Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Off top of head.

My apologies for inaccurate info. After rearranging the arrows, i found that i actually have 21. And i am not sure if these arrows were customized or bought right off. In fact, i am not sure how arrows are bought. Since arrows have to be cut down to suit an archer.
I was also told that the nocks were expensive. Like, $1 a piece. To cut the long story short, the lot are going for $200. Was told it was a good buy.
Oh, i do wear my armguard. I would never go without it unless it slipped my mind.
Somehow, the bow string will find it's way around and give me ucky bruises.
I believe it's my fault it happens. Cos when the bow's heavy, the arm tend to come in to give support but gets in the way so ends up getting hit.

Hello sister. Haven't seen you in a while... I see you've been awful busy too working. What happened to our Malaysia trip huh? hehehe.
I've deleted only one entry which i thought was quite stupid.
Ha, and yes. I couldn't just say my ... was aching so i went to check it up and found it was called the trapezius.
Update your blog when you can hor... :-)

*** ***

Ah yes. So for the first time, my area was affected by one of Singapore's massive widespread blackouts.

I was on my comp when suddenly, all the lights faded off into darkness with a dying power noise.
I thought: ok, power trip. just flip the button.
Then, i looked out my window and realized that all the lights in the next block were out as well.
I could actually hear people making howling noises... FOR FUN.

I must say it was rather funny how people make a joke out of it.

So my family swung into action, taking out the torches,lighting candles (Mostly those stuff to do with aromatherapy sort. heh heh. Came in handy even if it's primary purpose wasn't of use?) and turning on the battery powered radio to listen for any news on the blackout.
And i made sure that Jed the small black dog wouldn't get stepped on.

Even the streetlights were out.

What i really thank God for was, my sister was on the way home, just outside the condo when it happened.
A little earlier, and she might've been caught and stuck in the lift.

Who knows how many people could've been in that predicament around the estate?

The funniest thing was i looked out and saw a person taking advantage of the darkness to play with sparklers!!!

I thought that was an interesting part of the human spirit.
I could link that to some: "Life's Lessons" , but i guess i will give the preachy talk a miss.

The cause apparently was a disruption of natural gas in Indonesia.
It's interesting how some occurance like that can have such an effect on us here.
I must say that the investigators did a real good job at pinning down the problem.

Not too long later, the lights hummed back on again.

That was followed by cheers and shouts from all around the estate.
Sounded much like when someone scores a World Cup goal.
Surround sound coming from all over the estate.

*** ***

Some time ago i lamented that my social circle was pathetic and i was told to go out and and do some activity so i can meet new people.

This is an OBVIOUS truth. Duh. But it never hit me till now.

Since i started archery, i have met so many people. Getting to know the types and learning new things.
Compared to the average Singaporean my age, i must say that i am as naive as naive can get.
There's no doubt why i AM Queen Suaku.

But the thing here is.
In life, we are put in places and we meet the people we do.

And it is interesting that, we can be at a whole lot of OTHER places as well.
It is because of time constraints and many other factors that block us from ever knowing so-and-so.
So imagine. There are actually SO many people out there just waiting to be known to us...
It's just that we aren't there yet.

Ever had the thought:
"I wonder how life/things would be like if i had never met you."

Said in the context that, in knowing people we do, somehow they can change part of ourselves, add or minus something or influence us.
Basically, they make footprints in our lives.

I have often times shared that with primary school friends, back then. Ages ago.
You know how kids then can be very possessive and protective of friends?

Right at THIS very moment, there is someone, some people, you have not met.
And you are living THAT life without THAT someone or that group of people.
And so, you are living a life that has not been partly changed by someone.

That means that there is a potential that your life could be DIFFERENT.
That means you could be missing out on something.

*** ***

Some nights ago, i was looking through some albums from a family trip to Canada.
All i can say is...

I am shocked at myself.
Because as i looked at the places where i obviously was THEN, i had NO RECOLLECTION of it having ever happened to me.
Unaltered photos don't lie.
So you see. I'm pretty freaked about that.

*** ***

There were a few things lingering around my head but i've forgotten.

Till Then.
*Archery AGM tonight. Scared*

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