Monday, November 10, 2008

Of all the photos, the nicest ones were taken in the toilet when we were trying to remove our make up. HAHA.

Anyway, here's saying HI! after the wedding. :-)

As Jie meis, we had a good excuse to go pay some good money to get our faces and hair fixed.... So we went to a salon and i have never worn so much make up in my life!

Personally, i think i essentially look exactly the same, with or without make-up. Unlike some people who, after slathering on the stuff, look entirely different and unrecognizable.

What made me really grin (and think to myself that "it was all worth it") was when my dad said to me: "I think your hair was really nice... and i thought the make-up was done very well. Made you look really different, it enhanced your face. Very pretty." AWWWWwwwwwwww.... Thanks Dad! :-)


Rose in Bloom said...

you looked totally different here.

joline said...

*diao* -.-"
Really...? Teehee. ok. So who do i look like?

this guy friend walked up to the 3 of us (jiemeis) and said: "Woah... you all very on the ball ah! prettier than usual."

woah, wanted to throw something at him. hahahahhaha.

Free Bird said... looked like a rich classy lady. The dark eye makeup transformed your features somehow.

joline said...

free bird:

haha. the make up artist at first gave me very disney like fairytale light blue eye shadow which i didn't like at all. so i opted to add more black...

(it's my alter ego i think. she likes dark eyes and red red lipstick.)

milkycat said...

do that for bey's wedding too!

Free Bird said...

I'm finally going back to church See you there!

Anonymous said...

you are so pretttyyyy jo!!!! haha.


joline said...

free bird:

i'll see you! but not this week though, i'm attending my god bro's musical at acjc. :-) you take good care. hope your exam went well.


hey you!!! HAHAHA! milkycat? that's such a funny and cute-thoughts-inducing name...

Thanks girl, very flattered. heh. for bey's wedding? agh, i don't know how to put on that amount of make up on my own man.


*beam* aw, shucks.. thanks van. :-)

zen said...

i think u look diff. tat doesnt mean u looked ugly then or now, both r pretty in a diff way la....hahaha
u shud book a date we go perm hair orh???

joline said...


i think u'll look nice with permed hair! saw before on your blog.. i've permed my hair before though.

permed craziness said...

oh did u ? when ar? after jc u went to perm hair b4? i got permed b4 too. in jc, this maggi mee hair tat i ABSOLUTELY HATED. oh boy, anyway i comb it str la, so noone really noticed
bad experience, think i stick to curling iron---safer.

joline said...

permed craziness:

i did, in 2004. yeah, maybe the softer and looser curls would be better for you. jia lat ah, when an expensive hairdo goes wrong!

zeni said...

my mum paid for it.wahahaha. i think invest in a gd curling iron is gd enuff.permed still got to maintain it. so mafan~str hair somehow looks neater than a perm tat was done many mths ago

cheryl said...

Jo you should do this more often! I agree with your dad... it enhances your face! You look like some chinese movie star haha (reminds me a bit of Gong Li). Pweety!

jiemei lt said...

Hey gal~ I am so looking forward to seeing all the pix we took for that night!

Awww... Your Dad's comment was really really really sweet!

joline said...


personally, after buying a curling iron and never really getting the chance to use it, i find that going for a proper perm is better. It's not difficult to maintain. Just get some liquid wax and you'll de fine!


Awwww, Cheryl! Thankew. aiya, heh. (funny, you're the 2nd person who has said tt) hm, i would love to learn how to put on make up properly. now, i just smear stuff without really knowing what i am doing. haha.

jiemei LT:

Heh, yeah.. he hardly lavishes us with praise so that was really precious.
Yeah, we gotta combine the photos soon!