Thursday, March 03, 2005

Today shall be, "type as and when i feel like it".
off the top of my head, stuff.


We need to get a REAL weighing machine. Not that the one we have is showing me something i don't like to see.

Quite the opposite really.
Which is the very reason why i don't believe it.

They say:
There are no ugly women. Just lazy women.

I think, i am lazy. Therefore, that makes me ugly.
So, i am ugly and lazy.
What a brilliant and winning combination.

Looking around myself as i go out onto the streets of O. alone, yes, and i can do that with utmost confidence mind you, (hm, come to think of it, i think i scared off that lady from the modelling agency) i realize what lengths women older and women my age go to to make themselves look desirable/feel good about themselves.

The nails, the hair, the make-up, the... rearrangement of anatomy(?), the shoes, the clothes...

And if you notice, the kinds of things hanging from the average women out there is quite... quite loud.
(that could mean in colour... not always in design, but design can definitely be included, cut, style, accessories... the works.)
That's in my opinion, of course.

Thing is. They bother to do all that for themelves.

And i am thinking: Gee. I am comfortable as i am.

And that would be:
a solid coloured tank (preferably racer back)/polo tee/big or slightly fitting tee
my usual hip-hanging-no-butt-to-hold-up jeans/my trusty berms-that-were-around-since-sec-school.
slippers/teva sandals.

I can run after a bus, dash up stairs two at a time, sit reasonably comfortably without revealing anything indecent, not worrying if i forgot to shave (!)...

I'm sure i can think of more.

Sometimes i wonder if i can look any better IF i bothered to do something about myself. (HAHA, that came out sounding rather strange)

But look.
I vow that i look odd with any more make-up than what i use now. And i am not exaggerating when i say that i look like someone from a Wayang show if tried to dump on more.

And of course, many other things which would just give you perfect reason to say: That's your problem you boring old lady.

I am now not just lazy and ugly, but also conservative, scared and unadventurous.

The perfect candidate for some local makeover show or some glamourette thingy aye?

hohoho. Sad case lah you, jo.

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