Wednesday, June 09, 2004



Just spoke to someone, (cannot reveal who, as the person is well known in that area) and goodness...
I don't know what to think of it!

Very frank person and once he found out some info from me, he sure took a stab at someone using that info.

Helpful he is, only within HIS point of view, but i think he's NOT objective.

*** ***

Nothing on my mind really.
The Vacuum, so it says.

Mundane--the way to go for a while.

*** ***

My little MONSTER is gettin bolder by the day.
He is only a few inches high from floor to shoulder. (Mini Pinscher)
But apparently the little rat hopped onto the dining table chair, tore a hole in the Gardenia breadbag that was placed alone on the dining table and was feasting on a few pieces of bread at one go.


He deserved the spanking.


*** ***

I am pleased about waking early today and so i can do my work. Then hopefully catch a movie or two.
Maybe even pop by the archery place to buy my stuff.
Which I SHOULD be doing this week.
Weather don't look so good though. Who cares.

Coach suggested going to archery place together but i feel awkward about it so i shan't arrange with him.
I have much to learn about adulthood and maturity in social relations.

*** ***

I know i had some things i wanted to touch on transiently, but i guess that will be taking a backseat.

Oh, and i wanted to post a picture of my bruise and give the dimensions.

It's so ugly that i had someone tell me it looks as if a monster is going to erupt from my arm.

I personally thought that was worth an 'A' for imagination and worth a morbid chuckle.

Till Then.

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