.

I'm doing ok, thanks.

Just hsekeepin the bookmarks on my com and came to say Hi.

Cheers =)