Monday, March 14, 2005

he's mine!

I was walking home from a good dinner i had with my camp committee people and nursing an aching jaw.
(FSMT, you are such a joker man... cannot walk with you from now on.)

Yeah, and what glorious way to end the day by meeting this gorgeous hunk on the way home?

Was thump thumping down the slope on the way to the lift and when i turned... and saw the one of the cutest things to exist.

He had these long lean legs, crisp clean short hair, adoring eyes, and was tall too.
He walked with confident steps and was seemed very assured of himself.

I couldn't resist it anymore.
I HAD to talk to him... I've seen him around before in my estate and i figured, if not now then when...

Since i was feeling quite daring, and confident that he would talk to me, i decided to give it a shot.

Before i could even introduced myself, he threw himself at me. Literally.

Lean legs, lean body, mouth even.

Obviously, he likes me too.


I never expected that he would have such... energy.
He didn't look like the sort who would harbour such ideas.

Anyway, i got his name. His name is Max. What a nice name right?


I'll be seeing Max pretty often.

Oh, Max is a dog.

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