Monday, November 03, 2008

for you, miss zen :-)

happy convo to me (16th October, Thursday, 2008)! (taken by Alvin! Thanks bro...)

I really like the colours of the robe, my faculty's (arts and social sciences) colour. It was a silky rich rose red and a lovely purple, unlike some other colour combinations that i've seen that make graduates look like bookmarks. I sure hope my faculty in NIE has decent robe colours!

I took a "Harry Potter" photo of myself. Hur hur. Yeah, riding-on-a-broomstick thing.


Anonymous said...

haha. omg!

jo! you look so pwetteyyy!


zen said...

nice nice~congrats, oh by the way , is xh still living at bukit batok? i m nt going to her wedding dinner, so just might send a card or sth

joline said...


hee, thank you. *beams*


she is living at jurong west now. that's nice of you. :-) i'll msg u her address.

IzzyBellyHoo said...

awwww jo! CONGRATS!!! :D and agree with van you look FAB!

joline said...


Thanks issy. :-D
you and van are so funny man. i thought the gown was really hideous and was wondering WHO in the world invented it.

but aw, ok... thank you.. *grin big big*

Ambrose said...

Note: they never said the gown looked fab. they said YOU look fab, pwetteyyy =D
so soak up the accolades

joline said...


true. :-P *snigger*
ok, i shall bask in the praise.

oh, when u convocate, u'll realize when a piece of nonsense the gown is. (although u'll feel proud in it. aiyo.)

Ambrose said...

i... don't intend to attend my convo...
i'm not even sure if i have one, graduating at such a weird time. XP
i'm as detached from my school as i am different from a girl. =,='" juz wanna get the @$&%$# paper and get outta there haha

joline said...


oh kay... why am i not surprised i guess. :-P

zenya green tea said...

i think when issit my turn to wear tat gown ar? never, perhaps, maybe....