Monday, March 07, 2005


i am glad to say that now i am beginning to see what people mean when they say that they enjoy worshipping God with music.

It used to be, "ah, ok, i just like playing the piano because i like making music, i like just the act of playing."

But, as i learn new skills through the keyboard lessons i'm having, i am learning more about worship and how such a joy can be found making music for God, and how even more wonderful it is, when you play AND SING to Him, the words.

And mean everything that you say in the song.

playing creates simply the tune and melody. but it's when you sing and mean it...

when you sing with your heart and mean all that you say, there is such overwhleming joy, pleasure and flow when you worship.

AS i sit at my piano and play, i create or discover chords that tingle my senses within, and i simply love it.

Certain jazzy chords, meaningful, chords that lead on to something...

But making music for the purpose of worship, is more than just loving the sounds and chords that you make.

not that what i play is top notch material.
i just play what i know and feel.
(never was much of a score reader anyway)

music is the medium... but the extra dimension, that is, that love for the Lord and the desire to express this devotion, is so lovely and personal.

It's an expression of love to my Lord, in a way that i know.

*** ***

I wonder if the compound event has been restored into the SEA Games this year.

I am cheesed with those silly "sports" officials who don't know a thing about archery and insist on not recognizing the compound bow.
And furthermore, imposing their MYOPIC, COKE BOTTLE EYESIGHT on the all important decision on whether compound is in.

The last time i heard, the event hasn't been included. Singapore had better vote for it.

It'll be fun to watch people i know on TV! All the recurve and compound dudes and dudettes!

What happened to my dream? Smothered by politics and inefficiency, that's what.

But nonetheless, i still love archery and i'm not going to let this love die.

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