Saturday, June 05, 2004

:-) Mostly all Good.

The view of as much of ACJC as i could catch. Taken during Fun-O-Rama Feb 2004.  Posted by Hello

I love the ray of sunlight that got caught in the midst of it. Kinda like a natural, divine limelight.

*** ***

Nothing much on my mind, except that i am still slaving away at my essay.
To my own surprise, i have too much to say about Rousseau and David.
Have gone way too far off the word limit.


Yup, i am getting a brand new bow. The second hand ones i saw weren't suitable or were too expensive.
This option was coach's idea. This bow, i must say, is not as fancy looking as the Mathews or Hoyt bows (pictures of them on the respective websites).
But after garnering information from here and there, i've come to the conclusion that a bow is as good as the archer behind it.
Unless it is really really THAT awful.
Cannot wait to post pictures of the assembled bow!
I even dreamt last night that the postman came, while i was taking a shower, with my bow all packaged in a box. With a note inside saying that coach will inspect it at 12 noon on sunday.
A dream is a soul's yearning indeed. *muah haha*
Hoyt bows are gorgeous.

TSK... not another alien civilization creation lah... ahahhahaa.
As if i go about with business dealings with them. Then AGAIN, that would be cool.
Unless of course you suspect i am an alien.
Which i honestly wouldn't blame you for...
Okok, am rambling absolute nonsense.
Yez, i WAS from the band back in ACJC.
I think i told you i played the alto saxophone too.
The flute was something i picked up for fun in secondary school and liked it.
One of my goals if i ever get the money, is to own a soprano sax and/or an alto sax.
I also want a digital piano.
And... i want a husband who plays the oboe...
(ARGH!) *Earth to Joline*
Do ya still have any of your old art pieces? *grin*

Muthu was the name of someone's trombone... Guess i couldn't steal that name.
Mm. I think i'm not getting any more mature. Just more nonsensical. :-D

*** ***

Enjoy the weekend people.

I am heading down to the outdoor range tomorrow.
Rain or shine,
Phlegm-filled or no,
Flu gone or not,
Tired or not.

Till Then.
*"My preciiioussss..." -Smegal*

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