Sunday, March 13, 2005

dead fish

i went for the NUS Outdoor shoot today.

the ONLY GOD GIVEN thing was the absence of strong winds. That is the only thing that went right.

what went wrong:
- my scope came loose
- scope was scraping at my fletches, tearing them as the arrows took flight.
in other words, there wasn't enough clearance.
- my first round was a show stopper. in the other negative sense.
- arrows not hitting the board
- had to pull off all damaged fletches and so this affect the flight.
- had to, on the spot, decide to aim off the centre so i could hit the target.
- coach didn't look happy. at all.

i am sunburnt, my nose hurts, one arm is darker than the other, only half my legs are tanned and my jaw is aching from... chewing too furiously on gum during the shoot.


i didn't train whatsoever for this shoot. and me doing like crap has made me decide that i will train purposefully for the upcoming INDOOR SHOOT.
Which i am sure i will have no majoy problems with.

I am doing well with 15m so, 18m should be easy.

wonder if i should get the fatter arrows for the indoor shoot.

and then, more bad things.

- i screwed my psych experiment.
- want to redo but not many more people to ask to be participants.
- don't wanna smoke through the report.
- but no time to redo!
- emailed tutor for extension and email kena rebound.
- what the..............

Today, was not my day.

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