Monday, February 27, 2006


... Barney. Barney was found amidst our bunch of bananas that hangs on a cupboard handle and he shall be mine until he hatches. I'm calling him Barney because he is a to-be-reptile just like the purple dinosaur, Barney is a cute name for a tiny lizard (or rather, an egg) and also because i refuse to call it Mei-I, who happens to be the purple dinosaur's yellow female friend.Would anyone recall the temperature range that would result in a male lizard? The sex can be manipulated depending on temperature, right? Or does that only apply to certain kinds of lizard?

Barney shall live here temporarily until i find something bigger and better. I wonder how long it takes for a lizard to hatch.

P.S: My apologies Liting, for the comment confusion issue, i will explain it when i next see you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

When all the things that you thought were in your control spins OUT of your control, when you desperately flail your arms to try to grasp for someone who can help you out of your dank hole only to find that people just aren't satifying your needs (even if they honestly DO try), when you feel so impossibly alone in your predicament...

Some people choose to rely on themselves to be their own life buoys. But in doing that, i wonder if they can truly be at peace with the world and with themselves.

Some look for answers and solace outside of themselves. Hence the argument that religion is man-made.

Or how about when everything seems fine and dandy and you feel that there's no need to believe in anything. Life is rosy, your difficulties are never too hard to solve. You have family, you have love. You have enough money, you have your friends. You are happy and comfortable. You are satisfied, and life is going your way.

But you do know, that "Life isn't a bed of roses", don't you? And even if it was, roses have thorns. Roses are pretty, but they can inflict pain too.

So what if one day, one aspect of your life does a mega 180 degree sharp turn, or, one day everything, completely everything fails... In your previously led happy life, who or what were you living for?

Or, perhaps life's generally all right, you're mostly at peace with your existence, but there's always this one or a few aspects of your life that you're always feeling inadequate about and often ask, "why?".

A common plea we always hear is, "GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!". Let's assume that this "God" is not the "God that Christians believe in".

Is it from the influence of our external environment that we blurt out the helpline? Or consider: if you would agree that humans are also spiritual as they are physical beings, do you think that perhaps our calling out reflects something that runs a lot deeper.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Learning to read again

For those who've lent me books only to find that you've not gotten them back from me in a like... a year? I must first thank you for the books that you've loaned to me but i'm so sorry for the delay and the continuing delay. (hah, no, this isn't a confession that i've burnt them) Though i want to read the books, my attention span is horrendeputus, i'm a moving-pictures kind of person, so book reading is a slow process akin to a snail making its way across a busy street. It badly wants to make it across, but because of the contraints that's out of its personal control, it can't really speed up. I suspect it's been the academic reading that has put me off anything that involves paragraphs.

If you've noticed, i used to blog with just a few lines at a time, avoiding thick wordy squiggles to be read. But in recent times, i'm trying to undo that. Reformatting my mind this way, yo.

Ok, the difference between said snail and me is that i have "agency", my ability to reflect on my inner experiences and having the freedom to make my own choices to better my being. Heh, social psychology students will know i'm yabbering about here.

Reading... Is as important as breathing.

With that in mind though, i've picked up the Purpose Driven Life book, after a long, long incubation period. Why do i mention "incubation"? When it first came out, sure we were preached sermons based on the lessons. Meaningful, yes, but i wasn't awed, i wasn't compelled to devour the input. I wasn't all that interested in furthering the lessons to make it part of my life's beliefs EVEN IF they were the truths.

But now as i look back and remember the person i was then and as i compare it to the person i am today, i think that the build up of events in the recent couple of years have shaped my perspectives and heart such that i'm ready to receive. Think of it as: "The dry soil (hardened heart) has been broken, has been watered and is softened, and is therefore now prepared to receive the seeds of truth. That will in time grow roots that go deep to grip firmly, that there will be germination, and fruits that sprout life." So whatever time that has gone by was the incubation period, a time placed aside for the development of a right frame of mind and heart, the time of preparation.

I'm taking the book slow. A chapter a day, like it suggests that we should. It helps to take it nice and slow, for practical reasons too.

At times i find it hard to relate to the lessons because either:

- i'm falling asleep. (i was stuck at Chapter 3 for 2 days for this very reason)
- i've never experienced "xyz issue" for myself
- i didn't take enough time to reflect on, chew on, and digest it to find the "B-I-N-G-O!" nugget of realization.
- Impatience. (the effect of paragraphs on me. OH! I shall now call it, "The Paragraph Effect".)

But as i remedy the problems along the way, and check that i'm making good use of my reading time, i realize: "GOSH, there is so much wisdom in this." So yes, take time to ingest the truths. Even if it isn't directly linked to the self, think outside of the self and see how one can be of help to others through understanding some of the issues that they may be facing.

*** ***

On a completely irrelevant note. Don't you think that the slogan "All Braun and No Brain" ("All Brawn and No Brain") makes such a splendid tagline for the brand?

Why? Because firstly, it reiterates that the product-in-question is all about the brand and what it stands for (which i don't know, but let's pretend it's something to do with being "leaders in smart innovation", "chic", "exclusive", etc.). And secondly, it emphasizes that the product of this brand is so easy to use, so idiot-proof that even an... er... yes, idiot could use it.

I so clever. I know. *smug grin*

Butttt thennnnn... My sister says that it sounds really negative. Ok, well, true. *wistful sigh* Now you know why i'm not into marketing or advertising, and so much for positive buyer psychology. Teehee.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Point of information: This is a post with no logical flow.

There is something really sweet about closing my eyes to the world and falling into a deep, deep slumber. Into the unconscious realm. Sleeping is such sweet pleasure.

It's kind of like running away, into a dream filled place. A place of relaxation, a place of peace. A place to forget... Which is subjective though. It's also a place where you get to do all sorts of strange, scary, mad things... But you can run away knowing it's all non existent. That it's a dream.

Some people sleep and find that they can edit their essays better later on. Others sleep over their anger, after which they realize that they can think more clearly and better. Yet some sleep over their pain, but awake only to find their pain waiting patiently to continue the gnawing, and sometimes, with renewed and fiercer vengeance.

On the contrary to the above, sleeping sometimes leaves me feeling guilty, because i think of all the things i should've been able to do if i didn't. I would probably also attribute the guilt to fear of the expectations of me.

Sleep. Filling me with guilt but offers me temporary bliss too. Oh, the day when i can sleep forever.

I don't know if i have ever divulged on a couple of unexplainable things in my life. A post on that soon, methinks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My phone's joystick has reached it's threshold of workable existence so i had to send it in for servicing on sunday. It won't be back till FRIDAY. In place of my sonyericsson, i'm using my sister's spare nokia 8250. Which... is equally mad (yeah... it doesn't work properly either. It has a fetish for resetting, hanging and giving me the "blue face of death", i quote my sister).

My contacts have been temporarily lost, so if i seem like i've been ignoring you, blur about who you are when you message or if it seems like i'm taking way too long to reply, my apologies.
But I'll still try my best to reply.

And for some of you, i've been wanting to see how you're doing, but... Argh. The little mobile thing is so marvellous that I'm virtually phoneless for the remaining 3 and a half days. If there's anything good at all, it's gotta be that my sms counter will stay low then. Toodlee doo.

I regret not penning down contacts on paper, for even if i were to pick up the telephone, i wouldn't have the updated numbers to call, for some people.

It's certainly not the end of the world of course, I can live with it. Er... For now. Once again, we see the scary notion of being slaves to the very technology that we created.

I don't want to seem like i'm complaining but... Behold, even my hotmail account seems screwed up, and it has been that way since yesterday. I can't access my inbox, hence my mails. I also cannot access msn messenger EITHER. What. The.
It's currently the Rage against the Human.

*** ***

I wonder where St. Valentine and the Cherub went off to... Timbucktoo? They can come back now.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Fun-O-Rama '06 and '02

Saturday started out HOT. No, i wasn't at some sleazy club. Now, if anyone of you were out on the streets, you would know what i'm talking about. Searing hot, king of hot. And, melikes it, in fact.

Once we stepped into the school compound, we were enveloped by so much noise. Come to think of it now, i don't even know what was causing the racket, because there was so much stimuli to the senses that you just can't register everything. Posters, signs, chattering, (music?) shouting, banners, colours... T'was like old times except without the school uniform.

We strolled by the games stalls that usually line the teacher's carpark, and automatically i began searching for familiar faces. Our first stop was the pottery and handmade crafts to greet our Chinese teacher. She REMEMBERS ME, no doubt about that. HAH. The Chinese Language B girl. She got at least one part of my mandarin name correct, so that's quite good. Whee! The canteen was up next to meet up with a couple of classmates. *waves to I and B!* They both look the same compared to how they looked during our JC days. (We is all J6 people) Which is quite nice to know.

Everyone seems to say that they feel old, but i don't leh. B says i'm young at heart. (i also think i young in mind)

Grabbed a cool drink at the hub before beginning our tour of the premises. It was pity that classrooms were out of bounds. I should've anticipated that considering past experience, but yeah. Always worth an absent minded try.
We wanted to soak in the good old times... In classroom 7.12. (and prolly in the other unofficial classroom too, 7.14, because that one had air-conditioning. :-D)

Briefly bumped into P.C. the chemistry tutor who promptly started complaining about how (insert favoured boy's name) was still at home. HAH! Things haven't changed, now have they?

And then R came by. *hello R!* (aka "ditz"). People say R and i look alike. But I say it's the glasses. Ah, duh... It's because we have good taste girl! *wink wink wink*

We popped by the hall to check out the money slurping mechandise that ACS brand hungry people would happily fork out their money for. (i am one, but i'd never pay 30 bucks for a t-shirt, fat hope!) In the case of Early Bird Gets the Worm, this one's more like Early Bird Gets Shot Down and Slaughtered.

After a few rounds of exploration: checking out the SCone Cafe tradition, discovering the plot of land that held the Dunking Machine, meeting with P in the MR room, discovering more food at the void deck, spending the coupons, bumping into S, M and G and took a photo. We were poofed for the day.

(ARGH! Just realized that i missed out on going to the Sports Complex!!! Shoot.)

And so the day ended with 4 satisfied library gang members. Sticky and tired, but happily spent, in every sense of the word. It was actually stressful to be there, trying to keep one another together as well as trying to hear one another over the mobiles with the racket. But who cares when you're being in the very place of a past that's so much a part of our lives and also the birth place of our friendship.

It was pouring mammoths and brontosauruses by late afternoon as the 6 persons party split up to go our separate ways. I bid farewell to Y at the mrt station when she left first and i then made my way to church on the next opposite direction bound train.

Tsk. Why did i blink in that photo. :-(

*** ***

Fun-O-Rama has a special place in my heart... Because in my year, i was the food IC for my class. What did our class sell? Chocolate Bananas on a stick. It was a gorgeous idea actually, just imagining the blend of tastes. But when i think about our bananas, so many thoughts come to mind and it's like laughing and crying in my heart at the same time when i think about it...

Even till today, i think of our stall when i see Del Monte bananas.

Before Fun-O-Rama, we had ordered like, TONS of Del Monte bananas. Every Orangutan in the world would congregate in the canteen if they could. Ok, i am blowing it up, but it's true. There was just SO. MUCH. FRIGGIN'. BANANA.

The action plan was this: We skin the bananas, poke them through with satay sticks, and FREEZE THEM. (we borrowed two freezers) So that when we cover it with chocolate on that day itself, the chocolate coating will solidify, making a spectacularly chilly and healthy dessert. We even added toppings to the coating, like peanuts and rainbow rice.

What can i say.

On the day itself,
1: we found our bananas squishy and brown.
2: We found not all had hardened.

I leave the picture to you of how i kinda freaked out.

Business was slow initially, but soon we had a constant flow of customers. Bless their hearts. But i think they never bothered to come back again. HAHA! Quality control was non existent what with bananas going at a certain price but putting two bananas together, you'll find that the two bananas weren't quite the same length. Major rip off that was totally not meant to be. And secondly, it didn't taste all that wonderful. I had one myself, which might not have been a good idea considering that if you want to sell something, you need to believe in your product.
The chocolate was smooth, but it wasn't tasty enough to complement the banana.

The idea was a good one, but i guess we should've done a test first to ascertain if the blend of ingredients was of the right type. Oh well.

Our drinks sold well though. (heh, how hard can that one get)

The sad part was that at the end of the day, we had so much frozen banana left... So... Hello Dustbin. My heart breaks just thinking about that.

(my mom was also devastated to learn of the sad end to the bananas because she would've loved to make her banana muffins)


Surprise, surprise. After the school had collated all the information on the monetary collections, our class... WON AN AWARD, for chalking up a tidy sum, which is not bad for not-tried-and-tested chocolate bananas. Oddly, i don't remember what the prize was.

Friday, February 17, 2006

And so it's back to my old Alma Mater this saturday for that renowned funfair that happens every 2 years. Some say it's a huge money sucking (and successful, at that) pitch, some say it's a tradition, some say it's tradition and enjoy every moment of it, some happily let their money get sucked, some... couldn't possibly care less.

I say "aaai-yai, yes siree!" to all, all 'cept for the last point.

The last Fun-O-Rama happened in 2004, and though i wish i could say that all went well, one of my beloved girls was going through a tough period and it's hard to simply just let loose, ya know? This year, flames of the same nature decided to engulf another. Not in a position to ask why it has to be this way, because i think i know why.

I've said this a billion and one times already:
I don't like the ACJC culture very much. In fact, I didn't even enjoy my time there as much as some other people did. I hated the work, i didn't understand much of it, i didn't work as dilligently as i should have. And even when i did, my brain wasn't functioning. I got hurt, like MADLY INSANELY hurt along the way, I had little meaningful ties with teachers there.
Though i had joined one of the bands considered to be elite in the JC scene, i was a shadow player. You hear her (prolly more mistakes than right notes), but you don't see her. Or you could also say, you can see her, but never hear her with respect to people relationships. A shadow. I was there, but never substantial. In other words, i contributed only the bare minimum. Relationships within the band? Zilch. Unless you count my saxophone. Yes, my beautiful saxophone. That somehow produced flatter and flatter notes the more i practiced my solo. (the horror of the memory) *shudders with mental pain*
(Ah, but if i wasn't in the AC band, i wouldn't have bumped into you so readily, i reckon. 8-D)
And then, you would always have the people who were learning the ropes of being ultra political, there are even elitists, mind you.

But there was a core group of trustworthy people i met and that made all the difference to my stay there. Despite that sad painting of a life joline had at ACJC, if you sit me down and ask me, "Would you pick another JC if you could reverse time?"

I'll look at you in the eye and tell you straight off, "No.". Oh, and add that i would SO get a short hairdo man, if i could. (i've seen how i look with short hair and in the uniform. Shiok lah! Dangit, too late now. >:oI )
For those who know, i looked like the Grand High Queen Ah-Ma, and i have photos to prove it!
I'm debating whether i should respect the sanctity of (your) life by not putting a photo or risk my life getting stoned by people who think that i shouldn't be allowed to procreate due to my substandard genes.

The question of "If i'm here, then i wouldn't be there, so who/what did i miss over there?", is always a common visitor question. (This is only if i don't look at it from God's point of view, that things were just meant to BE this way.)

Imagine if i had tried for NJC Science or RJC Arts. *insert bulging eyeballs* Unthinkable.

When i walk once again on the ground i had trod on for 2 years of my life, i don't doubt the feelings of nostalgia that will come... Come rushing back. You'll see plenty of new faces, the more recent alumnus, you'll see the ones who've passed through the same portals the same time you did. You'll see people you'll want to hide from, you'll see the same faces that may remain the same, some different over the course of 3 years. You'll see and not recognize the ones who passed earlier before. Ah... Everyone, bound together by the common experience of being educated there.
And you'll see and recollect the ghosts of what once was.

I'll remember the stuffy nose and hot tears i cried over the public phone near the canteen when i spoke to xxx and the smile that ensued after but that never really lasted near long enough. I'll remember the tears i cried in my heart from frustration over chemistry and math. Chinese Language was a given - My pet failure subject. I no longer cared much about it. Not to say that i never bothered to try. In fact, i would try, fail and find it easy to pick myself up again.
But there was no passion.

I'll remember how PE lessons on the track were potential collapse-and-die sites, i'll remember how the track was sacred holy ground, not to be stepped on, unless you were in your yellow and blue holy garments. I'll remember how my class cheered on the guys who had to reattempt their 2.4km runs. I'll remember the times when i didn't care how much perfume i sprayed on because it's either that or i kill multitudes of students as i walk by.
Later on as time passed, we chose cleanliness over being early for class. ;-) (ie, we bathed after PE lessons)

I will also remember that silly joke i made to this scone girl in the girl's toilet while waiting in line to change into our holy garments and do our private business before the Mass PE lesson...: "Ah, we're all here to Mass Pee." She was gloriously tickled and so were the other girls (whom i didn't know) who covered their faces and groaned over the corn inspired joke.

The school buildings're spiffier now. Unlike the time when wooden planks lay around aplenty and when dusty cement grounds threatened to give asthma attacks. When we had to restructure our mindmaps of the school layout every now and then because of the various phases of construction work being done.

I'll remember the lectures attended, the lectures skipped, that one lecture that made me blurt out a really ridiculous answer in front of a hundred over students. The times of blank staring into the sky while i stood along the corridor, only to be asked if i was thinking about xxx. (which i wasn't)

Every step i take, every portion of ground i invade, will evoke memories. Memories that seem like it was made only last year, and this i don't exaggerate. The friendships i still share with my current buddies that came from ACJC have never failed to make me marvel over the amount of time that has lasped, time has hasn't really resulted in too much uncomfortable change. I'm not sure i'm ready or even want much to change at all. This's one reason why i fear when girl friends get attached. Sorry lah, but i am like a mamasan that way.

So much to say, so much to recollect.

Looking forward to seeing you, my lovely Library Gang! And i'll be sure to be trigger happy. Remind me to charge my camera batteries.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For my pains at an archery event, my reward is some moolah! O.o Now this, i was not really expecting. So... YAY!


Under "Unusual Animals", there's one called "Snailio Flipbook": I never would've thought that snails, yes, SNAILS (one of the grossiest things to exist, in my books) could be such an inspiration. Yes. Snail. An I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N.
And yet more still, there's another called "By Popular Demand": Allow your computer screen to only hold the first photo of the lone baby panda. Focus on it. Then, scroll down to see the next photo. This photo of baby pandas loaded, reloaded, overloaded, got me shrieking and squealing in excitement, flapping my wrists... and then laughing over my infantile reaction.
(i feel my cerebral blood pressure rising dangerously high)

Need i say more... See it to believe it!


I do pop by that infamoose blogger's site to see what controversial stuff she has to say. This time, she put a link to this webpage FULL OF DROP DEAD CUTE ANIMAL PHOTOS, called CuteOverload.

For a site that looks almost family friendly, i'm surprised to find it peppered with some expletives. I suppose that them animals are just tooooooooooooooo cute, that they elicit some really strong emotions.

Checked out the puppy category and boy was i greeted with loads of ... I can't even begin to describe it myself. For animal lovers, this site is a must-visit. Not sure about people who're adverse to animals, but... Some photos really did get me laughing soundlessly, so you might like to pop by and give yourself a chance to see nature in its quirkiness! (With the exception of some that've been set up by humans with too much time on their hands/people who derive pleasure in seeing... I dunno man.)
Oh, and reading the captions put things into context.

Aren't animals just the kewtest.

And then there're these photos of a beautiful little fawn and a dog cuddled together. It's under the "Cute or Sad?" category.

I couldn't find a URL for each photo, so you'll need to scroll through the photos, but that just serves to make it one nice long visual treat! Like they say, you might die from a head explosion.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Season of Pain, Season of Love.

Firstly, if i'm right about who he is, i didn't know that this friend of mine had a blog, but i just stumbled upon it for some reason. And I read something that shot me straight to my heart. I think he is quoting this passage from a book by Rick Warren (author of "The Purpose Driven Life"):

To share with what Rick said:

"You may have been passionate about God in the past but you've lost that desire.That was the problem of the Christians in Ephesus-they had left their first love.They did all the right things, but out of duty, not love.

If you've just been going through the motions spiritually, don't be surprised when God allows pain in your life. Pain is the fuel of passion-it energizes us with an intensity to change that we don't normally possess. It's God's way of arousing us from spiritual lethargy.

Your problems are not punishment; they are wake-up calls from a loving God. God is not mad at you; he's mad about you, and he will do whatever it takes to bring you back into fellowship with him."

I know that i'm copying and pasting wholesale but i feel that i need to place these here so that it can be a reminder to me, and not to be lost as a result of my often faulty memory.

This is GOD's Word on the subject: "As soon as Babylon's seventy years are up and not a day before, I'll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home.

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out--plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

"When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I'll listen.

"When you come looking for me, you'll find me.

"Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else,I'll make sure you won't be disappointed." GOD's Decree.

"I'll turn things around for you. I'll bring you back from all the countries into which I drove you"--GOD's Decree--"bring you home to the place from which I sent you off into exile. You can count on it. -- Jeremiah 29:10-14

Thank you my friend, for putting that up on your blog. I think i have the book lying somewhere around the house and it's about time i took the advice of many to pick it up and learn the precious lessons.

Did i also mention that QT today was awesome?

In this Season of Pain, i've found the True Love Of All Time.

A Blessed Valentine's Day to you all.
Today, i want to be swept up and swept away. I want to soar over the Earth effortlessly like a passing spirit, holding fast onto You, and be sheltered by Your wings. I want to hear songs that belong far beyond, my cares far behind me.

I want to be everywhere else but here. Just for today.

And then, I have a lecture later this evening. -.-

Monday, February 13, 2006

After following a link from a friend's blog, i was brought to a site documenting a number of amusing animals stories... Like how: (Mari, there're other hamster stories to read!)

Being a fat hamster is not so bad after all... *thinks of our own fatso of a hamster*

Hamster survives poison

10kg cat?

Is there a recipe for this kind of crab? Can grow as big as a dinner plate you know! can control their population wad.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another sucky february. Saint Valentine and the Cherub can go and take a hike unless a miracle happens.

Friday, February 10, 2006

This is an established fact. School's out=Less blogging. School's in=Too much nonsense to blog. Today shall be blog-off-the-top-of-my-head day.

While removing bottles of wine and goodies from a table to lay the newly washed placemat beneath them all, it occured to me: how easy it can be to "take things out" (do something in your life only to mess it up), and how it can be relatively more difficult to put things back together again. And when you attempt to put things back, the situation may not mend and restore itself into its original state. New state can be good AND/OR bad.

Die. Have written 900+ words out of a maximum cap of 1500 and i'm not even half done. Die.

Doing the first essay of the year for the social psychology module, and i find my brain entangled as i grapple with all the concepts: Of both psychological and sociological nature. Wheee! Don't get me wrong. It's exciting even, to be lost in my thoughts, considering how each concept may map or contrast with one another to help us understand the issues with methods of testing as well as us, human beans. Melikes.
Hm, I'm hungry. All them calories prolly went up to the grey matter.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hm! Didn't know that.

Did you know that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were friends from way back?

From, i quote:

"Our world would be poorer without two other worlds: Narnia and Middle-earth. Yet if two young professors had not met at an otherwise ordinary Oxford faculty meeting in 1926, those wondrous lands would still be unknown to us." (- by Chris Armstrong) (click here for more)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You know, in a scenario where the guy is openly looking at an attractive lady while in the presence of his girlfriend and gets "caught"...

I would rather the guy tell me outright that he was looking at her, as opposed to him lying to me by giving me some lame excuse/story to cover it up.
For all you know, i may even agree that she's beautiful because i don't believe in holding back compliments, where it is due.

Of course, i would love to and wouldn't hesitate to *beep!* the ogling head with my bare hands and bulging biceps. (me is not angel)
But i also know that men are visual creatures. Depriving them of beauty is like choking them to death, you know?

My point is, we girls are not stupid. We are very sensitive (in every sense of the word) and savvy about this kind of thing. You can't fool us.

So, to save yourself from getting hammered into pulp by your girlfriends either through verbal or physical attack, my suggestion is: Don't lie. Moderate looking is fine in general. Most importantly, is that you need to guard your thoughts.

Better still (my idealistic favourite... Duuh!) : Don't look. (choking to death already?)

And yes for your information, according to the rules of etiquette (and common sense), i quote: "A man who has wandering eyes and openly admires other women even when you are together is not only uncommitted, he also does not respect you."

Ah, but how about when the girlfriend's not around?

This one, i no give advice. This one... Go figure.

*** ***

Was blog surfing and landed upon this site which had a link to "Water Bed Candid Camera".

First, it got me staring at the screen to wait and see what it was all about. Then the bewildered chuckles started and initially felt a bit bad for the people, but then that slowly gave way to a constant grin coupled with sniggers here and there. Then it got me laughing outloud, guffawing openly. Then the er... funniness (?) came fast and furious and soon the laughter became soundless with gasping shrieks and then tears of uncontrollable mirth started sprouting out from my eyes...

I've not laughed that hard since our Ministah morphed into a friendly visiting alien right before our eyes on national TV last August 9th. (was that why there wasn't an encore telecast? or did i miss it. Hm...)

Gotta love the two ladies at the last bit of the clip. The body language and communication between the two was hopelessly hilariously tickle lishily!

All at the expense of complete strangers, some maybe even their dignity. Wicked, lah.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I actually had a totally different message to share when i started to write, but somehow, things took a turn when i let my mind say whatever it wanted. I would've doctored it or split it in half, but i figured... Think i'll just let it be.

Teehee, i'm no poet, but decided to try my hand at one. So here goes...:

To open thy heart before, 'tis a risk i did take,
But somewhere along the line, i realized i risked forsake.
But sometimes the urge becomes so strong,
So I simply just scribble some obscure song.

Such is the silliness of my public blog,
For one who fears getting severely mobbed.
Hence the things i type and publish,
Are mostly selfish, and some just rubbish.

It's for all to see, this online real estate,
But I know not who treads on this slate.
Nevertheless i thank the readers,
Who've often visited as this Vacuum's feeders.

Deep level discourse and embellished writings i have not,
Breathtaking photos, i also boast naught.
Witty lines and flowing expression,
Are more likely non existent than inner suppression.

Then again there was once a time,
When words arrived so clear and fine.
"Eloquent and articulate" were terms i favoured,
Thoughts borne of conceit and pride, they escalatored.

But then Life had a way to suck me out dry,
I open my mouth and nothing would fly.
When i once could slice a person in half,
Now, I'm as docile as a calf.
(ok, maybe not really.)

I look back upon the days of yore,
When suaning people was never a chore.
Though i'm watered down some with more to learn,
A dagger sharp mind, i still do yearn.

Hence often times i feel the evil green,
Creeping and seeking to consume and preen.
But then i think: "I Am Me",
My value, my worth: In the God i can't see.

So i worry less though still plagued at times,
But i remind myself: Don't waste your time;
"I am who i'm meant to be
Says the God who crafts perfectly".

Monday, February 06, 2006

A student talks about how s/he was very disturbed by a talk made in his/her school (a junior college) about sexuality:

"Another point made at the workshop is that sex is only for procreation, and that safe sex is "mutual masturbation". I believe that such views send a wrong message to youths - that safe sex must not be practiced. This goes against campaigns and calls for safe sex by the health authorities."

Reading the forum letter was ok at the beginning but somewhere towards to the middle and end, i've also become disturbed, but for different reasons. I'll leave everyone to their own views and conclusions on this, though in my opinion, this bit here is considered warped on a few levels.
I definitely won't overlook the possibility that some pointers made during the talk might be deemed off beat and/or controversial, maybe even wrong. Though apart from what i see as warped, i think that there's also a possibility that some issues were also taken out of context and therefore misunderstood by the student.

While the student was appalled and upset by the video featuring abortion:

I was given a gory abortion video to watch - In secondary school. Early teens. You know, watching the video in junior college may have been a little late for a few people.

From the name of the author, i gather that s/he is a foreign student who has either been here only a while or ignorant to such issues or not used to the blatant exposure of certain truths or genuinely adverse to gore...
But look: This is what society is facing and there's a measure of education on this area that students need to have. So deal with it.

On the other hand, given the seemingly pushy points (that're at times bewildering) that the Catholic Church was trying to bring across, it does make one wonder about whether the school should vet the organization and content before presenting it to the students. As for that movie they were allowed the view but were actually underaged for it... Rather iffy here. I don't know what it's about, but given the kind of ethics practiced or the lack thereof (depends on how you see it) by the organization, i wonder if the obtained net benefit is enough to make that move justifiable.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

He has violent tendencies

Lying down flat on my back on my exercise mat after two sets of crunches, panting, i looked up into a long doggy face that stared down at me with bright sparkly canine eyes and said to him: "Later, you bath ok?"
*jo thinks: smelly dog*

And then he punched me squarely in my right eye with his clawed paw.

Wa lao eh. My eye became bloodshot for a while ok?