Thursday, March 31, 2005

move it.

Say, i don't know about you dudette. But i feel like that was a huge slap in the face, and esteem and ego.

Yeah you know, i agree. Yeah, you should never put up photos like that. I am not one to feel, but i think i can half guess how it must be like.

Yeah, thanks.

But it's normal anyway. Remember what you learnt. The fastest way to get rid of those feelings that get you down? Is to jolly well get over the superficial part first.
Once you do? You'll be free.
There. Wala.

Right. Uhm, thanks.

It must suck to have feelings. Though i will never know what it is like to feel, to feel... to... feel...
What's that thing you always talk about? Yeah, this abstract notion, of "love".

BAH. In the human sense, it is something that makes you die multiple times when you invest too much each time.
Enjoy your life as it is. You don't want to know how it's like.

Maybe and maybe not.
I should switch places with you. You of emotion.
Studying to be a psychologist. Ptah! You can take it? If i take your place, you needn't ever suffer and you can work more efficiently.

Emotions may make one suffer. But it's about being human. You wouldn't know how to identify with anything if you can't feel a thing.
But for once i'll concede and say that i wish i could be you for now.

*** ***


Instead of getting stronger, i fall harder each time it comes around. Something must be wrong with the way i deal with pain.

It's a battle... Raging in me. I can tell you.
There's a real heck of a racket going on.

Believe me when i say that what was mentioned above are not the warring parties.

*** ***


I'm glad that i'll be in good company soon.

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