Friday, February 27, 2004

Twinkle in Eye

Today's friday.

Uh huh, uh huh.

After the last few days of endless mugging at home in order to finish the bits i need for my 1st Psychology assignment, i declared that today would be rest day.
I still need to tie up some loose ends.
I've been telling myself that since this morning... Erm, i'm sure i'll get down to it.

After my soap opera i've been following religiously, (anyone wants to guess?) i took an adventure trip to find my ARCHERY RANGE!!!

Yes, EVERYONE! I've finally enrolled, after all the talk about it.
Next saturday seems lightyears away.

Walking all alone is quite nice, methinks.

1. No one to complain and whine to me about how hot the weather is.
Get USE to it, already.

2. No one to hurry me here and there.

3. No one to care for to make sure they're entertained.

4. And i can talk to myself. REALLY. I do that. Helps me to reason and by hearing myself, i think it helps the brain realize things.
As they say, "Read Aloud".
Do you realize how: When you think you can't solve a math problem. Then you run over to the next helpful person. Then as you read the problem aloud, you go: "OH YA HOR!!! "
Than scramble back to which ever hole you came from.

5. I can talk privately to God as well or sing songs.

6. Listen to radio while strolling. I love the sun.

I had been walking in the wrong direction till i reached some highway and felt that something was horribly odd.
So, walked back lor.

The Archery field is some small plot of land, but big enough so you don't kill anyone.
Overgrown around the sides and the grass was coarse and dry looking.
There was a row of shelter-like things that looked particularly shabby.
One of the metal structures/frames had actually been blow over or SOMETHING, and it had actually flipped upside down into the next field that lies at a lower level next to it.

You gotta see it to believe it man.

I don't think the AAS has a permanent field. (The Serangoon Range will be available till 2006) But i think they at least have an office somewhere at Lantana.
I think it spans its shooting "land" over the affiliated clubs' premises.

SOme of the best archers come from Korea and Singapore is slowly trying (keyword:TRYING) to gain ground in archery following its medal at the most recent SEA Games.

But methinks that the first step is to GET PROPER PREMISES!!!

That's like, the first few things to do to get the MORALE UP.
Have a place to call their own.
A PROPER building with TOILETS and a field to serve as the training ground...

You know, THAT sort of thing?

I saw some of the big targets.
Woo, cannot miss on a fine, windless day.

SAturday... Please come quickly...

Yesterday, i had my first Arts Lecture at SIM. The lecture theatre was big and cushy! I think it is 3 times the size of ACJC's LT2.
Maybe bigger.

My lecturer is a funny chap, he is.
i'm glad.

One thing i found intruiging, and something i should've known by then is that Sonnets go by the rhythm: da dah/da dah/da dah...

This gives certain words an obvious emphasis. (i've always wondered HOW those fellas say: Oh, so powerful, so strong, see the EMPHASIS???)

But i think as far as the relationship between me and Sonnets go...

It's, da duh? da duh? da duh?

FOr those of you who don't know... I just can't figure them Sonnets out.
I guess i can read it ten million times and fabricate SOMEthing. (relating from experience)
The problem is whether that SOMEthing is regarded as "correct".

Once again, it comes to the point where i'll say,
"So... who's right then? Quirky interpretation from Joline or the RIGHT way, courtesy of the critics and/or the arty farty fellas".

I wish i could make more friends!

I've been wanting to say this:
Thought about it and discovered that i can't decide if i'm:
1. an introvert in an extrovert's clothes OR,
2. an extrovert in an introvert's clothes.

No. 2 is POSSIBLE!

Aaaagh. Dinner's calling.

Till then.
*Grins broadly and waves!*

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Day Dreaming


I really shouldn't be. But i am. And i REALLY can't help it.
I've decided to leave me pc on, on blogger. Each time some thought comes in, i'll log it in.
As of now, i'm doing statistics, AGAIN.

This's my third encounter with stats and i've grown to like it somewhat!
I thank the day Stats was ever introduced into the JC maths syllabus.
If it wasn't so, i would be struggling in the pits.

Because of the mode i'm studying by, struggling with stats could well be one of the worst things to happen at this point in uni life.

I've just come across a new form of data representation. It's nothing that i've ever seen before! It's called the Stem and Leaf plot, developed by Tukey (1977).

I can only say: huh?

Another thing that keeps banging on the door of my mind is ARCHERY...
I've called up the Archery Association of Singapore(AAS) and i've decided to enrol for the basic lessons.
Nothing's going to stop me now!!!
*evil cackle*

I think you'll be able to predict what the rest of my blog entry is going to look like.
Archery, archery and more fantasies about Archery.


I am NOT hung up about Him.
For some odd reason he incessantly enters my head. From random thoughts to even dreams!
I don't try to remember but it is simply because lots of things around trigger memories.
It's not just physical cues.

For once i am upset with (whatever) efficient work my brain can perform.

I had an odd dream last night that i was dead.
And people in my dream say that they hear whispering coming from my grave.
In another part of the dream, my family got word that He had gotten into Architecture in NUS but actually He had gotten into Riot Control. (imagine such a degree in NUS! AHAHA.)

WHAT THE?!??!?!?!?
Well, at least it wasn't Pig Farming.

I've not had such intense replays and all else related, till recently.
Why can't i be free of this mental torment.
I've released it to God and i have and still am continuously trying to put the pain behind me.


On a lighter note, someone thoroughly made my day last friday.
It was unexpected. So very.


I hope i don't make a fool out of myself. I really want it to work!


I've gotten my receipt that tells me my tutor has received my TMA (tutor marked assignment).
It's my very first and it's the poetry analysis one.(yes... THAT one)

I'm wondering if I'm getting the points, thus the marks, for the identification of the things i OUGHT to be seeing in that poem.

The funny thing is:
What if what I see in the poem, differs SO much from the so called "right" way.
Then, who is right?

A comment from my ACJC form teacher sets me pondering about the way i think and come up with ideas.
And i don't dispute that one bit!
Which kind of makes me a teeny weeny bit worried about how this's going to affect my interpretation of "ART".
Gah hahahaa.....................

It's so weird just talking about this.


I made myself go for a workout(jog and weights). It feels good to get them muscles, or what's left of them, back to work again.
Most of the time, they'd be sitting around wasting away, gaining a nice warm cloak.
My condo gym is...
It ain't hopeless as long as i'm the only one around. But as soon as other people arrive, the gym BECOMES hopeless.
Out of THREE treadmills, only ONE works. And tell me, pray, HOW many people come to the gym to do the treadmill?

Mumf, mumf.

I'm going to psycho myself for a healthy, weightloss thing.
I have to accept the fact that i can't jog much because of an old injury in the knee.
But doing treadmill decreases quite some knee impact. I like.
Guess it's going to be more swimming.

If everything goes as planned, i'll be off for basic lessons next weekend. WOOOT!
I'll update on that.

Till then.
*thanks for sticking by the mundanish, dreamy-weemy entry*

Saturday, February 21, 2004


My day would be utterly INCOMPLETE without devoting an entry to it.

It surpasses even urge to write about Mr Hung.

Today started off a little knottily and ended off good-badish.

Gosh, i've SO much to say i don't know WHERE to begin.

*DEEEeeep Breath*

The Outline:

My gang of ACJC mates were suppose to meet up to just have the day to ourselves but, quite a few things cropped up which kind of cracked the plan into sad sad fragments.

But we all met eventually, a little late though, but better late than never.

However, after a little table gathering and chit chat in the canteen, groups decided to take off either to look around or go home.

How i wish people would just put aside some things for a day of good, clean fun with friends not seen for a long time!
I must sound really selfish, but gosh... that's how much i MISS EVERYONE!

Walked around and went to the Sports Complex with Yali and Liting before we left ACJC.
After which Yali left for a school thing and Liting and i went for "dinner"/"supper" and a nice chat.

Went our separate ways at the bus stop.

The School:

I tell you.

The MOMENT i stepped in... Nostalgia kicked in ferociously. I wouldn't say i was happy. Yet i was thrilled.
It was a somewhat sad, longing, exhilarating feeling being back in ACJC.
The memories just came back sharp in the face like a slap.
Almost... painful.

It's been two years and i was back where, my feet had once trodden(dragged also), sweat poured, curses muttered (and screamed), brain fried, met my first partner in crime, made great friends for life ( i vehemently hope).
This place is special to me.
ACJC is special to me.
All ACSians reading will understand.

The list of emotions would take too long to type and would bore everyone by the time they've read "sad" for the 37th time.

I took a few photos. Quite lousy ones really.
But i still haven't figured out the photo thingy at Yahoo.
But technophobe has now begun sending photos via email using the Canon software!

There was just SO much to see and do and EAT.
But all i did was walk, take in the atmosphere, soak in the noise and familiarity, eat, talk.

The People:

The first two familiar faces Liting and I bumped into were Christine and Shan Ying. Small talk and parted soon after.
I really can't remember the sequence but i met some old classmates.
I think our class is pathetic.
There's NO spirit at all.
If ANYTHING, it' only between a selected bunch. Not that they're not nice, it's because the frequency clashes.
Makes my ears hurt oftentimes.

But i got to see... heh. A little red birdie's girlfriend. I've never seen him hold a girl's hand in my entire JC life till this day.

Apart from my own classmates, i saw loads of people from my batch. Though i can't put names to some of their faces.
Some of them have REALLY changed!

Oh, also met band people, Marc Ho and Youwei,who always has something "nice" to say.
Haha, i'm not going to take his comment to heart.
I really think he's funny.
Sometimes, he's so funny i lose my wits.

Saw Yolande, Eliza and Marcus too. More band people.
Hm... Who've i missed out on?
Loads i presume.

If i could shoot myself and wake up again, i would.

Because it was such an AC environment, i couldn't help but look out for Mr Ex.
NOT that i wanted to see Mr Ex but, it was just so automatic!
He's been through 10 years of the ACS life and would probably know almost every chap around.
Fun-o-rama would've seemed like the best reason for a reunion.

If Mr Ex saw me, I'm sure he would've grabbed the nearest table, run after and kill me if he had the chance.

I'm glad i didn't see him for reasons apart from the possibility of a premature death.
I've gotten over it so reasons associated to that are ruled out.

Oh... And Mr Paul Cheong too, i saw. At a cake shop.

I was looking around for my once-home-chem-tutor-turned-ACJC-chem-teacher.
I think the coincidence was a pleasant one.
Sadly, i didn't get to see him.
*scrunches face*

I met Miss Phang, my Math tutor who probably cringes at the sight of me. Was never in her good books. My statistics was beyond the help of teachers, including her.

I met a secondary school mate's younger sister who's at SAJC.
I positively yelled when she told me she was taking her 'A's this year.
Totally lost track of time!

I thought she was still in secondary school or first year JC or something. Wow.

Things Bought:

1. I definitely bought the Fun-O-Rama t-shirt for collection sake and because of the kick in arse from Nostalgia.
2. I got the red 1 litre bottle because my Speedo one requires me to refill all too often.
3. I got the little spongy zip bag i wanted since last fun-o-rama. But this one's smaller.

I tell you. The merchandise table was FLOODED throughout...
Our school doesn't just have a (got a few actually leh) reputation, but it's become a brand.

I think we ought to suggest to someone, maybe Mr Lenn, to OPEN OUR OWN ACS CLOTHES/ACCESSORIES/KNICK-KNACKS/SPORTS GEAR/WHAT-HAVE-YOU line.

We'll make big bucks!
How about that? WOOT!

4. I bought mee siam, fried ice cream, hot dog, orange juice and a free smoothie(well, half of it) for lunch and dinner.

The End:

So there goes the saturday, well spent.
Much better than going to that poetry seminar in school.

My day would not be complete without devoting an entry to ACJC's decades old tradition.

Yes, i remember you from Friendster... Hi there.

HEY! I think i saw you... If i am not mistaken, you were standing with a group of guys in the canteen.
Erm... I think you grew taller...? Hee. :~P
AH YES!!! That "Chipmunk"! Sorry, i had thought that it was some pet name you gave Robin in Primary school or something.
Oh, she retook her 'A's.
I have to salute people like her who choose to do that, seriously.
It takes courage to repeat, a lot of determination, motivation and the will to study all that ... again.
Yes, she has an interesting face.
Uh huh! THat's precisely the Ben Xiao i'm referring to! He ROCKS with his Er-Hu RIGHT??!?!?! When i heard him play, i was astounded, and totally enchanted. Just wanted him to keep playing.
Like an equivalent of some guy serenading me with a guitar...
Wahaha, but yes... Grand Master he is.
He transformed from this boyish looking chap into a pro musician in a breath right before my eyes. Merging into one with his instrument. Amazing what sounds can come out of two strings.

REALLY...? Now that's something!
Not many people have the name Lacretia.

Ahahaha, THANKS!!!
About poety, i had to pick from either math and computers OR arts. So... you know which Joline would pick right.
You want my completed works??? HA! I'm not sure they'll ask US to write. They ask us to analyse. If i ever do write a poem, it's going to break every conventional rule. WOO!!!

Heh... Is black hair REALLY in? I just thought that brown hair is so ordinary these days that having black hair is more original.
In fact, chinese women these days look as though they were born with brown hair.
As for Poetry? One of my modules is called "Introduction to the Humanities"
You see, i had a choice between the arts module and another one that concerns Math, the computer and the internet. Being the technophobe and mediocal math person, i picked the Arts module.

When i got home from ACJC, washed and settled down to blog, a secondary school mate called me to say she(and a few others) were about the vicinity and asked if i wanted to come down.

I did and it was so nice to see them again!
Wa, all the 3 guy friends drove and one has a Celica. *blimey*
Had a great time yakking with the two girls.
Time to catch up.
One was Jen who was with me since primary sch, through sec sch and even jc. Xiao was my good friend from sec sch who went to SAJC.

It's late now.
Gotta go.
Outta here.

Till Then.
*The Best is Yet to Be" The undisputed statement.*

Monday, February 16, 2004

Really Wordy One (>1)

I think academic pressure is one of THE things that really crack me. (NOT crack me UP)
The more i feel it, the more my mind begins to recall the past, imagine negative scenarios and i feel myself sink into mild depression.

Thanks January and Alwyn for your comments on the other way of looking at things. I'm glad because they serve as advice for someone who gets near the brink of insanity sometimes.
I'm trying to now equate Jesus and God and try to believe that there's no real distinction.
These confusions come i suppose as a result of redundant overthinking...? Or the brain wanting to establish compartmentalization. (woo, "that's quite a mouthful")

By the way Alwyn, which CCA were you in?
Oh and, i'm really wondering if we've got the right Betty here because "quiet church girl" type is entirely not her! Heehee.
She's not promiscuous or anything. Just pure bubbly!
ROBIN was your primary school mate and you NEVER knew he was just there??!?!
HAHA. OOhh-kkayy... Well, the "chipmunk" is at HQ Signals, so i've gathered from Robin's friend (Ben Xiao).
Hm, you mean you couldn't see Robin's photo until i put up a picture?

These days, it seems like if you want to be original, you should have black hair..

Have finally put a picture on the well, should i say infamous network thingy.
I'm no man's dream but i think i prefer my haircut now as compared to the one in the photo.
I cut myself a fringe some time ago because i thought the long bit was too thick and curly.

In addition, my forehead had seemed to be falsely claiming that i have big brains...
Hence my fringe.


As of this moment, i am TRYING to get my poetry analysis technique correct.
Ah, as the black and white says, "There's no ONE way going about it..."
But as always, they will then say something like: But if you read into its form and yada yada, you'll come to understand what it's trying to say.

And so Jo went for her seminar and discovered that doing-a-Mr Bean (i.o.w, looking at and yabbering about what you can see in a painting) is MUCH easier then poetry.

Though i have utmost respect for poetry... Good grief.
I REGRET the unchangable fact that i can't crack the thing, because it's such an artful and comprehensive (ok, that would depend on the KIND of poem) way of expression.
I have to say that i have grown to hate making sense out of it.

So everytime i glance at a poem, i feel upon me a cocktail of emotions, namely: Fear, Detest and Awe-but-face-it-you-CAN'T-handle-it-honey.

Although a poem, or a Sonnet (the sort i'm dealing with) may sound pretty straightforward in intention and meaning, there's much more that escapes the layman if he/she doesn't know what it takes to explain or RIP UP (in this case i mean analyse but by gum... i'd love to rip it up in the other sense) one.

There're SO MANY factors, both mechanical and linguistical, that one must consider for a poem's meaning.
I'm beginning to wonder if the spelling of the word "When" has a particular influence in the poem's meaning also.

It get's so teensy weensy-ly picky about every aspect.
Which've why i have a bone to pick with it...
I just can't do it.
I'm sure hoping that practice would sharpen my poetic instincts.

One of the reasons why we have to get picky is because, a poet can only say so much, to convey a whole barrage of emotions and perhaps to create an atmosphere.
So, every little punctuation and form of word, rhythm, pattern and wotnot plays a vital role in expression.
Hence we have to tear it apart like that.

Guess i'll be off now.

Have to rush that poetry assignment.

Till Then.
* "Scorn not the Sonnet" - by William Wordsworth*

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Slow down!

Heh heh, actually i do enjoy writing posts like the previous one.
Generally, i am sarcastic and morbid all round, but to write it out... I've to feel a certain way first.
*tsk, tsk*

Always look where you are going when walking through door frames. Not just the central part of you but also your other protruding body parts, such as arms, toes and fingers.

Trying to type with,
1. a laptop that's constantly trying to give me unpleasant zaps.
2. a painful elbow. (stupid door frame. or rather, stupid me)

Today, my pal Betty is having her biathlon in Sentosa. Yesh, sunday morning too.
This girl is tremendous.

I've always pictured her as someone who only runs in straight lines (or around a track LAH.) BUT, apparently she's now doing tennis and has joined the biathlon fellas in NTU.

She must be so fit now, accomplishing a shape most girls would love to have.

As someone has coined and is extensively used as an excuse, "I AM in shape... Round is a shape......"

The only biathlon i am involved in, is studying between my psychology and humanities module.
So much for biathlons.

Well, at least my brain will get the work out. Buffed brain (NOT BUFFLE BRAINED) but no buff body.

For a time(until today), i was confused about the theory of the trinity.
God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Actually, Jesus and God was the only thing i was confused about.

The knowledge i had, was this:
Jesus is simply God in human form.
They are actually the same person.
God is referred to as the Heavenly Father while Jesus is his Son.

NOW. This serves as rather confusing.

Jesus is God.
God is Jesus.

But. Jesus is the SON, God is the FATHER.

But personally, i think i can't directly accept that.
Misleads me more.

If i were to think in terms of Father and Son, it only makes me think that:
2. JESUS is only just a man who came to die.
3. One looks at the other with Love when they speak because they sound SHO Separate!

Tell me, who is the one we should worship.
The one true force, or the man who died?
(but of course, we do know they are the same but i am saying that if we see them as separate, it is so puzzling)

In previous days, i have been feeling off as to who i should be praying to.
It is odd that this hits me only now after 19 years.

But as of recently, i have discovered that my insides feel more comforted when i direct prayer to "God" rather than to "Jesus". I think i actually have been praying to "Jesus" unknowingly.
Is that a sign that i'm heading in the right direction?

In church today, the confusion elevated and there and then, i felt SO confused.
I had to get help.

Who am i to worship?
Is it God, or Jesus?

The stark thing that has spoken up in defence as to why i should worship Jesus is because, i realize that many songs(and i think i was a victim of ignorance) we sing today are directed AT and TO JESUS, rather than to GOD the ONE.
It is as if people were worshipping a HUMAN, CALLED Jesus.

I found this actually REALLY disturbing.

Of course i'm not saying we shouldn't worship Jesus.
He was the entity that was in human form so he could die for us all. (the ungrateful lot we are sometimes)
But it is after all, GOD the Father.
He is God the Father who came down.

So essentially, ALL praise should be DIRECTED to God the Father while we also show appreciation for what he has done on Earth by being Jesus.
So we thank Him for dying through Jesus, who was God personified.


Jesus the Human is NOT to be worshipped.
The Jesus=God should be worshipped. Therefore, ULTIMATELY, it is GOD we should be directing all praise to.

Prebelievers sometimes say to me, "I know, in Christianity, you guys worship Jesus(as the God) right?"

At those moments, i feel somewhat indignant inside but yet i didn't know exactly how to reply to correct that idea when i didn't know the answer myself.

So, it is not a relationship with JESUS we must have, but a relationship with GOD, our Heavenly Father.

I feel MUCH BETTER having that out of my system AND consolidating it in my head.

Just a bit of whatever:
A Hindu Philosopher said: You are, but you are not.

Oooohhh.... Kay.....
I nEEDddd to go back to studying.

Own academic biathlon. *phutooi*
Have i been spelling "biathlon" correctly?

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Normality. Really.


So, my cousin has left.

Everything has to go back to normal.

Where school work is mandatory (DANG!), i've no excuse to make for not being able to catch up, i've to wake up early to get a move on...

WHAT AM I TALKING about??!?!?

Almost all students out there are going through the same thing, so what the twiddle-dee-dum-dum am i saying.

Mind is:
1. going around, around in circles.
2. finding logic in the strangest places and ideas.
3. coming to strange conclusions.
4. lost? Lost. *nods gravely*

The simple truth is...
I've been having a holiday, one too long.

My school syllabus does not entitle me to a June break.
The course runs throughout the year and ends about in Oct/Nov.

So while kiddies and koodles run a-play, a-playing in June, i will have to be mugger mugging my way through.
It runs for 34 weeks straight. That leaves me 4 months of straight holidaying.

From one year to the next.

What i love about it, is that I get to enjoy my Jan and Feb months which, in my humble opinion are the most memorable and beautiful months.
This is talking in terms of all things meteorological.

Speaking of the weather.

The past few days have been horrifyingly cold and wet.

NOT that i dislike rain in itself or am horrified by cold and dampness in my tooshie(now, how is that spelt?), but rather it doesn't do wonders for my schedule!

Been wanting to go swimming and the like.

I don't fancy flirting with the chances of getting zapped to death in a cold pool.

I don't wish to make a huge waste of the condo's pool by causing people to gossip about a "girl-who-died-in-the-rain-in-this-pool,yes-THIS-POOL".

And then no one dares to enter it, therefore letting Fungi and Friends create multitudes of colonies.

Once i kill the use of the pool, my death will in turn inspire some juvenile movie maker who might be hoping to make a quick buck from a cheap horror flick.

So apart from, "The Ring", "The Eye", "The Wishing Stairs" (is that the name?), we'll now have "The Cold Dead AFloating".

Oh, i can hear the music...

Strange to be talking of such morbid things when actually, the weather today is absolutely marvellous!

Once again, the cold winds that freeze my toes and fingers, the awesome cheery blue sky that boasts of the contrasts between the white clouds and its own expanse.


Like i said, back to work.
I'm late!.

If there's someone who makes me shoot into the clouds (NOT Mr Wood, i'm talking REALITY here), it's got to be someone i've known since secondary school.

Everything that HE IS, everything he has done, commands constant admiration.

With every one glance at him, i know i'll come to a new level of admiration for this individual.

No spoken words now due to reasons that probably lie with him.

It is a sad thing to not know why.

Though he's only but a little effort away, a distant figure he remains and will remain.

Not talking reality.
After all.

Then AGAIN...
Mayhap i was misled by hope.

Monday, February 02, 2004


Recently, have been disturbed by some thoughts and dreams(the when-you're-sleeping-kind)d that've occurred in the last few days.

Can't be good.
The subject? The Ex.

I've moved on but why is it happening?

Watched "Shrek" on HBO last night. Refreshing.

My digits are freezing as of this moment.

Think i'll be going for archery with cousin tomorrow. Not even sure of how to get there by bus.
Does anyone know?
The archery place is at SAFRA Bukit Merah.

Heya you!!!
Really... that;s so nice of you. :-)
Nice hearing your wail every now and then. Heh. Still no letter regarding collection of books? That be odd. Have you tried checking the blackboard thingy?
YESH! Did all my wrapping already and i've started on the first chapter of my first psychology book. Very student friendly reading material, really.
I just found out that to get an A, you need 85 and above! HOW INSANE IS THAT?!??!?!?!?!!?!?
A B grade is from 70 to 84.
Crummy, i say. But since i'm speaking from the Monash experience, it does seem hard.
Putting it into the present context, maybe an A is not that unattainable. We shall see, in time to come.

Hey, THANKS a bunch!
Truth be told, i've never considered the possibility of going to a JC to teach, let alone ACJC.
It was because i want to teach in a secondary school where students are at their formative years. And i think i can forge better ties there.
Perhaps i have this predetermined notion that JC students are hard-headed people and that it will be extra daunting to help them in any arena.
But to change seemingly daunting people is the whole bigger challenge which will probably lead to greater teacherly satisfaction and encouragement.
Mayhap i'm just too bloomin' lazy...
Bad, bad.

HULLO Gurl! YEs... Thank you for the inspiring tit bit there. Should learn never to doubt self, yeah? Thus, go for it!
I've a friend "garangly" going for the straight Honours course! Haha, and she was also from my distance education class.
Guess I won't be all alone and we'll be able to share horror stories...Should there be any!

You know what's so nice aabout doing a humanities module? You get to watch VCDs and listen to CDs on issues ranging from Art, Philosophy (i think), Music, History,Religion, Literature among others.
Feels so good to let your brain juices flow to come up with own interpretation of situations and forms.
Get to read fiction books. (genre:Drama)
How often do regular students, in below-tertiary level education+ in science stream, get to read such artsy fartsy stuff for school purposes?
It's fantastically refreshing to do so now.


Been looking at the stack of books waiting to be read.
With guilt, i'll admit my steam has run low...
I need inspiration and focus once again, on direction.

I caught a glimpse of the Mazda 3 in a showroom.
Holy Moley!
It's a dude!
Nuff said.

I think i might be going cross eyed.

Walked along Robertson Quay one night not long ago....
I Love IT.
The dim but glowing-romantically lamps that lined the path way, created such an apt atmosphere for lovers, the depressed, the afficionados of romanctic settings alike.
It's not a place of aesthetic perfection to everyone, but to me, it's one of the most perfect places i've been to.

There was a pub/club/bar (i never know about these things so i can't tell the difference) situated along the quay that just made my heart go aflutter.

It simply radiated this compelling warm and welcoming and exotic pulse.
It was basically just in a corner, in the shadows cast by overhanging plants.
The many candles illumunated the faces of the patrons there.
Everyone seemed so at peace, so contented, soaking in the beautiful setting and enjoying the company of mates.

It was lovely, lovely, lovely...

It's in the area where the DBS SRT place is, methinks.

Till Then.
*hopeless romantic hopes...*