Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's our anniversary! Gem and I. :-)

I don't think we're able to go do anything nice or crazy or normal together today since we're occupied with you know, our other partners. Also known as "school" and "homework".

This week has been and is going to continue being rough. Many thanks to the folks who have been on the receiving end of my rambling and whining. You may not know it, but it's a chain reaction. What little that you do, has a big effect on me: Catching me when i am falling/fallen, saying the right words and not saying any at the right time. You've helped me.

Have also been having a sharp pain in my upper back that has been going on for about a week which recently got worse after i accidentally "abused" myself. God, help. *looks up*

I am thinking... When i begin work as a counsellor, this blog will have to become private. Then again, perhaps when i begin my internship, i'll have to start the process of moving i guess.

Ok, i've got to go back to scaring myself into continuing with my work by mentally running through my deadlines.


zen said...

oh no,if u make ur blog private, i cant see it liao! actually i dun think it is wise to blog abt ur clients,or whoever u call them. i m sure u know, confidentiality is impt. perhaps u shud well, i dunno, blog abt general things.hahaha, ok la, it is ur blog, u decide wat to write ma. wat i meant was say thigns in a general way, nt like why is this ger doing this? well, u get wat i mean? dun say the infor out. but just some words to provoke our thoughts.well, i m nt sure u know wat i mean.....geez....

WR @ David said...

*cheers you on*

Dominic. said...

Happy Anniversary to you both,
Happy Anniversary to you both,
Happy Anniversary to you and weirong,
Happy Anniversary to you both...


Okay, instead of asking, "How are you coping with stuff/commitments/school work/etc?", I will DECLARE that you will find joy, satisfaction, peace, delight, blessings, favour, fruitfulness, abundance, purpose and significance in ALL your endeavours, relationships, work, leisure, life, and yadda-yadda...

Be blessed sista and be overflowing with His grace! Cheers!

joline said...


i confirm will ramble one lor. won't tell all of course, plus i definitely won't want to let pple guess the location of where i will work in future.
if i go private, then i just send u invite lah/




Thanks Bro. Man, that was a lot of blessings. :-)

Ambrose said...

@ jo's reply @ dom:
have you ever heard of anyone giving a blessing? it's always "give blessings", "showers of blessings", "pour forth thy blessings".. you get the drift =p

p.s. okok.. u can tell that i have a lot of time atm.. actually i don't, but nvm, that's out of point ha.
p.p.s. ditto all that dom said!