Saturday, March 26, 2005

All done.

It was precisely during this this time last year when a cell mate devoted his life to Christ.

It was when YOU, oh LORD, made your LOVE known to Mankind.
And for that, all those who turn to you are saved from the wages of sin, that is death.

I thank you, my dear Father, that i know you.

You gave up your life for your friends. You gave up ALL that you had.
So unselfishly and without complaint.
The spotless lamb indeed.

Thank you Lord, for not just the works of your hands that Man so often only seeks, but thank you for WHO YOU ARE.

*** ***

Before i start yabbering away...:

*group hug, group hug*

*** ***

With a mere 3 hours of sleep on friday morning, i did a whole lotta stuff and i had tremendous fun and fellowship...
and shopping. *mad ear to ear grin*

Anyhoo, imagine my home being tranformed into "Jo's Tavern" ( courtesy of K)
Ok la, rose syrup and no alcohol.

We had a makeshift band. How cute is that right?

After service on friday morning, most of my cell trooped over to my place to hang out and nua. We almost begun screening Shrek 2 but then, a couple of girls started to monopolise the Kawai piano.

With much shock and totally unmasked glee, K found out (and i foolishly only just remembered)
that we had a bass guitar in the house too.

So, that made 2, (well 3 actually) in the "band".

Soon after, a request for a guitar came about. I was struck by the whole idea and ran off to grab the guitar though i explained first that one or more of the strings was proabably loose and dead.
(yeah, my dad WAS a cool guy, *snigger*. Joking, joking.)

I discovered that my dad had a few packets of guitar strings yet untouched and unstrung. *kewl!*

And while i proposed that i borrow his guitar with the dead and loose string, he proceeded to rummage through his drawer in such childlike excitement (at least it looked that way lah) that i was giggling inwardly.

So, under the skilled hands of K, the guitar was strung with a new string (albeit the wrong type though), and so now, we had 4 people in the band! A pianist (and co-pianist), bass guitarist and classical guitarist.
All impromptu wan leh... Vehlee cute right...

TADAH! Mini worship team in session!

My mom was in the midst of all the action and she looked like she was having fun.
My hands were itching for the black and white keys, but it's all right.

The house literally and figuratively felt empty when they all left. :-(
All good things must come to an end.

Well, least i'll be seeing them all later on!

*sighs wistfully and happily*
My life has changed qualitatively.

Never would i have friends like these or moments of pure fellowship with church friends had i not been pushed both internally and externally to join a cell.

Man, i am glad i did.

There are a great many other people out there. And you never know how your life can be changed by them. In good and/or bad ways.

*** ***

Dum dee dee dum.
I did most of my necessary shopping yesterday.

AND... I spent a bomb. No, i am not North Korean.

Oops, where was i?

The fletching jig is now off my wishlist. (well, so is bubble tea and kinder bueno... i guess the inane incessant calling for both has died down considerably)

YES! I can FINALLY fletch my own arrows in the comfort of my own home and in my own time.
6 triple face target paper sheets? CHECK
One pack of new orange fletches? CHECK.


I love my Easton A/C/C arrows. Pretty good arrows, reasonable price.

Anyway, apart from my archery equipment, i am pleased with the rest of what i got.
Now, to hope for the best.

RIGHTY-OH! I didn't wake up early just to blog.

Till then.
*to continue to seek you in all circumstances, my Lord.*

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