Monday, March 28, 2005

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Miniscule Team ACS, that is, Archery Club of Singapore. (Not full strength though) Posted by Hello

i love photos like these, i.e Rows and rows of bows. I like watching recurves in action, but incline towards salivating at compounds at rest and action. Posted by Hello

Our other compounder (heh) in long sleeves and blue bow. and BY THE WAY... DO YOU SEE THAT HOYT BOW? *screams* the one on the far left being raised up as well. Beautiful. Posted by Hello

Newbie J. at C Class recurve, or was it Standard Class? *pai seh* Posted by Hello

ok, and the general pre-shoot horseplay. Posted by Hello

Ah, compound galore. Posted by Hello

Can you see Yours Truly? I'm aiming at the *mumble* 70m target. The joker in white long sleeves without a cap. Posted by Hello

I was going to post another when i realized this was getting a little narcissistic. *muah hahaha*

So, enough for now. If you want more, well... At your own risk.
hee hee.

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no problem. :-) Seems you left a little earlier than most other people would. About your course you did... *chuckle* That is so like you. Hm, never seen a portfolio of your works before. Only snippets of your talent. ;-) Blow the NTU admissions people away!
Yeah, this Good Friday-Easter weekend was fabulous. Thanks. :-D
Oh, btw, if you want to reply and if the post and its comment box is quite way back(which i might miss), you could reply in the latest post's comment box. Thanks muchly!

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"Yes" and "No" are plain and simple monosyllabic answers to questions that demand either one.
But, can a Yes be stronger than a No? Or, can a No be stronger than a Yes?
Meaning, can one answer bear more weight than the other?

When two people come head to head in a situation, which answer has to be respected more?

This varies with context, no doubt. But given that all factors are the same, which holds more authority?

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I bet that everytime my sister walks by my room only to hear MANDARIN STATION--> LOVE 97.3fm (or was it 97.2fm?) blasting from my hi-fi's speakers, she'd think that she's been teleported to another home.

Hey, i don't understand what they are singing. But the tunes kinda soothe my hurting heart.

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Am training for the upcoming NUS Indoor Shoot. But once a week shooting training is not enough lor...

My latest highest score is 491 out of 600. My usual is a 470+.

I want to get 500+. That's national team standard.
I'm getting close.


Till Then.
*essay time*

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