Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello again, Standard Chartered run

Back from Bintan and boy, did i enjoy myself...

Thank you so much to my group of girls from JC that have been able to stick with me through out till this stage of my life! We've known each other since 2001 and it's really special for us to be able to go on a trip together. And might i add, like, finally. HAHA.

Anyway, i have DECIDED to go for the Standard Chartered event again, but this time, back to doing 10km instead of moving forward from the 21km to doing the 42km. Reason being... My knees need a BREAK! Yes, it's very glamorous to be able to finish the 42km but i know that my pride has to take a backseat while my knee condition takes top priority. I'm going to need them well into my old age k! I would rather have working knees than to be able to boast about having completed 42km but with busted knees. No point.

I'm all set to begin on my training program! Yahoo! Plus, it's even better that i now have girl (and guy maybe) kakis who are coming with me. :-) Gem is going to tackle the 42km with another friend... Oh my gawsh. If only i could drive, so that i can pack and bring some iced milo for us all after all our hard work.

The registration will launch from 21st of July onwards. Don't miss it! :-D

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