Saturday, March 12, 2005


I WAS in dire straits with that report.

But you know what. Prayer works and it justs astounds me.

While staring at the computer screen and groaning inside about how screwed up my report is, (trust me, it is C OR D grade material, which is unacceptable to me)
i decided to ask God to bail me out... again...

"Lord, remember the last time you helped me with that thing (bible quiz for church camp) i was rushing with? I'm going to need some help again, please..."

The problem i was having was,
1. not enough time.
2. too many words. i am only half done and i've already hit the word limit.

And so jo goes to school for tutorial, meeting her cognitive psychology tutor for the first time this year.
i was contemplating not going at all.

lo and behold.

Tutor says:
"i am very generous with my assignment extensions. so, if you need one, just let me know. even if you finish your assignment on the due day itself and of course you cannot post it at 11pm at night, don't worry. don't waste money coming all the way down to put it in my postbox. just mail it the next day and take it that you've been given a one day extension."

"i don't care too much about word limits, though if you find that you've written way too much, you know you've gone wrong somewhere. but generally, i don't really care too much."

at that point, i couldn't agree more with him. like, hello? i'm doing a REPORT HERE. And if it so happens that i have tons to report, than how does a word limit help in anything?
it only serves to make sure that i miss out on good points

Back to the story.

Because of my half burnt/passed out disposition, i didn't realise the significance of what he said.
Until i reflected on it on the way back.


Plus, i was told that people from other classes want a place in his tutorials because he's a very good tutor.
I've been given the best cognitive psychology tutor around!

Lord, you're my saviour in more than one way!

All thanks be to you.

Lord, thank you for showing me that you care even when a tiny human bean like me has assignment problems.

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