Saturday, March 19, 2005

off the top

I don't know why i keep doing this to myself.

I DELIBERATELY hurt myself to see if i can "take" it.


*** ***

I'd like me a confident man.
Who pushes the right buttons.
Who's intelligent in his responses and not pointless in his comments.

Unfortunately, i am neither of that myself. Hieh hieh.

Which's why i have all reason to ask for it...

We're suppose to complement one another, no? ;-P

Ah, wistful thinking/wishing.

*** ***

I stepped out into the bright sunlight, face uplifted, with a slight smile touching my lips.
The hue of her flames was made more romantic as she succumbed to her brother, moon. Dry and crisp grass bent beneath the soles of my slippers.
Red golden rays filtered through the gently swaying leaves of the trees, setting the ground ablaze. The breeze, sweet and gentle, swept my hair behind my shoulders.

I felt like i was blithely walking through some part of romantic Europe.

All this because i had Lush 99.5 wafting through my ear drums. Music sets the mood, indeed.

Every time i have Lush playing something really funky, you'd see me acting strange.

Oh, you know i read this article about visiting Japanese going to Europe and getting sorely disappointed, to the point of falling sick and depressed...
Because they found that Europe was not like they expected.

I didn't know if i should've felt sorry or sneer...

That's if i remember that correctly.

Till Then.
*tell me to go sleep the next time you see me online at 1am*

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