Wednesday, March 23, 2005


She went to him, because he was sobbing.
And then she fell in love with him.
Revelation? Or the realization of her stupidity?
They then went their separate ways.
She found someone else and loved him.
And He thinks: too bad.

Why, he asks. Why is he always subject to this kind of nonsense. Twice, in a row.

*** ***

I am pissed. Don't you tell me to * * *.
You high and mighty * * *.

That was * insensitive of you.

Went to the gym and worked my posterior off just now. Man, it's been a while.

I think my blog is wayyyy too tame.
I don't do, say, express, reveal, a lot of other things other bloggers do on their blogs.


Sometimes, i want to yell out so-and-so's name.
I want to tell every single detail.
Sometimes, i want to rant and rave, with sarcasm dripping from every word you see on your very screen.

But people read this and i am not the sort who tolerates all the hate stuff. So...

Because i'mTOO NICE and i want to SAVE YOUR FACE, i do not.


But i think i won't stinge on the sarcasm the next time though.

We'll see.

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