Wednesday, March 16, 2005

another late night

The only thing that is making this late night bearable is the music playing the background...

"You give and take away (x2)
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be your name."

*** ***

We were given this instant noodles in our goodie bag from sunday's shoot.

For the uninitiated, the noodles go by the name of "chou tau foo", meaning "smelly beancurd".
(this refers to the flavour of the noodle's seasoning)

I guess it would put the average person off right?

For me, i happen to know what it is and i happen to like the "smelly beancurd" which they sell in little bottles in supermarkets.

I was vehemently told not to eat the noodles because it STINKS.

Well, whaddaya know.

I made the noodles, and it stank like A RUBBISH DUMP. I kid you not.

But i liked it.

*** ***

It's 5:30am and i am hungry again. The last thing i ate was the stinky noodles at about 3am.

I think i should have my own pantry of late night food.
Yummy boosters to keep me awake.
Any suggestions?

Kinder Bueno is a favourite but by no means cheap. (when you consider how fast they are eaten)

DARN! Stomach is not happy!

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