Thursday, March 24, 2005

i'm running outta titles man.

If anyone should want to learn how to play the guitar, keyboard or be a vocalist (in a church worship setting) and you want to learn the skills from scratch, i recommend very strongly BelieverMusic.

I've gone for the keyboard beginner course and i am learning new skills and chords i've never learnt before in my classical piano background.

My instructor never makes anyone feel uncomfortable, left behind or stupid. Learning together with other Christians with the same goal in mind, in a Christian setting makes the experience there a really pleasant and quite "loving" one, in a sense.

I've already enrolled for the second course!

*** ***

(skip this because it's jo's own boring mumbling about hair. I've warned you already.)

Chopped off my long locks in favour of a short, dyed crop in 2003.

Now that I've more or less grown my hair out and sheared off the coloured bits, i am wondering if i should dye it again.
This time: it's going to be dyed, long hair.

I'm in two minds about this because it took me forever to get rid of the last remnants of brown, gold and ash-brown.
That's 1 year and 5 months, to you. Enough time for my sis to dye her head TWICE.

The typical girl around all look like they've been cut from the same piece of cloth.

1. coloured and rebonded hair.
2. coloured and curled.

WAH... like sardernlee ah, so many Singaporean women all sprout curly curly hair. Soooo exotic ah.
I also wan leh.

Whatever happened to the natural look?
Nowadays, natural coloured hair is a rarity.

To me, it's come to a point when almost every other Chinese woman can look normal with coloured hair.
And gone are the lines/stigma of, "wah, dye hair ah? So pai kia/ah lian/ah beng man!"

Well, i think coloured hair can make someone stand out and look good. In some cases, it just looks like any other coloured mop flopping around. Nothing fabulous.

Think i will keep my hair chemical free just a little longer... before i become like one of the masses.

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