Wednesday, March 16, 2005

strange sleep.

Ever had this before?

There was a time in my life during JC when i had been going through strange, i'm not sure if supernatural, experiences when i am asleep.

What would happen is, while asleep, my whole body would suddenly go rigid and I wouldn't be able to move. Not an arm or leg.
And it felt like all my nerves were tingling away, from my toes to my head.
It didnt hurt, but it felt like every fibre was being pulled and tightened into attention.
And my mind would suddenly zap into half consciousness.

It's only when i start saying, "Lord help me" repeatly, over and over again, my body would be released and back to normal.

There was even once when i was dreaming of someone laughing, the laughter from something familiar and human, suddenly trailed off into devilish sounding laughter. Pure evil.

And after that, i went rigid and stiff, couldn't move.

I had to say the same thing over and over, "God, help me, Lord please save me..."
And half consciously as well, i was praying, repeating, "Lord, please take away this evil spirit, in Jesus name."

And then i was freed.

I am assuming that i dreamt of it being devilish only because i seemed to think that this whole experience was supernatural, that's why the mind picks it up and manifests it.
Only by virtue that it is only a concern and so dreams it up.

Nevertheless, during that time of my life, i feared sleeping in my room but i simply tried my best to ignore it and sleep anyway.

So each time before i slept, i prayed that God would keep away anything of evil nature.

After a while, i no longer had those weird experiences.

It wasn't too bad a time, but it was disturbing. Because everytime something near me moves on its own or if i heard anything, the first thing my mind would yell is, "Ghost."

And it is not healthy when you are constantly thinking that something is lurking near you.

A friend told me that it could be due to magnetic fields or some sort that caused the strange occurrences.

I hope so. I don't know.

But crying out to the Lord sure works.

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