Sunday, March 20, 2005

my night.

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Clark Quay has changed so much since the last time i went there... when i was a primary school going nerd face.

It now has a WHOLE ROW OF EATERIES AND BARS (or wotever you call them. i am not Miss Suaku for nothing). And mind you, i wouldn't mind spending some time in them. They look absolutely gorgeous.

There was this place called the Asylum, (i suspect for people like me) and i was mesmerised by the decor. One little corner had a bar, with rows and rows of liquer. And another corner, a few high chairs around an equally high table.
And facing the exterior, and open to all the world to see, with only cushion chairs to distinct between outside and inside the place, was a little "living room" like looking place.

It was darkened, but dimly lit with these exotic looking tall curly candles. There was a plasma tv against a feature wall (think brick wall).
There was a couch that looked really inviting and other assorted woody but cushy looking short chairs
The walls were textured... and allowed the orange light to bounce off, giving the room such a cosy, warm, and that, all-chill-out character.

Mmmmmm, gorgeous.

My sister and i were just staring in and dreaming up the ways in which we'll replicate it and add other stuff the next time when we have our own homes.

We also got to see people pay $30 to potentially spray their last meals on sadistic spectators below.

Yes, i am talking about the REVERSE BUNGY JUMPING thingy.

I want to go for it one of these days. BRING IT ON.

*** ***

A cockroach took the liberty to crawl over my beautiful sacred toes last night. I spared its life because it was too much of a hassle to kill it.

Today, i got home and turned on my lights so i could turn on my pretty lappie. And horror of horrors, i saw that repulsive brown creature clinging into my SPEAKER. It's the BIG KIND of ROACH.

I decided that i had enough of this vermin lurking around my room. As much as a roach is God's creation, it will not make a living in MY ROOM and create its own other roaches. NO WAY.

And so i declared war on it and now it is sitting probably quite dead in a, trust me on this though i cannot reveal details, VERY UNDIGNIFIED PLACE.

My room is a mess, but it will not tolerate vermins. But that excludes Jed.

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