Saturday, March 26, 2005

After reading my psych textbook...

We always think of cows as milk-giving organisms.
(and beef)
(and maybe your mother-in-law...)

Back to the subject:

At some point, some human females will give milk.

(no, i am not doing a premise by premise and conclusion valid argument)

(and anyway, if you DO dare tell me that we women look like cows when we are pregnant, i will slap you.)

(though i actually secretly agree with you... But you're NOT suppose to be truthful to us!)


Strange, is the notion that at that "some point", those human females will be producing something edible.

Well, at least to baby, it is edible.

Imagine if humans could biologically and naturally produce their own edibles.

(oh, the book's on child development, if you must know)

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