Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Ever Chewy Choco Chunk Cookie

I am forever indebted to this person whose blogpost i stumbled upon while looking up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. She made changes to the popular new york times cookie recipe and came up with her own and you know, i'm a fan of it after trying it just ONCE! Left her a thank you comment but since she posted the recipe almost a year ago, hmm... not too sure if she'll know. But anyhow, all credit goes to her.

I see she's a reader of The Pioneer Woman too! :D

I wish the lighting was better here but yup! Hope this entices you enough to go try it out. I halved the recipe and it still worked beautifully, just so you know.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stuffed portobello mushrooms. These were soooo good. But i think i'll still try other ways of stuffing them (these had bacon in it). The possibilities for mushrooms and cheese is endless!

The tomato sauce turned out really delicious, but i think i picked the wrong pasta to use. The grilled chicken was okay. It was tasty, but i think i still prefer overnight marinated chicken to glazed-while-cooking chicken.
And these were the rosemary and garlic baby potatoes! I tried to make them as healthy as possible, so i put less oil and less salt. I think i will make them tastier next time by adulterating the recipe with all the other kinds of herbs and spices. Teehee.

and lastly... these AWESOME THE BOMB GO CRAZY EAT ALL STUFF YOUR FACE FINISH EVERYTHING AND MAKE AGAIN CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE. Ina Garten struck gold with this one. Oh... These were soooo good. Best eaten with chocolate loving friends around the dinner table. And vanilla ice cream. But of course. :) Have never made brownies from scratch before and this is the first recipe i've tried. Excellent. I'm full of praise for Ina. Get the recipe here!
I've made a few changes to suit my pantry's limitations and tastebuds, but you shouldn't stray too far off as well. Go try it! But i would halve the recipe, imho.
Had a prayer and catch up session with some of my church leaders and so this was a good excuse for me to cook and have people over during my Dissertation House Arrest. It was good. Food, friends, catching up and prayer. All good.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh, it's going to be a feast tonight. Photos later! :D

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

You can't just keep taking out from the emotional bank. Negativity, criticism, picking on faults. That's all you ever do. All you know. It is your legacy.

In order not to react, i cannot only shut you out mentally. I have to shut you out physically so that i will not hear anything you have to say.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Not bad. Productivity has gone up like, 5x? HAHA.

Have done and submitted Chapter 1 and 2 for vetting. Chapter 1 has been approved, Chapter 2 is in the process... A little worried about that one though. It's easy to pick out poorly written and thought out arguments. Meh.

Have done 5 out of 8 transcriptions. That is a FEAT. In the past, a 1 hour interview took 8 hours to transcribe. That's 1/3 of a whole day. Madness. But with the digital recorder i now have, it cuts down the timing to about 4-7 hours, depending on level of concentration and how long the interview was...

I hate that there's no way around this, i HAVE to do transcribing by sitting still for literally hours on end. But oh well. At least i have managed to bulldoze through half of it already. Thank you LORD!

Speaking of which. I have an awesome testimony i want to share. Will do so soon. :D


Ok, need to enjoy the process. Ahem. Last moments of being a student.