Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Because of these websites, i am:

- having such a great time to the point of not concentrating on my work. (...)
- having a great laugh
- realizing, that i've found the blogs written by people who really tickle my funny bone. The one kind of humour i appreciate.

ok, i admit i am sure a slow one in discovering that i love these sites since entering the blogsphere. Ah, better late than never.

(mr brown, mr miyagi, bubblemunche, LMD, etc.)

I like this post. Hope the author doesn't mind me putting the link here.

Back to work.

*** ***

me: managed to send the files through?
coach: i am still negotiating your case. Will confirm asap.
me: (thinks) oh my oh my.
me: Sure, thanks! it's for the youth training team right?
coach: yah... any achievements? as in, medals?
me: (thinks) WHAT?!
me: no... i have no sporting background.
(i don't think sprinting counts here right)

Ok, that was the suckiest thing to say when trying for the youth team. But what the flounder. I am nonchalant about it.

All i have is my positive attitude towards training and being a better archer and taking advice and coaching.

And if opportunity comes, and i am game, i'll go for it.

If you don't want that, fine by me.
It was an aspiration, a burning desire, dashed by politics and my own fear.

Now, the love for archery is here.
But the burning drive to once again meet my dream squarely in the face is but only glowing and cooling coals now.

Can i be ignited again? Maybe.

So, the cards are there all laid out.
Doesn't matter to me if you swipe em off the table.

I'd walk away feeling cheated and humiliated.

But i know there're far better things to achieve in life than recognition and Man's praise.

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