Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Need to get:

- fletching jig
- see if i can get that transparent-coloured fletches
- lappie foamie cover
- lappie screen protector. (protection from dust and my itchy fingers)
- Veet
- triple face target paper
- new Mathews compound bow. (HAH! Like real... In my beautiful dreams only.)

Fletches= what the layman would call the "feathers" on one end of an arrow.

Personally, i'd love... a Hoyt compound bow. (though i'd change the colour of the one you'll see if you click on the link)
Awfully pretty, very striking, spiffy and attitudinal to the MAX.

In Singapore, you get a bare Hoyt compound (without the other accessories like even a peep sight) for about $1400+

Guess the next best option would be the Mathews. Though the new ones (2005) look kinda ugly.

That's outward appearance-wise.

I have tried a Mathews a couple of times but not enough to really get the feel of it.

As for A Hoyt, have only carried a Hoyt but never shot one before. The cast that one can get seems real good on a Hoyt though.

Wait till i earn my keep... then we'll talk.

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