Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ai yai, the end is nearrr...

Things to do when school is over (which is actually dependent on whether i can finish all my assignments before the 12th. Highly unlikely though.):

1. Meet up with the girls
(i've stuck post-it notes with the names of people on my mental noticeboard, but they've a way of dropping off. So, if i've said i'm going to meet up with you but have not, please come and pinch me, you have my permission...)

2. Do/plan something nice for gem.

3. Go on eating trips.

4. Last minute training for 10km.

5. Go to the beach/park.

6. Catch-up-potluck with the you-know-whos. ;-)

7. Go look for a good pore cleaning mask.

8. Read the counselling (soft skills) book and other articles.

9. Do video editing for the married woman.

10. Go on phototrips with miss D, and miss V and miss C.


I can smell december. The wind that blows through my window at night tells me so.
(darn, now i sound like Rafiki from the Lion King who can read information out of the dust/leaves that he catches straight out from the air)


Senator Barack Obama is the new president of the USA...

I've got mixed feelings about him stepping into the White House...

The world and i am going to wait and see.


zn said...

How is the wedding dinner? home yet? wohooooo~~~~

zenn said...

load some nice pics leh~

joline said...


the wedding dinner was a short and sweet affair. :-) and it's just great seeing a good friend going through this process and being there for her.

yup, trying to load a pic or two now. just for fun. i'll take some time to load other pics at a later date.